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Milk Duct???

I was hoping someone could help me....I found what I thought was a lump in my breast this past week. I went to the doctor today to have it checked and she said that I shouldn't worry because it is either my milk duct or a cyst. She is sending me for an ultrasound just to be sure but that is not until March. It feels a little hard and it is long, it's not just a round lump. Has any one had this? I was just hoping someone could maybe ease my mind.....Thanks By the way, I don't breastfeed and never have

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Thanks for all of the replies but I have never breastfed so I am not sure what to think now!! Thanks everyone


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I've never experienced what you're describing - but if you have any doubts what-so-ever go get a second opinion or demand an earlier appointment. Most health plans cover a second opinion. Ease you mind - demand an earlier appointment. That's what I would do.

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Yes, I have had this. It turned out to be a 4 month ordeal of a mastitis- breast infection in my duct. If the ultrasound shows that you have pockets but not round lumps you are good to go- it is just a simple infection. If it shows 'sheets' of white instead of the other stuff.... you should have it biopsied. A lump or a sheet is a form of cancer. It took awhile for me to get rid of the lump caused from the gland becoming plugged and infected. I hope this helps. Don't get worried about things until you have hard facts. It will save you a lot of worry for nothing. My infection came with a red rash that looked a lot like a rare form of breast cancer. I wish someone had told me the above before I went for my ultrasound. Take it easy, C.

I had those before I got pregnant, and I have them now. Granted I do breastfeed, but they are cysts. They come and go all the time.(usually with ovulation) My mother has them as well, and chances are that your mother may have had them also. They are sometimes hereditary. They have a name, but I don't remember what it is. My mother actually just recently went for a mammogram because one of her cysts was bigger than they usually get, and it was nothing. don't worry about it. Its good though that you are aware of your body enough to catch it.

I've never experienced what you're describing - but if you have any doubts what-so-ever go get a second opinion or demand an earlier appointment. Most health plans cover a second opinion. Ease you mind - demand an earlier appointment. That's what I would do.

I have very lumpy cystic breasts, and it was really frightening when my doc sent me for a mammogram a couple of years ago (I was only 29!). Women with small breasts tend to have dense breasts, so that's what my issue was. I also have always been able to feel my milk ducts, and have had a cyst burst once resulting in discharge. If your doc is confident that it's nothing, and is following up to be sure, then you probably have nothing to worry about. It's good that your doc listened to your worries enough to at least have it checked out. Good luck!


I know what you're going through. I had a lump in my breast as well(cancer runs in my family)When I went to my doctor he told me it was just a milk duct and not to worry. He didn't even set me up for an ultrasound. So I went to another doctor and turns out it was just a milk duct. My suggestion to you is to massage the lump while you are pumping and also put a warm towel over the area. My "lump" comes back every now and then when I've gone too long without pumping but the ultrasound really put my mind at ease. Take care and hope this helps!

my problem wasn't exactly this. but i had almost ovaly shape bump HARD near right near my nipple about the size of a penny.I was sooo scared. i didn't want to ask because i was afraid they would tell me it was cancer. ( i know better to know than not right? well i had a lot of emotions going on lol) and when i decided that it needed to get looked at.. 3 days after i noticed it. it hadn't gone away and it was painful to the touch. i had been at my sons doctors visit. and she was a lactation consultant/ nurse practioner she see's all the moms that are breast feeding before the docotr because usually moms will have questions about breastfeeding. so i said may i ask you something. she said yes.. i said i have this lump on my breast and i described and and she didn't want to offend me by asking to look at it (some people are very private <i am> and she wasn't MY doctor,, but she was A doctor type person so i said would it be easier if i showed you i'm concerned. she agreed it would be easier. took a look and said. that's not even a clogged duct. which is what i was thinking. it's a bruise. you have a little pocket of blood pooled up and it tucked right there which is why it's hard. does it seem to get a little more plyable after you nurse i said yeah a teeeeny bit she said yup it's a bruise.
my milk had come in and made it hard for him to latch on correctly untill he had drained some and i just happend to have more on that side than the left. she said to get a bowl of warm as i can stand water place my breast in it and the milk should start to flow out if not just gently message. it . It worked it helped to drain my breast just enough so that he could get a better latch and the warm helps blood cells re obsorb into the blood stream (also handy if you every have an unsightly bruise for any other reason) she told me 9/10 woman will go to there doctors after there milk has come in and are breast feeding or some not and say they have a lump. because at some point most women experience some sort of blockage. even if it resolves it's self. (some women just never find there lump) i noticed that if i had gone to long without nursing. my breasts felt like cauliflower or broccli heads where underneath with all that lumpage.

hope everything goes well you continue to be healthy

Hi K.,
I had the same thing after I had my second child. Went for the ultrasound and they confimed it. Pretty freaky though huh? Not to worry but make sure you go for the ultrasound to make sure.
Good luck

Well I just went through a very similar thing and it was almost 2 years after I finished breast feeding...I had an ultrasound but it was just a milk duct or "normal breast tissue".. HOWEVER you HAVE to have it looked at because everyone is different but it has been my experience if there is not an initial urgency they are usually correct. This has actually happened to me twice. I do stay under the surgeons care and see him every 12 months but he really does not think it will ever be anything...
Hope that helps.

Hi K.,

I will try and ease your mind..My sister has had a few lumps on her breast she was just as worried as you are..They found that some were just the milk ducks and a few were cyst found NONE that were cancer at all..She still gets lumps today and they are either nilk ducks or cyst..I hope this has help you some to ease your mind.. :)


I work in the internal medicine field for 15 yrs,, and have a strong family history of cancer. The ultrasound is a must, but you really shouldn't try to over think it. If your feeling anxious about it, do call radiology to see if perhaps they might have any cancellations.Call a couple times a week. Typically, radiology would prefer to book an empty slot, if they have one. Continue doing what you've been doing. Check yourself from time to time, and if you note any changes, call your doctor immediately. She/he can call over directly to have them move the test up. But, be prepared to wait. Someplaces will double book a tests, which pushes everything back. I'm sure you'll do fine, and try not to worry. Let us know how you make out!!

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Oops! Forgot to see if you were breastfeeding! I'll leave this though in case someone else who is has a similar issue.

Origicnal messege:
I get those sometimes - actually I'm battling with one right now. There is some great info at Kellymom.com http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/mastitis.html
But basically you should try drinking a lot of water, nurse as often as you can and maybe try warm compresses and massage before hand. Do you have any white bumps on your nipples? (sorry tmi) They are also more prevelent when you are rundown. Make sure you're taking your vitamins, getting enough sleep (ha ha ha) and eating well. hope that helps!

I had them when I first started nursing (the first month or so). I could feel them all the way up under my armpit. My MD said that it was clogged milk ducts and to apply warm compresses on them and to nurse/pump as need to help reduce the milk in them. They went away after a few weeks.

I am nursing my 7 month old and I have the same kind of lump. It's kind of egg shaped. I haven't had it checked out yet but a lot of other women have told me it probably has to do with nursing.

I had the same thing. It started during my third trimester. I didn't have it looked at until my 6 week apt. I have and ultrasound and a biopsy. The lump turned out to be a cyst and disapeared right after the biopsy. It was benign, thankfully. My midwive and radiologist said it was because of the influx of homrmones from being pregnant and nursing. I hope everything turns out well for you.

I have had a clogged milk duct like that. Nothing like the doc giving you a clean bill of health, but thought you'd like to know it is relatively common.

Hi K.. I had this trouble with a couple of my children. I found that it is worrisome and can be painful at times. It is ok if it is a duct. I found that wrapping myself in hot wet towels a couple of times a day helped a lot. I don't know if this will help you, but hopefully it might. Good luck.

This happened to me a few years ago and although quite frighting at the time it did turn out to be just a cyst. I think if it had been something serious the doctor would have had you in for the ultra sound immediatly. Hope that helps.

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