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Mirena Vs. NuvaRing

This time I have a personal question. I have been on Loestrin 24(a pill) for about 10 months now. I really don't like it due to personal problems with it. I am looking to switch my birth control and would really like something other than a pill. I am looking into the NuvaRing or Mirena. I know that NuvaRing you insert and reinsert every month yourself. Mirena is inserted by the doctors and you forget about it! We don't plan on having more kids for at least another 2 years. I just don't know what to trust the most. Anyone have good experiences or bad ones with either of these? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thanks moms!!

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I have never tried Mirena, but I can tell you that I LOVE the ring!!!!!! I had so much trouble with Loestrin, Yaz, etc.- spotting, headaches, you name it. All that stopped with the ring. Plus, you put it in and forget about it for a month. It doesn't get much better than that!!!

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My advice is to try Nuvaring first and if you don't like it, switch to Mirena. I got two free samples of NuvaRing from my OB. Mirena, obviously, is a much greater commitment. I started the NuvaRing about 3 months ago. I had originally wanted Mirena, but my insurance didn't cover it. NuvaRing is really simple...put it in and forget it. The first month I was aware of it for the first week or so, but not in an annoying way. I can't imagine it coming out without me feeling it, but everyone is different. My husband can feel it, but doesn't care. My periods are strange with Nuvaring...they are extremely heavy for 2-3 days and then stop with absolutely nothing afterwards. I go back and forth over whether this is a good thing or not! 2-3 days is good, but really heavy is not and kind of tiring. I may eventually switch to Mirena as I don't plan to have any more children. Good luck!

Well, I've been on Mirena about 3 months now and very happy with it. It was not the most comfortable thing going in, and I had some cramping the first 2 weeks on and off, but now I hardly remember it's there. Also, I had light periods to start with and on the Mirena they've almost disappeared. I've had about 3 days of spotting since having it put in. I have 3 kids 7 and under and no plans for more, so it works for me. Best of luck with your decision!

I haven't had n e experience with eaither of the 2, but I've used depo for about 10 years. It's a shoot that ur doctor gives once every 3 months. That might b something 2 look into.

I absolutely love love love the mirena and hated the nuva ring. An episode of losing it at my then boyfriend's house and his mom finding it the next day was enough. I got the mirena six weeks after my son was born and it totally sucked alot when it went in. It hurt and I had cramps and I broke out all over and I bled for almost 4 straight weeks. The cramps and pimples lasted about three months and then they went away and I haven't gotten my period at all since then. My last one was in January 2007 and I haven't had any side effects at all since then. I don't even have spotting. It's the best birth control I've ever been on. The beginning totally sucked but its definitely been worth it.

Hi Ali,

I use the NuvaRing and have been on it for almost 3 years now i think ever since it came out, because i can never remember to take the pill and I thought this would be easier. I have no problems with it, you don't feel it.It is easy to remove and place in. If you have intercourse you can remove it and leave it out for about 2 hours but if it is out longer than that you need to use a new ring. I am very satisfied with the ring. With the ring you leave it in for 3 weeks and take it out for a week and thats when you will have your period. Recently my gyne said i could leave it in for 4 weeks and when the 4 weeks are up remove the old one and put in the new one. if you have any more questions let me know.



I have never tried Mirena, but I can tell you that I LOVE the ring!!!!!! I had so much trouble with Loestrin, Yaz, etc.- spotting, headaches, you name it. All that stopped with the ring. Plus, you put it in and forget about it for a month. It doesn't get much better than that!!!

I too wanted to do Mirena but since insurance doesn't cover it I tried the ring. It was great the first few months but I had to stop using it as it was causing me A LOT of discomfort & intense itchiness. I am now back to the pills but have new insurance so I might look into Mirena again.

I have 2 girls and we were unsure if we wanted to have anymore children. I also debated on Mirena or Nuvaring. First thing you need to check is if your insurance covers Mirena. I was steering more towards Mirena but my insurance didn't cover it, it's very expensive. I decided to try the Nuvaring, personally I didn't like it. It just felt weird having to insert it and every once in awhile you had to make sure it was still in there. It could fall out and you'd never know, when going to the bathroom, having sex, etc. My husband also wasn't to sure about it either because he could feel it during intercourse. He said it just felt weird. It is your personal choice but I just wanted to tell you my opinion. Good Luck!!!

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