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Mirena IUD Failure

I got the Mirena IUD 3 months after my second child was born. I have had it about 1 1/2 yr and I just got pregnant! I was feeling horrible (same sypmtoms as my first two pregnancies) so I took a test and turns out I am 6 weeks pregnant! The doctor said the odds of failure were 1 in 600! Now I have to have the IUD removed and it increases your risk of miscarriage! Has anyone been through this? What was your outcome?

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To answer some of your questions...I stopped having periods on Mirena all together and have had no spotting for over 6 months. THe doctor checked by ultrasound and the IUD was totally in place. The strings were where they were supposed to be too. I just started feeling bad, nasueas, very tired, sore boobs etc. I took a test really just to rule it out! As for leaving it in once pregnant, it increased your chance of second trimester miscarriage to about 60%. Since I learned I was pregant so early, my doctor said the recomendation was to remove it. I had it taken out this morning and so far so good. The doctor said the odds of miscarriage are about 50% but I had no bleeding at all when she removed the iud so that was a good sign! I am hopeful that all will be ok but I would not get an IUD again. If I had gotten pregnant while on the pill the risk to the baby would have been much lower. Thank you for all of your advice and good thoughts!

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My friend got pregnant on Mirena and had it removed and she just had a beautiful healthy baby boy a month ago...Hope this makes you feel a little better!! She did say at first she had some massive cramping but after a month or so it went away and she had a wonderful pregnancy.

My daughter was the same way. She is 21 and have 2 children. She was feeling icky and didn't know why, so she took an at home pregnancy test and it was positive. She went to the doctor and they comfirmed that she was about 3 months pregnant. She had her Mirena for 2 years. Her baby is due in August....and now she actually has 3 different due dates but based on the sonogram and measurements she is due in August. Her Mirena was no longer there!!!! She is having some cramping but that is about it and so far the pregnancy is going good. So now she says her tubes will be getting tied this time around.

I was told by my healthcare provider back when I had one that you really don't have to have them removed if you get pregnant with one, that the "horror" stories aren't true at all. So I would be checking with all sorts of folks before I did anything that might not be necessary and might jeopardize the pregnancy.

good luck!

It may not be in anymore - that significantly ups the odds of failure. I had the thing removed before I got pregnant, but I want to wish you luck and many prayers.


Yes I had mine for four years and ended up with an etopic pregnacy and had to have it removed.

i have had the mirena for a little over 6 months and i have been feeling icky and pregnancy has actually crossed my mind... were you still having periods? did you notice any kind of change (either spotting or whatever...)? i am just freakin out a lil! ;) i wish you the best with your situation... i will keep you in my prayers!

you're scaring me. I don't mean to hyjack but was it still in the same place with the threads still in the same place when you got pregnant or did it move and you not know? That's it. I'm asking my hubby to get a V. :)

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