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Miscarriage? - Collegeville,PA

Last Thursday I took 2 pregnancy tests and both were clearly positive. I made an appointment with my dr. in 3 weeks because they wanted to wait until they could see something on an ultrasound. I'm guessing I'm about 5 - 51/2 weeks now. This is my second pregnancy so I knew this is how they do things. Then yesterday I had bleeding. More than spotting but not as heavy as a normal period. I didn't have really have cramps. I felt a tightening in my abominal area, almost like a contraction but it was not painful whatsoever. I called the dr. and they sent me for bloodwork. I have to go back tomorrow so they can see if my hormone levels are going up (I can't remember the name of what they look for). I asked the Dr. if it was possible that could still be preganant because it seems like a miscarriage and she said they can't tell anything at this stage without a blood test. I know the blood test is the only way to be sure and I appreciate that they are doing what they need to do to be sure. Today, the bleeding seems to have stopped. My question is, has anyone had a similar experience and had a happy ending? Thanks.

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So I got a call from the NP at my doctor's office today and the blood test from Monday showed that I had no pregnancy hormone which seems very weird. The NP seemed to act like I was never pregnant but I had 2 positive tests! And the bleeding stopped. I would have expected more bleeding with a miscarriage and it stopped after a day so it was not my period like the NP suggested. I didn't have much hope that was still pregnant but now I'm just confused and pretty irked at this NP (She's never been nice but the Dr.'s are great so it's not worth switching practices)

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I just had my 2nd son 2 weeks ago. Thru the whole 1st and 2nd trimester I had bleeding off and on. Sometimes heavy, sometimes light. My son is now happy, healthy, and here! It is a terrible worry though, all I did was live in worry and fear when it happened. My dr. put me on prometrium for the 1st trimester too because my hormone levels were down a little. But like I said, my son is now here with us and healthy as could be! Even though you're going to worry, try not to so much, knowing that some bleeding in pregnancy is just normal for some of us. I wish you all the best!

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This sounds exactly the same as what I had at about 5 weeks pregnant with my first son. I remember I woke up one morning to terrible cramping, got up and had some red bleeding but then it never happened again. Try not to stress out and I would say that as long as you're not bleeding anymore you're still pregnant.

I've had two miscarrages, and they were both painful. Unless you have a good tolerance for pain, I wouldn't worry and just wait until the blood work.

My first child was a misscarriage. I am not sure how far along I was seeing I was a teenager. I had a positive pregnancy test and the next week I woke up with horrible cramps and in a pool of blood. I had intense cramping and blood clots almost that whole day. I was also passing tissues. I think you would feel it if you were having a misscarriage. I think you would be bleeding more and in a lot more pain. I think some women can bleed/spot through their pregnancy and everything turns out fine. I hope and pray everything is just fine with you and your baby. God Bless!

When I was about 6 weeks pregnant, I had the worst cramping and bleeding. It lasted for about 8 hrs. My dr said there was nothing that could be done that early on if it was a miscarriage and I would have to get the bloodwork, ect. Well, I am now 31 weeks today. I was convinced (at the time it was happening) that I was miscarrying. Good luck with everything and hope for the best.
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I had bleeding between 6 and 8 weeks with all 3 of my children (including the one I'm pregnant with now). Each time they did an ultrasound and bloodwork and everything turned out fine. They could still do an ultrasound for you, they might not see a lot at this stage, but it can't hurt to just take a look in addition to the blood test.

I never had bleeding with any of my 3, but I have heard of woman that did and had healthy preg and babies.

I just had my 5th baby and I had 2 miscarriages. With my last pregnancy, I had some spotting. I had the spotting before I found out I was pregnant which made me believe that I wasn't pregnant but having some pre-menapausal symptoms. But I was in fact pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy. Good luck to you and congratulations!

I had bleeding with my first due to a subchorionic hemorrhage. It resolved and didn't cause any other problems for me during the pregnancy. The biggest thing is for them to determine the cause of the bleeding if they can. Bleeding in early pregnancy is very, very common and can be from a wide variety of things-some serious and most times not. If you bleed more than a pad in an hour, that's when you would have cause for concern and would want to call into your doc or go to the ER. But I went on to have a healthy baby (although he was a preemie for other reasons-very adventurous pregnancy I had!). Best to you!

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