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Mildew in Sippy Cups

Is there a way to effectively clean mildew from sippy cups or should I just throw them out and buy new ones? I just threw away 3 sippy's that were only a few months old, but the spouts were disgusting! Thanks for the input.

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Thanks for the help everyone! I am cleaning them properly! I actually use the brush from my Dr. Brown bottles to get into crevices but it doesn't always get everything out. We are in between houses right now and renting a townhouse until we can move into our new house. The townhouse does not have a dishwasher and it doesn't have air conditioning, which I think is contributing to the mildew. I like what Dan said about the travel coffee mugs. My daughter has been able to use an open cup on her own since she was about 12 months old, she is 2 1/2 now. I do give her regular cups, but it never fails, she always spills it. I've been trying to get away from the sippys with spouts and just use the ones that have a straw or a travel mug like cap because I do want to transition her away from a sippy. However, I do have a 9 month old so sippys will be around for a L. longer. Thanks again!

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I soak them in bleach, and the use pipe cleaners to get any hard to reach spots- like the spouts. That usually takes care of it.

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My son is graduating out of sippy cups, but, I stopped buying the expensive ones because of that very problem. We just used the disposable (BPA free) ones over and over. However, with the few that I have left, I often use a toothpick, a piece of paper towel, and a light bleach solution. Then, rewash!

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I soak them in bleach, and the use pipe cleaners to get any hard to reach spots- like the spouts. That usually takes care of it.

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Denture cleansing tablets..

Follow the directions. They will clean those caps perfectly, and sanitize them. Purchase the house brand.

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I occasionally pre-soak overnight in bleach water, then run them through the dish washer completely disasembled. I use pipecleaners on any hard to clean areas too.

How old is your L. one? We've been transitioning with our two year old to travel coffee mugs style cups. They're easier to clean, still offer some protection from spills, and my son feels like a big boy drinking his "coffee" like Mommy and Daddy.

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I do a hot water & bleach soak then run them through the dishwasher. Make sure you dry them well and let them drain. You may want to use a tiny scrubber (pipe cleaner, or the brushes for Dr. Brown bottles) to get the visible stuff off, but make sure you let them soak at least 15 minutes after all the visible stuff is gone.

Good luck.

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i would soak them in some bleach water for a day.. then soak them in water.. and rinse/wash them.. they were fine after that.. but it almost seems impossible to get into wash those spouts. I feel your pain. Good Luck :)

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We only have 2 cups and I hand wash them (and occasionally use a pipe cleaner) but mostly I just let them dry out completely between uses. They never really make it into a cabinet closed up, they always are on a rack with the parts apart.

Gerber sells the trow away kind that does not have a valve, just the spout. They come in a pack with about 6 of them in primary colors, in the baby isle with all the sippies. They are more smoothly curved and easier to wash, and since they are meant to be thrown out I do not mind recycling them after many uses.

My husband and I were just b**ching about this problem this morning! It seems almost all of ours managed to get mildew/mold in them over the past few months, so we're buying new ones. I hate it too, because they're expensive! I've found it basically impossible to completely get the mold off. Some of it I can, but even using bottle brushes, wire skinny brushes to get into crevices, etc. and after soaking in scalding water and detergent for hours -still -it won't come off. I also don't really have the time (and you probably don't either) to devote to ridding all of them of all the mildew! It's kind of like bath toys -those have to be ditched every so often as well due to the same problem.

I use q-tips to clean the tiny areas of my son's cups. I also make sure I soak them in hot soapy water daily. Even after all my efforts, I do still have to throw some away due to mold/mildew :( You are definitely not alone with this problem!

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