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Minor Head Injury/Fell off the Bed

My son just turned 6 months and he just learned to roll over on to his stomach. While I was putting my shoe on, he rolled off the bed in an instant. He fell on his side and bumped the right side of his forehead. I rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that it was a minor head injury with no need to get a catscan or MRI. He suggested that I keep an eye on him for the next 24 hours waking him up every three hours. My son checked out ok but I am still shaken up and the guilt is killing me. What have other moms done in this situation to monitor these injuries?

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I am sorry you had to experience this accident. I have had children fall on their heads. The doctor told me to look at the pupil of their eyes and if they dialated they did not have a concussion. Then when I put them to sleep I had to touch them on th bottom of their feet to see if they stirred. If they did all was well.

First thing is not to panic. And forget guilt. Really. There is no way to avoid all accidents at this age. Probably, not his first bump, and (unfortunately)not his last.
Babies' heads (bones) at this age are made the way (they're sort of flexible)to "respond" to all those small hits. Just watch him closely. But, really, only he won't start crying and vomiting there is danger. Otherwise, he's fine.

It happens to the best of us. My infant fell off the table
in an infant seat 16 yrs ago with no problems. relax he will
be fine it was an accident just enjoy him

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My oldest daughter had rolled off her changing table all in the split second that I leaned over to grab something. Our pediatrician told me to do the same, just keep an eye on her and believe me there have been so many other bumps & bruises since then. But that is still the one I feel the guiltiest about. We are always busted on when we go to the hospital w/her because she is usually there at least once every two or three months w/something (they told us they are building a wing for us). One thing that I have learned w/my two girls is that accidents are going to happen, but I swear to you I still react the same way (horribly!) My husband was a police officer in Newark for years and is a 911 dispatcher so he's seen it all & heard it all - me on the other hand, it's almost like I have to calm myself down before I do anything. I'm sure your son will be fine, it's just us moms that we have to worry about!

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I have four children and each of them have either rolled off the changing table, chair, or bed...just as you described. Forgive yourself and give your baby a kiss.

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You have NOTHING to feel guilty about - accidents happen to all of us wonderful, attentive mamas...It only takes a second, you've learned your lesson and can now take a sigh of relief and stop beating yourself up!...

We have 3 kids and ALL sorts of stuff has happened to us...it just goes with parenting/growing up...bumps and bruises all along the way.

Have a wonderful New Year and I'm personally thankful there are good mamas like you out there...too often we hear about the bad ones.
God Bless.

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Oh, please don't feel guilty. I have three boys and all three of them had more than one accidents bumping heir heads and sprained knee, the list can go on and on. My oldest is 4, my second one is going to be 3 and my youngest is 15 months....so I had my hare of worrying, panic, guilt, on and on. I onced read something and made me feel alittle better and it's could be sooooo true. If we put our baby in protective bubble to protect them, the baby will find a way to break and cut him/herself. That was somewhat reassuring to me. Just think of it this way....mothers experience such things, you keep an eye on him and when he's two or three and look back realize he's had lots of accidents. I disagree with one mother to some degree...that they will learn....NOT with 6 months old. They do learn when they get better. My sons climbed out of their pack n play and bumped their heads (I think) and from experience, I just watched them and they were crying and no vomiting and sometimes I watch their eyes to make sure and I check everything on the whole body for cuts, scrapes or rug burns, etc. From what you told us, he sounds fine and you ARE a GREAT MOTHER and guilt is not for good mothers like you. I'll pray for him and you and your man.

Don't worry.. it happens to most of us. Once they learn to turn over.... wow.. they really go. Wait until the baby starts to stand up... then they really get bumps. My brother had his son in one of those bouncy lay down things on the table.. and he moved a lot... and.. before he knew it.. the chair and the baby were on the floor... he had bruises all over his head and face.. since the seat hit a chair and then the floor... he felt terrible too. But things happen so quickly.. don't worry -- baby will be ok. Just keep an eye on the baby for a day or two.. and don't be upset.. things happen. give the baby a kiss.. and enjoy all the new things the baby will be doing!!

Dear YA

First of all Happy Holidays!! and do not beat yourself up about this it is the first of many bumps and bruises. My son was learning to walk at around 10 months old and fell into a Radio Flyer metal red wagon he received for Christmas what a bump he got on his head. That same night I went to bathe him quickly in the kitchen sink while I was holding his arm he slipped and hit the other side of his head on the edge of the sink another huge bump. He looked like he was in a boxing match I felt terrible and he looked even worse. I was standing there both times when it happened they are so quick to do things that sometimes we cannot anticipate what will happen next. As far as the head injury I am sure after the doctor assessed him and saw no imminent danger he will be fine. Having you monitor him for 24 hours is just a precaution. If he had a concussion he would probably be showing signs immediately. Usually vomiting, a dazed over look, wanting to sleep. The reason for waking him is just to see if he can come out of a deep sleep okay. The doctor would never have released him if he though there was anything serious. I had a friend who's daughter fell off the dressing table which is much higher and thankfully she was okay. I know you feel terrible but this could happen to anyone of us. We all learn from our mistakes. Just enjoy your day and your beautiful baby boy.

Just had to tell you that my 8 month old son just fell off the couch head first about 4 days ago... I so understand the guilt feeling but have been told by many that this is only the first of many accidents to happen and I believe it. As far as monitoring my baby I just watched him for the day to make sure he was as aware as usuall and playing like he always does. I tried to make sure he wasn't sleeping anymore than usuall and all that. Hang in there and don't get down on yourself, exspecially with having boys I'm sure there are lots of bumps, bruises and even broken bones and stiches in our future. Its the way of the child.


I know it's the first time but it will not be the last. If I could count the times my husband and I turned our heads and our 3 1/2 yr old rolled over and off something or into something (when she was an infant of course). It just happens. I wouldn't worry yourself too much about it. My son who's almost 8 months now has only rolled off the bed once so far. My daughter was way curious as an infant and used rolling as her main form of travel till she was about 9 months old and started crawling. To this day she is a major klutz. Just like me! You'll know if there is something really wrong if it happens again. Good luck, congratulations and Happy Holidays!

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