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Mixed Race Infant Hair Care

I am due to have a mixed race (african american & white) little girl in Feb. I have started to stress out because, I don't know how to take care of nappy hair. I know it shouldn't be washed every day, and I know the adults use grease and deep conditioners and such. But what about when they are first born? How do I take care of her hair? I don't want it to get brittle and break off. Any ideas and/or product recommendations would be great.

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Try not to worry much until you see what you have to work with. My son is also mixed (black/white) Before I knew what I was having I was concerned about the hair thing too. I cant even make a straight part down my daughters head. Me and Hair do not mix!!! But even with boys you have to take care of their hair differently depending on what kind of hair they have. My son was born with what the call "good hair". Its thicker than anyone in my family but its also soft and manageable. It can go either way or somewhere in between.

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My friend just used baby lotion in her daughters hair, it worked really well.

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Please do not use the word "nappy" as some people find that offensive. I wash my daughter's hair twice a week. I buy a detangler spray & put lotion in her hair after the comb-out. You won't have to do this for some time (with newborn hair) She had a full head of hair at birth & her first haircut and 2 years old! Her Dad is Jamaican, and her hair is fairly tame - spiral curls. The key is keeping it moisturized. I found a couple of books online, "Kinky Creations" and another one, I can't think of the title. I wouldn't go out and buy them...they're not that informative. I wish you well.

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Hi A.,

Don't worry about it. I have a mixed daughter also and another lil girl on the way in March! My daughter has beautiful Curly hair. Although she wasn't born with alot of hair lol. I used the Johnson baby shampoo on her hair and brushed it out. She is now 19 mos old and i use the Pantene Pro-V Women of Color on her hair I absolutely love it. And after i wash her hair i put there oil cream in her hair also. It's really nice. Her hair isn't really nappy, it's really kind of my husbands and I hair texture. Keep me posted, I can find out more info for you. My friend is an Hair stylist and she gives me tips all the time on her hair!! I love it!!!


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Because your child will be multi-racial, it is unlikely her hair will be "nappy" but rather will be very fine and soft, even if it is very curly. There are some great products from Ouida out there for kids with varying textures of hair. Also, there is a nice conditioner from Bumble and Bumble for soft curls. However, you probably have nothing to worry about for awhile as your baby will not have much hair at birth and it will take a long time for her hair to grow out enough to style. Don't stress out because you will find her hair much easier to care for than you think.

Hi. I am a mother to 2 biracial children, a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. Bi-racial hair comes in all different textures. My daughter's hair is very dry and has a very tight curl. My son's hair is less dry and has a looser curl with some straight parts. Both of my children had straight hair for awhile when they were infants.
I didn't have to do much special to my dd's hair until she was around 1 year old. I use a product made for biracial children called Curly Q's and it works very well. The website is http://www.curls.biz/
When your child is old enough to use a pillow I recommend using a satin pillowcase. I also only wash my daughter's hair once a week at the most. I wash it and then use a lot of conditioner and comb it with a wide-toothed comb while the conditioner is still in it.


I myself am the mother of a mixed race little boy. I would say not to stress to much because you don't know how the hair is going to turn out until after they are born. My sons hair is not nappy at all. It is soft like my hair. However he does have a couple of areas that get dry. In the beginning I just used a baby wash/shampoo. Now that he is 3 I use just a mosturizing shampoo every 2-3 days.

I think you just have to wait and see what you will get...i have 3 boys, all mixed.
One boy has really thick coarse hair, i have to shave his head, but the other two have hair like mine just curly...
Good luck..you will learn.
I have a stepdaughter too (not mixed) and even i learned to do some braids, it will be o.k....

My name is C. & I am due for my first child in April. I am a black woman & want to give you some advice on the upkeep of your daughters' hair.

The texture of your daughters' hair will have a lot to do with her fathers' hair, but we get our hair genes from our mothers' father, so depending on what type of hair your father has/had, it will reflect in your daughters' mane.

Most biracial (black/white) children/people that I know have very soft hair & lots of it. A great product that you should purchase for your daughters' hair once her real hair starts to come in is Miss Jessie's Curly Baby Buttercreme. This stuff is fabulous, expensive, but worth it. You can purchase it @ http://missjessies.com/products.htm

It will keep your daughters' hair healthy, moist & it won't clog her scalp. It will also nurture growth.

I would also suggest that you learn or pay someone to cornrow your daughters' hair once she gets older. You should learn, for this is a great way for you to bond with your daughter & she will see that you took a personal interest in her hair care & culture.

Good luck to you & the best of wishes!


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