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Mirena vs Implanon

Hello, I recently just gave birth to my first child, a precious little girl and now I am trying to figure out what birth control method to use. I have been interested in the Mirena IUD method and am pretty familiar with how that works, it last for 5 years which is fine with me. I have a close friend that has one got one after her last child and she has been very pleased with it. When I talked to my Gyno about that she said
that was fine but asked if I had heard about this other method called Implanon, and it is inserted in under the skin in your arm and last for 3 yrs. What I want to know is if there is anyone out there who has tried these out and what they thought about them?

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hello J.. i am 22yrs. of age. i have been on all kinds of birth control. i liked the mirena, but my girlfriend got pregnate. she couldn't have it removed until her son was born. when he was born, the iud was stuck to his head. he is fine, but it was kinda weird to see the baby with this thing stuck to his head. now inplanon made me gain soooo much weight. i think that the method of firth control that i like the best is ortho tricycline. the pill. i didn't gain any weight and it works the best for me. if you have any more questions, just write me back.


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I've heard that you gain weight with the implants. I have a Mirena IUD, which I've had for over a year now, and I love it! No periods at all for me, just a little spotting for a few days every few months. The only thing is, when you a ready for your 2nd child, you should have the IUD removed and wait 1 year for the lining of your uterus to go back to normal. Otherwise, the thin lining of the uterus will not hold the baby, and you will probably miscarry.

I haven't had either one my husband got fixed instead. I do know that alot of my friends that choose to do the implant, they have had trouble ever since. the things with it is that not being able to stay pregant, alot of weight gain, and alot of trouble in the female area such as heavier periods, bleeding for long periods at a time. I do have a few friends who have the iud and they love no trouble at all.
hope this helps

I had a mirena iud for 2 years and loved it. After about 6 months my periods completely stopped. The only reason I had it taken out is because we wanted to try for another baby, and I'm pregnant now. I've actually decided to go back to the iud after the birth of this one instead of getting my tubes tied.

Hi, I gave birth to my daughter 6 years ago and I had so many complications after birth that the doctor didn't want me to even consider having anymore children for another 7 years. So I had an IUD, it was okay for the first few months, but it got worse and worse. I had very HEAVY bleeding, I was going through 2 pads an hour. I had awful leg cramps and other cramps, it was a mess. However, they always say every person's body is different. So it may not be the same and you probably never can tell until you try it. There are so many forms of birth control out there these days, I'm not sure if any of them are good choices, because they all have their side effects. I hope yours is a success. God bless!

I have the Mirena IUD and I like it very well. It is something that took about 30 mins in the office and never had to worry about it again. I had a friend that got the implant in her arm, it went in her upper arm and she disliked it alot. She could feel it all the time and her arm was sore. She wished after she got the implant that she would have got the IUD. That is all I know and hopefully you can get a little more information on it.

I have used Mirena for approximately one year, since the birth of my first child and it has been a dream. I have had problems in the past with pills, etc. that contain higher hormone levels. I have not had any side effects to the lower dosage amounts of hormone within Mirena. Also, no other complications. The best part about it is what you already mentioned. It's in for five years and there is nothing that you have to "do" to stay protected. All and all I am thrilled. I don't know anything about the Implanon option.

Personally I would go with the Mirena which has a better track record. I have never heard of Implanon and I just had a baby last year. They used to have another birth control that went in your arm, and my friend who had it, hated it.

Congrats on your baby girl! Google both and see more about the Implanon. One thing about the Mirena if after 3 yrs you and hubby decide you want another baby, mirena comes out and there you go.

I have the Mirena. I gained a little weight at first, but it is starting to change. I am 37, however, so it could be my time to gain. I have lost 3 of the 7 pounds gained. I have had ovarian cysts, which are common with the Mirena. They form, grow, and then rupture within 3 months. It seems that they keep forming and rupturing. I have no pain, however....and no periods!

curious about the same thing!

Well I don't have any advice regarding Mirena, but I use Implanon and it's awesome.

I've had no problems at all. I am at 5 weeks between periods vs 4 weeks, but that is perfectly fine with me!

The procedure was in office and and they use a little numbing in the area, to be honest, I still felt it. BUT I had just gone through childbirth 2 months before, and this implant was a piece of cake.

I had been the first one in the office to receive Implanon, so I had quite a crowd want to see how it was done, too funny. it didnt bother me at all.

Anyway, I do recommend it. I can feel it under my arm, but it doesn't hurt or anything at all!!!

BUT I am on my way to have it removed next week because we are planning on adding to our family. Can't wait!!

Good luck with your decision!

Hi, J.
I have the Mirena myself, and love it very much. Due to pregnancy, nursing and the Mirena I haven't had a period in 18 months! The only drawback is I had a lot of nausea with it to begin with, but after about two months I was fine. My husband has a cousin and a friend who were taking the Implanon and they both ended up pregnant within about a year of beginning use. Other than that I know nothing about it. Good luck!

I have the mirena iud and love it. My obgyn recommended it to me and i am glad he did. He let me know all the benefits of it. The two i like the most are not having a period at all and if i decide to have more within 5 yrs, he said he'll take it out and it's like using no contraceptive at all!

Hi J.!. I have had my Mirena for over 2 years and im very pleased with it because you never have to worry about it and you dont have all of the side-effects associated with the hormones reaching your blood stream. (like Implanon)

Very little of the hormones reaches your blood when you have Mirena because it localized in the Uterus.
Alot of doctors are still very reluctant to insert Iuds even though they are safe now.

The insertion was not difficult but it was uncomfortable but i felt better after i took a pain reliever and i was able to go to a BBQ afterwards and go on like nothing happened and you are protected immediately.

My Doctor actually recommended that i get one to handle my heavy periods because one side-effect of Mirena is after one year your flow is reduced or you dont have a period at all. I havent had a period in about a year. As long as you check the string monthly and its still there you dont have to worry about pregnancy. I highly recommend It. Im very satisfied with mine.

I am a current user of the Mirena. I'm still undecided on whether I like the product or not. So far, I'm still spotting from the procedure, which was performed on November 9, 2007. I've spoken with my doctor about this and he says that it's normal for some women to spot for up to 6 months after the IUD is inserted. However, my sister has the Mirena as well, and she hasn't had any spotting after the initial implantation. It's nice to not have to worry about taking a pill every night or put a patch on (that might fall off at any given moment). Also, the initial procedure was very painful for me. I had severe cramping for 2 days, which my sister also did not experience. I guess it just depends on the person. Another friend had her Mirena put in on her lunch break and she went right back to work.A friend of mine had something similar to Implanon and she had a lot of trouble with mood swings, depression, irregular cycles, and migraines. Good luck with whichever method you choose.

First of all congratulations on your bundle of joy. I have the Mirena now (I'm on my 4th year) and I've been very pleased. It sounds like the Implanon is like the Norplant, but I personally haven't heard of it. There might be a couple of things to help you decide on which to pick. First, does Implanon have estrogen or progestrone in it? My sole reason for the Mirena was because estrogen can make the blood clot and I have a medical condition to where I'm susceptible to blood clotting. Therefore, birth control pills, patch, etc., anything with estrogen in it is not good for me. I would say go with the one that has the most credibility. Are there any side effects with the Implanon such as weight gain? Mirena does not make you gain weight. When I had the procedure done 6 weeks after I gave birth, the whole procedure was like 30 minutes and I had my baby in the room with me. The procedure is a little uncomfortable but overall it was worth the benefits in the end. Good luck!!

Well I used the Mirena for about 2 1/2 years after having my first child. I had the Mirena removed to try and get pregant with my second child, which took about 4 months after removing the IUD. I really had some problems with the IUD. At first you will have a period for the first year, after about 6 months the periods will start to get lighter and lighter. Then after that, they are gone completly. I remember that every now and then I would get one that would last for like a day or two. I also realized that while I was using the IUD, I could not lose any weight. After my son was born in April, the IUD went in during May and then I discovered that I had a heart disease called Wolfe Parkson White Syndome (WPM). I could not really exercise after that, but then after the surgery I still could not lose again weight. I then fiqure out that it was the IUD. After taking it out, I went from a size 13 to an 11 before I got pregant. It might have a different effect on different people, just thought I would share with you my experience.

I am a mother of a 3 year old boy and pregant with my second child. I am a wife of almost 3 years and I am 23.

Hello, I have the Mirena IUD and love it. I have had it for 2 years and I would do it again in a heart beat. I have never had any problems or side effects. I have never had the implant, but I have used the birth control pills for years. I am 33 years old with a 11 years daughter.

Hi J., I used the IUD implant and had it in for about 14 months and right after I had it taken out then I became pregnant. I never had any side effects or anything to that matter. It never give me a bit of problem The Implanon I have been told and know of a girl that has it and she has gained an extreme amount of weight. I guess it is just the evil of the two. Different things work for different people. D. M.

I am using the Mirena right now, I gave birth to my 1st baby (girl) in August and have been on it ever since. I have had no problems with it at all. I really do like it,I was also given the option to have the implanon but after reading about both chose the Mirena. I read the side effects for both and what would be normal using both and thought the Mirena was better suited for me. Just read up on them, there are pros and cons for both, you will know which is right for you.


hello J.. i am 22yrs. of age. i have been on all kinds of birth control. i liked the mirena, but my girlfriend got pregnate. she couldn't have it removed until her son was born. when he was born, the iud was stuck to his head. he is fine, but it was kinda weird to see the baby with this thing stuck to his head. now inplanon made me gain soooo much weight. i think that the method of firth control that i like the best is ortho tricycline. the pill. i didn't gain any weight and it works the best for me. if you have any more questions, just write me back.


If you're wanting something that you don't have to remember to change or take and the hormonal options are worring you, look into Paragard. It's the new copper IUD and lasts for up to 10 years. I don't handle hormones well and I'm breastfeeding. I've yet to have my period return where with my first daughter I used the Nuvaring and my cycle came back right away. It was a little uncomfortable when they placed the IUD, but I hear that's common. A week later I had no more postpartum bleeding and unless you count that, I haven't had a period since January 07 (Due to pregnancy and breastfeeding and no outside hormonal interference from birth control) I know you were asking about the hormonal options, but I wanted to let you know there is another option available without hormones.

I have a mirena and I think it is wonderful! I would go with it since it can be easily inserted and removed by pulling the string when you are ready unlike removing from the skin. Just my thoughts! Congrats on your baby girl! Enjoy every second as the days turn into seconds and go by to fast!

I've used Mirena for 2 years. I've had no affects except a lighter period. I don't like hormones and this seems to have as small a dose as birth control allows.

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