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Milk for 12 Month Old?

My son will be 12 months soon and we are looking forward to getting him off that expensive formula but we aren't sure what to put him on after that. My 3 year old daught went on milk at 12 months with no problem but I keep hearing horror stories about milk. How it's not made for babies and it's not good for them etc. We only ever use organic milk in our house so that's not a big concern but I still hear how milk is out. What I'm not hearing is what is in? So your thoughts/suggestions and why milk is so bad would be very appreciated! Thanks!

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I give my twins Oberweis Whole milk . I think the best reason to give them milk from ages one to two is so they are getting enough calcium,fat and calories. It seems like kids are very pick eaters(mine are) and it helps to know they are getting enough if they at least have their morning,nightime and sometimes midday bottle. Also, if they are being watched by someone other than you are they eating enough? They say kids eat when they are hungry but I know a lot of caregivers that just put food in front of the little ones and if they eat ,they eat. It helps at this age to monitor feedings even if they can self feed (they seem to eat more).So, I hope that helps but whatever you do it will be fine:)

My son weaned himself around 10 months and I wasn't going to do formula and then switch to milk...I gave him my stored milk until around 11 months and then gave him a variety of milks(over time) so he will take anything - whole milk - 2% or any variety of soy. There are so many studies of this or that being good or bad - and opinions change to extremes - it really makes it difficult to ever feel like your making the "best" choice! I figure if you do everything in moderation you're not doing too much of a bad thing when it becomes bad - if that makes sense!

Milk is not bad for your child. Our son went on regular milk at 6 months. (Skim milk) Our doctor was OK this. He said that our son got what he needed from my breast milk and he will get plenty of fat and calcium from other food. (I think a lot is driven by the makers of the formula.) That was 17 years ago and our son is now a 6'2" tall and very healthy. Do not be afraid to change over. I know many worry about allergies but not all children have an allergy to milk and son drink 3 gallons a week.

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This is news to me. We switched our son to milk at 12 months, per our doctor's instructions and everything I had read at the time (he's 3 now...) We did have some issues with dairy & formula with him earlier on after I stopped breastfeeding, but he was fine with Organic Whole Milk and then with 2% at age 2...
I would talk to your son's doctor about this. What are people doing at age 1 if not using milk? Soy milk could be another option, but your doctor will most likely tell you that it's GOOD to introduce dairy and start to get them used to having dairy products in their systems. I also know though that toddlers don't need that much milk in their diets... Probably better to give water whenever possible...

Well logically and technically, why would you feed COW milk to a baby HUMAN? Cows milk is made for baby cows. Human milk is made for baby humans. If you want to follow this argument to its logical conclusion, humans should really be breastfed until they self-wean (which usually happens around age 18 months - 3 years), at which point there's no particular reason they need any milk at all.

Ok, so why cow's milk at all? Mostly, its a very convenient way to get some fat, calories, calcium, vitamin A&D, protein, etc. There are many other ways to get these nutrients (leafy green vegetables are a great source of more bioavailable calcium, protein can be gotten from legumes, meats etc., and it only takes about 5 minutes of sunlight per day to get adaquate vitamin D, for example).

Some parents think that soy milk is a better alternative, though soy has some estrogen analogs (look-alike molecules) and really isn't any more "natural" than cow's milk. Personally, I do give my son whole organic cow's milk (and I drink lowfat organic cow's milk myself) and we also eat a fair bit of yogurt and cheese. As long as your child isn't allergic, there's no particular reason NOT to give him milk for the above-stated reasons. The key is to give him all things in moderation. :)

Wow, good question! My daughter is allergic to milk, so we didn't even have the option of giving her milk after one year. What does your doctor recommend? After a year old, I know many babies go on to whole or 2% milk. Mainly for the fat content. Since our daughter can't have milk, we increase her healthy fats with avocado. Organic milk would be a good option if you are concerned about hormones....studies have shown that the hormone levels in milk are causing young girls to hit puberty earlier.

If your son is on milk based formula, than go to milk, unless your child's doctor recommends something else. Our 16 month old is on the Similac Soy Based Go and Grow which is less expensive than regular formula. Actually, since the formula makes so many bottles, it may be about the same price as milk with the way the economy is going! Lastly, since your son is a year old, you can switch out many of those "milk" feedings with water. He won't need as much milk as he gets older. I hope this was helpful!

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