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My problem is Migraine's. I am having them so often that my Doctor just put me on a preventitive treatment called Topamax.I looked it up on Web M.D. and read alot about it, but it makes me nervous being on an anti-sezier med. and taking care of my one year old. Has anyone had any experence with this stuff? Good or bad I want to know. Any advice for other ways to treat them.(Besides cutting off my head!)

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Thank you so much for all the responces.I have been on Topamax for a few days now,I take one 25 mg pill each night before bed.(for now)I feel dizzy and my eyes feel blurry or sleepie all day. The very first thing I noticed was loss of words or memory. Writting this is killing me right now!!I have tried Midrin,Durudrin and over the counter stuff in the past but I get them so often my insurance only covers 6 Maxalt pills.They feel I should be on a preventitive med. instead of one that works when u get a migraine. I just now decided to seek treatment for them because I have a baby to care for and I can't just go lay down in my bed room with the lights out and wait for the migraine to pass like I used to.I havn't tried the Chiropractor, that was actually very high on my list of options but everyone kept saying that once I go I will have to go ALL the time!And that sometimes it can make them worse.AHHHHHHHHH.Anyway I appreciate all of the great advice and maybe I will try all of it one at a time untill I find the magicial one that works for me. Maybe it is accupucture,that one will have to wait till I'm feelen eather really brave or really desprate!Thanks again.
New update........I am no longer taking Topimax,1 b/c I was tired all the time,my brain could not function like I wanted it to,and I felt constant pressure in my head.And 2 b/c my husband and I want to get Pregnant.I am only getting them now around my period time mostly.So I have an appointment with my obgyn to check my hormone levels.I also had prayer in church and ever since then have not gotten them nearly as often as I was,Thank you God!I will keep ya posted with any changes.Thanks again to everyone!

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I have a little experence with Topamax.My 11 year old son was on it to treat self cutting issue he has.from what the doctors told me about Topamax it treats a certain area of the brain that controls Migrains..and some mental issue.My son is Bipoler.Hope that little bit helps

I've never taken Topamax, but I do take Imitrex once I get a migraine. I know how horrible they are, good luck.

I have been getting Migraines since I was 11 years old. I will be 32 in May. I used to take Midrin and I would gladly take it again. Right now, I take 800mg Motrin, Percocet, Darvocet, Skelaxin, and Xanax, Nitroglycerin, and Elmiron. You see, I also have Endometriosis w/ Interstitial Cystitis. Lately, I have been taking Aleve for my headaches. I will be going back to my doctor really soon to get a better prescription medication for my migraines.

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THere is usually a trigger for migraines. It will ultimately be best for you to find your trigger. It can range from food additives to poor posture. I am a fellow sufferer. I have found several things that are my triggers. I am careful to avoid as many food additives/preservatives, esp. MSG and also see a chiropractor regularly, as well as occasional massage therapy. If I get adjusted when I first feel the symptoms, I often avoid major pain. WHen I do the exercises that my chiropractor recommended, I can nearly avoid them completely. I am hesitant to use medication to cover up symptoms without knowing the cause. Good luck in your search.


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I also was put on Topamax for Migraine's and i work in an office setting. I lost my train of thought while I was on
Topamax and was making alot of mistakes at work.My migraine's
went away but the cure was worse than the problem.I am still
going through other test to find a diiferent route to take.I stopped taking the Topamax because like you I do not want to take that kind of Medicine for fear of it's long term affects.
if you find another method please let me know.

now i'm not sure about the chemical make up of topamax, but i know that there are a few different migraine meds out there. i myself take ibuprofen for my migraines and i know i'm one of the lucky ones that that works for. but if ibuprofen doesn't work there's imitrex, amerge, amitriptyline, and duridrin. Those are the top 4 sellers at the pharmacy. You want to talk to your doctor about your worries about being on an anti-seizure med and taking care of your 1 year old, but people drive while on the medication, so i don't see why it should be a problem. I wish you great luck. I know how painful migraines can be.

I am on it also. I get migraines on a regular basis. I have two children, Ethan (just turned 4) and Sophie ( 1 /12 yrs old). The main issue I have on it is it impacts my memory a little bit so my doctor lowered the dose. Don't get freaked out because it is a seizure med. It does treat seizures (if you have them) but it also has been tested for those of us with just migraines. Feel free to email me directly so we can talk more. I know it is scary starting any new med. It does make you tired the first week so be aware of that but it does help =) You will be able to care for your kids while you're on it. Like I said the first week is an adjustment though after that things should be fine. J.

hello im also taking topamax and have been for a while. i found that it works really great when taking as ur soppose to. the only side effect i got was i lost my sex drive. but it got rid of my headaches. one doctor told me i had migraines, another doctor told me i had muscle headaches (they explained it me as getting a muscle spasm in ur head, like a charlie horse). either way they r very painfull. i also found that i get alot of them when im really stressout. also when u first start taking topamax u r really tired but it passes, it did for me after a couple of weeks. i hope u find that it works for u, as it did for me.

Hello, R.:
I've had migraine (pain & dizziness) for about 12 years now. I have a 3 year old son, and it is VERY difficult having a child and suffering with migraine. I totally understand how you're feeling. Throughout his life, I've been on Effexor, Relpax, Clonazepam and Topamax. I had the most success with Topamax, but have gone off of it in hopes of getting pregnant again (someday). I had also lost too much weight on it, and it does do something to your brain (loss of words, short-term memory; some other things). If you want to email me directly, I'm at ____@____.com. I live in Round Hill.
J. B.


Many years ago I tried a daily medication but I don't remember the name of it. I stopped using it less than a month later because I found out I was pregnant. I use excedrin migraine or a generic, but if I don't have any available, then I use 2 ibuprofens, 1 aspirin and a cup of coffee. Seems to do the trick. My classic migraines with aura have almost stopped completely since I had wires put into my lungs about 3 years ago. I still get the throbbing migraine headaches, especially when I eat breads. Have the doctors given you any clue as to what triggers your migraines?

Hi. I was also put on Topomax for Migraines; what dose are you on? Have you had any side-effects?
I started off at 25, then bumped up to 50. That didn't work, so I was bumped up to 200mg a day. Shortly after that, I started to experience bad side-effects, really bad ones. I began having very dire thoughts and constantly felt "out of it" and foggy, not to mention that my vision was cloudy, not blurred, but cloudy. I was immediately taken off the Topomax. Now I just use Axert for Migraines when they on-set. The fogginess and dire thoughts are gone (thank goodness)!

I'm also seeing a chiropractor. I have a lot of issues along with the headaches that start at the base of my neck and quickly spread. I've been listening to a great CD that talks about hormones and how big a role they play in everything that happens to us...especially when we are overdosed with them (which is not hard to do). You should ask your doc about this...especially if you happen to also be using any birth control medicines. I will be checking with my doctor at my next visit.

I've never taken Topamax, but I do take Imitrex once I get a migraine. I know how horrible they are, good luck.

I have been getting Migraines since I was 11 years old. I will be 32 in May. I used to take Midrin and I would gladly take it again. Right now, I take 800mg Motrin, Percocet, Darvocet, Skelaxin, and Xanax, Nitroglycerin, and Elmiron. You see, I also have Endometriosis w/ Interstitial Cystitis. Lately, I have been taking Aleve for my headaches. I will be going back to my doctor really soon to get a better prescription medication for my migraines.


A question for ya...Do you happen to grind your teeth or clench your mouth real tight while you sleep? I do...and my dentist made me a night guard for my mouth... and haven't gotten a migraine since. So see if that is the problem of your migraines...because it was mine!


Would you consider acupuncture? I have a friend who did it for migraines and says the results were shocking. I'm not sure if I'd do it but from what I understand the migraine pain is so awful that I'd probably try anything.

I also have a friend who is a acupuncturist and she's treated many with migraines ~ it's one of her specialties and she swears by it. Just a thought!

Good luck!

Hi R. I also get Migranes and was also put on Topamax, I only took it for a few days as I suffered some of the side effects. IE: tingling in the face and fingers and my speech would get slurred, so I came off it. However a friend of mine is also on it and she has no problems and she is over a 100mg a day.

i had migraines every month when i had my first child, started when i was pregnant with him and it always seemed to be when i would have had my cycle...the docter told me caffine would help, and to prevent stess as much as possible i heard alot of good things about all the meds now i only was given a pill can't remember the name but basicly it was tylenol with caffine in it and it helped..when you feel a headache coming on put a damp towel on your head and rest the best you can with having a one year old and have 4oz of caffine. and tylenol but i heard aleve works better.

Rachel, HI!

Personally I have never been on the medication that you have been prescribed but I have been on anti-seizure medication. It will be a godsent to you I promise. At first it may make you a little tired but once your body adapts to it you should be fine. Also becareful what you read. Remember that they have to put all kinds of warnings on medications. Even the most of the wall smallest possibilities. Stay in tune with yourself and don't let the fear overwhelm you and you should be just fine. :)

27 yr old mother of a 7 yr old daughter with a baby on the way.

Have you ever been adjusted by a chiropractor??? I suffered from migraines almost my entire highschool years. My husband is a chiropractor in Uniontown and he started to adjust me and my headaches stopped. Even now if I get a headache or a migraine I head straight to the table and he takes care of it. If I don't get there right away it takes a few hours to let up, but if I get there when I feel it coming on, I have immediate relief. I mean think about it we as moms are very active it is so easy for our bodies to be pushed out of proper alignment. So if you haven't you may want to try it before you start meds that may be completely unnecessary. If you want to talk to him about it and he can answer any questions you may have let me know. Now that I have 3 children I don't want any meds in by body I want to make sure I am 100% focused on them... Good Luck!

Hi R.,
I was on Topamax before becoming pregnant. I had a hard time with this medication. It interfered with my birth control so if you are on the pill use back-up protection. Also I had the whole memory loss, weight loss, hands & feet feeling like they fell asleep then feeling on fire. Also they had to up my dosage every three to six months because I would get my migraines back. When I got off (because I was pregnant) I was taking 100mg a day, my hair was falling out in clumps, and they were going to up my dosage again. Just be aware of the side effects and discuss them with your doctor. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at ____@____.com the best to you,

Hi R., I to get really bad migraine's and I have been on Amitriptaline as a preventative and I take 1 at bedtime and I went from 3 to 4 bad headaches a week to maybe 1 a month, and I did try the chiropractor and it did nothing for me. So you may wanna give this med a try if the other is not working for you. Hope this helps...I feel for you!

Hi R.,
I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for a very long time, so I have had them all. if you want the medication route, maxalt is something that you take after you feel the start of the migraine. it works by helping to relieve the pressure building up. Another medication that you may feel safer with is Indural. it is a beta blocker (blood pressure medication). You take it every day at the same time and for some reason it prevents the migraines. My onlyu side affect was being colder more often or getting a migraine a day after I forgot to take it.
because I nurse my daughter, I have more alternative methods so that she doesn't get the medication. One thing I did often becasue I was without insurance was if I felt the migraine coming in (you know that feeling, the one where the day just doesn't seem right), I'd drink two cups of plain coffee or tea (no sugar or cream, if you can handle it since sometimes those are triggers) with two aspirin. I do the same now except use tylenol. I liked the aspirin a bit more, but tylenol is safer for my daughter. This may sound wierd, but massage your big toe. it has something to do with reflexology. I started to get that feeling while at my sister's. She works as an MA at a hospital and some patient of hers showed her this. It kept my headache away.
Also, watch any triggers, especially trigger foods since those are the easiest to control. Keep sodium intake low, keep water intake high. balance with caffiene since it is a natural pain reliever.
I know that there are other remedies out there, but these are the ones I've tried that had the fewest side effects.
I hope this helps you some. Good luck!

my 12 year old son is on it and I have prescribed it myself for many people. There is definatley a potential for side effects just like any other medicine but in all it seems to be pretty well tolerated considering the alternative-excrutiating pain. You can't take care of her with that either. There are some other choices like betablockers, antidepressant (like amytriptyline, or depakote (another antiseizure med). If you are having SE to the topomax talk to your Dr. about other options.

I know I'm late in responding but I'm new to the site. Some advice: I am a 14 year migraine sufferer and tried EVERYTHING possible. Finally I found my solution: The prevenative medicine, Inderal, has been discontinued but in its place is propranolol. This is a blood pressure reducer and has worked wonderfully for me. Also, Imitrex as needed. I'm telling you, I was depressed about my migraines and fearful that I would always have to endure the pain and frustration. This med is great! A little side note on Topamax: This was an alternative therapy for me but I had to go against using it b/c being a drug and alcohol counselor and working with psych patients, I have seen bad side effects with this drug. The major side effect with Propranolol is tiredness but will pass after 2 weeks of therapy!

I've been a migraine sufferer since I was about 10 years old (I'm 30 now). I finally went to the doctor about it 2 years ago or so and have been so thankful that I finally did. I take Inderal LA, which is basically a blood pressure medicine which controls the amount of blood pressure in my brain to prevent getting a migraine. I used to have migraines at least 5-6 times a month... now I might have one a month or less. It's been a wonderful thing. I don't know about the Topamax cause Inderal is all I've tried. I'm sure your doctor knows what he can mix with the anti-seizure meds in order for you to still be safe. My mother has epilepsy and I know her dr is very careful not to give her something that will counteract the meds for her seizures.

My 2 year old son is on topamax for seizures and I take it for migraines as well. I only take it if I really have to. I take two excedrine and two no doze first and that usually works. The caffine is what helps get rid of the migrains. I am not sure why but for me it works. To start only take the two excedrine migraine pills. Try it without the caffine at first. It may work best that way.

i understand you wanting to cut off your head!!! I have been in that same situation!! I was on Topamax for a couple of years and had no problems with it. I have been on stronger things...and lesser things. I changed from it about a year ago because it wasn't working for me. But we also were investigating some different causes for my headaches. I have even had a sleep study done and have benefitted from a c-pap machine that I wear at night. (and losing weight) Good luck..it does take some getting used to!!

I was having them like every other week. But now I have them under control. I had to find out what was triggering them to come. So I started to watch the foods I was eatting and watching my surroundings. My mom just started having them severly, so she is now tking Topamax. It helps her but she gets real sleepy once she takes it. All I can say is drink plenty of water while taking the medicine.

i took that. i cant remember any bad things about it. it's on the list of things i would take again if needed. i also think it's one that helped me quit smoking. good luck. hope your feeling better.

Hi Rachel,
I have MS and I too get Migraine's alot. At least three or four in two weeks. I am on the same medicine and it does help. The reason why I am not nervous about taking this medicine is because I only take it at night, per my doctor. I hope this helps. Let me know.


I have a little experence with Topamax.My 11 year old son was on it to treat self cutting issue he has.from what the doctors told me about Topamax it treats a certain area of the brain that controls Migrains..and some mental issue.My son is Bipoler.Hope that little bit helps

R., I'm actually taking the same thing you are. I'm feeling a little better by taking the perscription I'm also taking butubital in combintaion with it if I feel a migraine coming on. I do feel as though it is working. I'd like to hear what other people have to say also, keep me posted if you wouldn't mind.

I have been suffering with migraines for a long time and I now take an anti-seizure drug. It has helped a great deal. I had tried all the other treatments that were out there and nothing seemed to do the trick. I still get a migraine from time to time but nothing like I used to. I know its a little unsettling taking a med that is used to treat a condition that you don't have, but in this case it works. I have also not had any side effects from it except that my appetite has decreased which in turn is helping me take off the baby weight. I hope that I have been helpful.


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