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Milk Alternative That Isn't Soy...

a couple days ago i posted a question about my baby's eating habit/gas issues, and the most common response was to eliminate dairy... i drink a lot of milk, and i REALLY don't like soy (my grandmother used to force it on me when i was growing up and living with her...) i will drink it if i can't find anything else, but is there something else that works? mostly if i can eat it on cereal and it doesn't taste horrible it should be ok...

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I LOVE almond milk. You can get it sweetened and unsweetened, flavored and unflavored varieties. It is so much healthier for you than dairy or even soy milk.Rice milk is also good, but I prefer the almond.

ALMOND MILK!! I think it is delicious, and it is soy and lactose free. I eliminated dairy for a little while when both my babies were young, and now I am hooked. I like the vanilla flavor, but they have a regular that is not quite as sweet. Good luck!

Have you tried Lactaid? It looks and tastes just like regular milk, only it is lactose free. It solved the stomach problems for my son.

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Have you tried rice milk? You can buy boxes of it at most grocery markets.

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I really liked Almond milk. Our grocery store carries it in cardboard cartons, right next to the soy. I found it to be surprisingly tasty.

BTW - I LOVE dairy also. I did the soy thing when my BFing infant was gassy and fussy too. I really think it helped.

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I used rice milk for a while. I thought it was really good on cereal, and I also don't like soy milk. I wouldn't want to drink a straight glass of either one, but then again, I don't like to drink straight cow's milk either. I haven't tried almond milk before, but I've heard it is good.


Have you tried Lactaid milk, Dairy Ease milk, almond milk, or rice milk?

they have much better soy milk than they did even 10 yrs ago! my hubby is lactose intolerant, he likes the vanilla or chocolate soy milk. rice milk or lactaid is also good. another alternative is goat's milk

Hi C.,

Goat's milk is most like human breast milk. The same type proteins are in it. Almond milk is a staple in homes all over the globe except for the US...don't understand that. It is an almost perfect food. Neither should give your little one problems.

Rice milk is primarily sugar and doesn't have a lot of nutrition. My daughter was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant but we determined it wasn't the lactose in the cow's milk that bothered her but the chemical processing the cow's milk goes through and probably the chemicals that were in the cows....I don't recommend dairy but sometimes the problem with dairy is not really the dairy....

God bless,


I drink almond milk with a little cinnamon sprinkled in it. I also use it on cereal.

Almond milk is really good. It tastes good, I don't like soy either. The original has only 6 grams of sugar per serving. It comes cold in the half gallon size at Central Market, and I also saw it at Super Target the other day.

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