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Moldy Tub?!?

Hello MOMS!!
I keep my bathtub pretty clean. I have used CLR, Lysol scrub, etc to keep my bathtub clean. All those work just fine in getting the soap scum and residue off. However, I have moldy spots on the trim of the tub. Im guessing that its mold. I have tried bleach to get it clean also. Does anyone have any tips to get that off? I am disgusted by it!!

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It seems like once the caulk gets moldy the only thing you can do is replace it. Some of the newer one have a built-in antimicrobial. The tube of caulk or a squeaze tube costs less than $4.

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S. H,
I share your pain in cleaning the mold from the trim. I have also used many products and had no luck. I came across the Tide bleach pen as I was removing stains from my 10 year olds gym pants. I thought why not try it on a hard surface. It gets out just about everything else I had used it on. And sure enough, it worked. Try to leave it on for 20-30min. before you remove it. I used a old toothbrush and went over it once before rinsing. I hope it works for you. If not you may need to calk the area over with a new silicone sealant.L. P. Married 15years 2 boys and busy!

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Comet Spray Gel works really well. My shower was totally moldy and I just sprayed and left it on there overnight and everything is gone. It does have a very strong smell, though.

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Skin So Soft Bath Oil. It will take off the mold, soap scum, etc., and it leaves an oil finish behind that will cause water to bead up and wipe off easily. I use it after showers and bath. A couple of squirts with the spray bottle and wipe it with a towel to spread it around. It will take cooking oil etc. off kitchen cupboards, tar off of you car, and does a lot of other things too.

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Try putting white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the area and then sprinkle baking soda on it. When it's done fizzing, try scrubbing it off.
I just stripped and replaced the caulk in our shower/tub because of the mildew spots and hard water discoloration.

You have to rip out all of the caulk around the tub, let it dry completely and then recaulk. My hubby just recaulked ours. I always make a point to wipe down the rim when tub time is over to help prevent this nasty issue.

Use BLEACH or a gel based cleaner with bleach in a squeeze bottle. Bleach is the #1 enemy of molds. Off brands that use bleach are OK also. Head for the Dollar Tree if the gasoline tank permits it. You will find all kinds of good off brand cleaners there for a $1.

I have consistently wiped down the shower area after each use. That includes the inside of the shower curtain which CAN get smelly if not wiped on a regular basis! I call that preventative maintenance. Good Luck.

I feel your pain .... my shower had some moldy spots on the caulking and the absolute only way to get rid of it is to replace it. I can not even fathom how much money I spent in trying every product on the market - when I should of just replaced it to begin with! They sell a 2 hr. dry caulk at lowes - which is nice, because the traditional caulk has to stay dry for 24 hours. Hope this helps!

When you say trim, are you talking about on the caulk? If so, get a 5 in one scraper or a utility knife, scrape the old caulk out, and put in new caulk. If this is what needs done, when you put the new caulk back on there, don't put too much. Keep your caulk gun moving steadily while you're pushing the new caulk out of it, and when you're done take a moistened sponge and go over the caulk to get the excess off. It leaves a clean line and isn't messy. If you've used too much caulk, the sponge will wipe it off and you'll just have to rinse it off the sponge before you continue wiping the caulk line. I flip houses so I have lots of great tricks!

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