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Mmr Vaccine Reaction

my daughter had the mmr vaccine last thursday morning. on friday she woke with a fever and cough. I figure the fever was from the vaccine but the cough ?? Her nose ran and ran and the cough got productive. We were up for hours friday and saturday nights with a sick kid. I took her to the dr. on monday am.. the dr said it was a virus.. But today Wednesday she still has a fever... Does this sound like a reaction to the vaccine.. Has anyone else had a child with an extended fever after the mmr vaccine.?? Any othe child also get a cough reaction. It almost seems like she had a reaction to the vaccine and also a virus at the same time.

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Hi L.,
You are very wise to associate your daughter's respiratory response as a reaction to the vaccine and to begin to question your doctor's response to it. Unfortunatley doctors are not yet trained in the area of recognizing adverse vaccine reactions.
Your daughter's reaction is most likely trying to tell you something and it seems you are willing to listen.
If you are looking for concrete information on this growing topic I would highly recommend becoming a very proactive information-gathering Mom. You might want to hold off on other vaccines until you have availed yourself of some very interesting information on the perceived safety and necessity of vaccines. The bottom line is yes, they can and do cause many serious reactions and unfortunately the way most Mom's are finding out is through the experience their own children are having.
There are several very informative websites that give parents the opportunity to access real information that doctors don't pass on to their patients. You can try:
www.nvic.com (national vaccine information center)
www.marytocco.com (local Mi. Mom and expert on the subject)
Also, you may want to find a homeopath to help with the adverse respiratory reaction that your daughter is experiencing. This helped my child tremendously with his adverse reaction. Please don't give your child an antibiotic, as I just read there is an association between the administration of vaccines and subsequent antibiotics and the onset of autism.
I know this all might seem surprising, but I really hope you will take this opportunity to learn as much as you can about the impact of vaccines on your child's long-term health.

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I never really knew what happened but I always felt that everytime I took my little guy to the doctor he would pick up some kind of cold or virus - whether he had shots or not.

I always thought he would get a little something too after shots but the doctor always put it off to virus too. Then we would get another type of virus after that visit too.

both my kids had fevers 5-10 days after the mmr shot. fever lasted 3 days. sounds like your child had a virus an a fever reaction to the shot. hang in there. if still concern call your docs office!

Hi L.,
I am so sorry your daughter is not feeling well. I know that there is nothing worse than a sick child. My son is 2 1/2 now and I seem to remember that the mmr in particular caused him to have cold/flu like symptoms right about the same time, 10 days. I think his fever lasted about 3 days or so and then broke. Motrin is an awsome fever reducer as long as your daughter has non contraindications and is ok with her doc. Keep an eye on your daughter and if you don't feel she is getting better check in with your pediatrician every day if you need to. That is why they are there. She will probably be fine!!! No treatment goes without complication so just keep close tabs on her and trust your intution!! Good luck. Hope she is already feeling better.

Hi L.,

My daughter did have a reaction to her MMR vaccines 10 days after she had her shots. She did have cold and cough like symptoms and she had a fever of 103 for two days and a low grade fever for one day and again high fever for 2 days. The doctor said it could be reaction to the virus or just viral infection. she has a very bad sore throat too. she also got very mild chicken pox. Everything lasted for about a week. Just give her tylenol and Motrin. She will be fine. Take care....

Good morning L.,

I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Rest asure you are not alone. My daughter ran a fever for 5 days every time she received a vaccine shot. Now that she is 20 months old she is in the clear until she starts school. Hang in there our pediatrician recommended tylenol and motrin switching back and forth ever 4 hours. This seemed to help out. Our pediatrician also said some children get by with no side effects while others run fevers. Please ask about the motrin and tylenol dosage prior to use. She may of had a small virus when she got the mmr shot which just made things worse. Our doctor will not give out vaccines if my daughter is showing any signes of a cold.

A Little About Me.

I am married to a wonderful man of 5 years with a beautiful little girl that is 20 months old and a new little one on the way due June 1st.

My daughter did have a reaction to her MMR and her varicella vaccines 10 days after she had her shots. She didn't have any cold like symptoms but she did have a fever of 103.9 for two days and a low grade fever the day before the high fever and the day after. She also had VERY swollen lymph nodes in her groin and HUGE red welt over the varicella injection site. On top of that, this is kind of the shocker, she got both chicken pox and measles! I guess her reaction is extremely rare but I assume you have to remember each experience is unique to each child. She may be having a reaction but just like what we went through, you have to just wait it out which is what you would do with a virus anyway. If she was having a very severe reaction you would have seen that right away but most reactions don't show up until after at least a week. Chances are that it is just a virus but go with your gut. Just watch her and help her get past the fever. It has been just over two weeks for us and we are finally starting to pull out of it. Good luck!

Hi L.,
Well I have 3 kids. Two of which have reactions to most vaccines. My oldest was the worst. I would be lying to say that I never thought to myself "Heck if this is gonna make him so sick is it worth it." In my opinion it is worth the alternative. I have been told that its not as uncommon as you think to have such reactions. Someone else told me vaccinations often make you susceptible to virus' for so long after you take the shot. I would not necessarily quote me on that but something to think about. I hope she feels better. My son usually would be sick for 5 days to a week after his my daughters usually 3- 5 days. Your almost there. Good Luck I hope you get some rest.

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