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Mold Spots on Stroller

I just got my new maclarren stroller out of dhs trunk and it has mold spots on hood and side. Is there a safe way to clean?


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Hello B. -

Bleach and Lysol are both toxic and shouldn't be sprayed on anything where a baby is going to be lying. Vinegar is safe, as is rubbing alcohol, and, after consulting with my microbiologist husband, the most likely way to resolve it completely is to wipe it down with vinegar then spray 70% or greater rubbing alcohol. And the mom who mentioned tea tree oil is quite right. Both Tea Tree and Eucalyptus are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


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B., this has happened with me. Vinegar kills mold and is safe. I dampened a cloth with vinegar and wiped away the mold. Then I rinsed it with a cloth and water. I couldn't tell mold had ever been there. M.

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The absolute best way to clean mold from anything is to scrub it with white vinegar.

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Hi B.- Bleach is always the best thing to use on mold but this will discolor your stoller. When my kids were little we lived in a very humid climit and mold was always a problem. I used an old remody of my G.Grandma's. She took a glass jar with a lid but I just used a large spray bottle. This receipe is all natural and can be use all around the house, I use it on my window and in the kitchen. Take equal parts water, vinager and lemon juice and let is set over night at least to mix well. Then spray on mold and let set for a few minutes and wipe of mold. If this is not abrasive enough put a fourth a cup or Borox in a glass bowl and make a paste using the mixture and scrub off the mold. Wash with clean water and this should work great. Hope it helps. Shan

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Tea Tree Oil is a great mold killer!

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This happened to me as well, If you can use bleach without making spots, that is the best way to get rid of mold. However, I wasn't able to do this with mine, so the next best thing I found was vinegar. Check this out

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I had the same thing happen and I sprayed it with a vinegar solution and washed all removeable parts with a detergent and vinegar solution. I also let the stroller air dry in the hot sun (I discovered the mold in the spring/summer months). Perhaps Lysol would work? Good luck...I am curious to hear what other parents do.

Bleach and water combo? Or, any other bathroom cleaner that you would have on hand -- spray kind .. I would think would probably work, as well. Or, call a auto parts store and ask what they would use on regular car seats, if the above doesn't work :) Good luck and enjoy those boys!!!!

Hi B.! This is J.! Get AWAY from bleach!!! Yeah, it
kills mold, but it's nasty for you AND your baby. Did you know it was developed in WW2 as a nerve gas? Just because it's sold in the stores does NOT mean it's safe around kids and your home!
Try a safe anti-bacterial mold killer that doesn't contain any
harsh bleach but does a great job killing mold, etc. Contact
Sarah at ____@____.com
I think she can send you more info on a product called
Soluguard Botanical. I've used it around my kids and it works
great and I don't have to worry about keeping bleach around my house.
:>) J.

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