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Milk Coming in a Year After I Stopped Nursing!

Has anyone experienced getting breast milk long after they stop nursing? I stopped nursing 1 year ago and yesterday I started having 1 sore breast...sure enough it was milk. If feels like when your breasts first fill with milk, itchy, sore and full. It is not completely full, but it still hurts!

I am not pregnant and see no reason for this to suddenly start. Anyone else experienced this???

What can I do next?

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I would see the dr if I were you. It could be something else besides milk coming in, such as a discharge from infection etc.

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I had milk with my first kid 3-4 YEARS after I stopped nursing.

With my 2nd child I haven't nursed her in about 8mos. now and I still have milk to this day.

I started producing milk after being on the depo-provera shot. I was told it was normal for this to happen.

I have not had this exact experience, but I have from time to time produced small amounts of milk (my youngest is long past the baby stage.) When I asked the doctor about it, he said that a hormonal imbalance can cause the body to go into milk production mode. As for me, my tests all came out normal, so I figured it's just something that happens from time to time. But check with your doctor.

Please have your Prolactin (the hormone associated with lactation) level checked. I have milk as well – but mine (I was told by my endocrinologist and my OB) will never go away. Strangely – I have three kiddos – two of which I NEVER nursed due to thyroid antibodies in my milk. And yes, my milk is there. My youngest will be two in September. We just ran a prolactin and mine is still normal, but generally, if you don’t have a strange endocrine problem like I do, and… if you are producing milk, the hormone level will be elevated and needs to be corrected.

Yes, it is irritating, isn't it?! I run too - and am so very sick of the issues associated with the milk. Unfortunatley, mine is there for good! I would assume though, that your milk will indeed go away...but do have the hormone level checked.

Good luck!

I actually let down in the shower about a year after I stopped breastfeeding... it was just leaking out on its own. I freaked out because I didn't want any more babies. I called my Doctor and he told me it is a side affect that can happen from the birth control I was on. I was on the Depo-Provera shot.
My thinking is that if that birth control can do it, so can others. and, it can take a long time for your body to go back to normal. I could probably get milk out of mine now if I tried, and my youngest is going to be 8 in AUgust. My breasts were full and ready to feed when I was only 4 months pregnant, and they leaked everywhere.
So, don't get scared :) If it is really bothersome, or doesn't seem to go away after a while call your Doctor to see what they think.

If you still don't have an explanation,it would probably be good to have your hormone levels checked by someone (probably not a doctor) who can discuss the proper balance. There is a lot of info out there about the abundance of estrogen-like-chemicals in our environment (it's even in your drinking water because it has been flushed from those who are on HRT) and the imbalances that we have as a result. Getting on top of that can help you prevent or relieve a bunch of other bothersome physical effects. (weight gain, irritability, insomnia,...) My pharmacist actually has a test and can discuss it very knowledgeably--it is a Medicap.

It has been almost 9 months since I last nursed my daughter and I leak from time to time. Did this happen when you were ovulating or close to the start of your period?

I've heard it takes awhile for things to get back to normal (like a year or two). Also, if you frequently check (by squeezing your nipple) to see if you still have milk, this will prolong the actual stopping of it...or so I've heard.

No worries, unless you really start to fill up!

I stopped nursing over a year ago and had the sensation of milk production for a long time and even produced milk 6 - 8 months after I stopped nursing. It will eventually go away.

I stopped nursing my youngest over 2 years ago and sometimes still leak. From what I have been told it is normal.

I had problems engorging long after I stopped breast feeding. I saw my doctor and took a prescription for a few days, my breast milk stopped completely. No problems or side-effects besides being a bit thirsty.

I've had milk for 5+ years; I nursed my first a year, then got pregnant a year and a half after that, and am still nursing #2...so it's definitely normal to HAVE milk, but I would have a doctor checked if you're suddenly producing milk when you haven't been prior to that.

Oh Yes. Long after would be an understatement for me. Here are all facts...short and sweet and to the point....1. first child born march 92. breastfed him. 3 years later, pregnant with 2nd child born oct 95. breastfed her. milk never went away from the first child...breast aug for me summer of 99. silicone implants over the muscle. still had that same milk and after the augmentation...still had the milk. late 2000 I had those silicone implants taken out and the same silicone implants put back in but under the muscle...meanwhile...same milk from that first child.never went away. have my 3rd child summer of 2004. breastfed him same milk. had fourth child nov 2005. same milk. after last child i had the silicone implants removed and saline put in. and a nipple lift months after the saline implants were put it. with all those surgerys and babies, ive had the same milk. my youngest just turned seven. guess what. same milk. still white. can pinch my nipple and squirt far. not that im trying to, its just that i have that much. in fact upon occasion i still feel the let down reflex. I have heard nobody with a story like mine. and ive told the doctors throughout my life. Ive only ever received a puzzled look from any doctor. with no advice or treatment for me. I wish someone could tell me what the heck is going on. Im 42. And i have severe osteoarthritis. Dont know if its related to my over active milk production.

I would see the dr if I were you. It could be something else besides milk coming in, such as a discharge from infection etc.

OMG Yes I have experienced this. I thought I was the only one! With my first I still could milk a little after 6years. With my second and third I still have letting down and it has been 2 years. I was told that it is completely normal, according to my doctor and mother. From what I have heard there is a pill or something that you can take to help dry up your supply, I would ask the doc. Otherwise it will most likely go away in time. Mine also gets those feelings still where they go through spurts of milking and not milking, they do say that the crying of the baby helps the milk come in, it kicks something into gear and helps your supply let down, it could be that our body is just that sensitive to that. I would talk to your doctor or a nurse.

My youngest child was born in 1991, in 2002 my second grandchild was born, she was about an hour old and I had milk. The nurses were amazed thay had never seen a 47 yr. old grandma produce milk. I don't know if it had to do with the fact that I watched her being born and cut the cord or just the fact that my body could always produce enought milk to feed a third world country. I breastfed one of my children for almost 2 years and had to wean I still had a LOT of milk.
So I don't think it's anything strange, however you might want to call one of the nurses at your doctor's office and ask what they think.

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