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Menstrual Cramps at 40 Weeks?

My due date was yesterday and for the past couple of nights, I keep waking up from menstrual like pains. I'll get up and go to the bathroom and there will be some mucky clear discharge when I wipe. The cramps seem to go away when I get up.
But when I'm lying down, they feel pretty strong and it always makes me get up thinking I'm going into labor. Then the baby is moving a lot so I really don't know what's going on. I'm so scared I'm not going to know I'm going into labor and end up having my baby at the house or something. As it is, its 5 am right now, and I woke up to the cramps, and feel the need to do "number 2" but am too scared I'll push the baby out... :/

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Well my contractions are 15-20 min apart and mild. I am leaking fluid when I walk so my midwife has me trying nipple stimulation to speed things up. Baby is moving. If my contractions do not progress by 6-7pm, I'm to go to the hospital to be induced. Please cross your fingers. I'd love to be able to do this naturally.

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Please tell me you had the baby today......It sounds very much like you are in labor and need to go to the hospital. Let me know if you are okay!!!
Thinking of you,

It sounds to me like you are experiencing early labor. I know how you feel. I have 2 boys and the second one was 5 days over due before I finally had him. If you get these intense sharp pains and can't walk when they happen, get to the doc or the hospital b/c it may be true labor. Hope this helped. Good luck! :D

I had the same situation, but only the night before I gave birth... What I thought were menstral cramps were contractions...

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call your doctor....NOW

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it might be false labor or braxton hix - if it gets better when you move or get up it's not real labor.

i had false labor for 2 weeks with my son, they were so regular and went from 10 mins apart to 5mins apart that i went ot the hospital thinking i was in labor. the nurses told me i would know when it's time (I DID!) and you will too! one of them said, if you can walk and talk, it's not real labor (lol). it's very rare that you would go into labor an progress so fast that you would deliver at home

from babycenter.com :

How can I tell if I'm in false labor or true labor?
Sometimes it's very hard to tell false labor from the early stages of true labor. If you're 37 weeks or more, here are some things that might help you sort it out:
• False labor contractions are unpredictable. They come at irregular intervals and vary in length and intensity. Although true labor contractions may be irregular at first, over time they start coming at regular and shorter intervals, become increasingly more intense, and last longer.

• With false labor, the pain from the contractions is more likely to be centered in your lower abdomen. With true labor, you may feel the pain start in your lower back and wrap around to your abdomen.

• False labor contractions may subside on their own, or when you start or stop an activity or change position. True labor contractions will persist and progress regardless of what you do.

hope that helped, and i hope that you truly are in labor - those ast few weeks of waiting can be brutal :)

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I felt like that for about three days before I went into labor. They would come and go, come and go. Finally at the end they started coming about every 6 or 7 minutes and stay for several hours, went to the hospital, had my baby girl. :) Not sure what you felt when you had your first baby but everyone told me when I went into labor, the pain would feel like extremely bad period cramps. Hope you feel better and get through this ok.

I would seriously call you doctor. YOu may be going into labor. I was induced with both mine so am not quit sure about the whole labor thing since mine was controlled. I would call and tell them what you are experiencing. good luck!

Go to the hospital or call your doctor. Good Luck!

That discharge you're speaking of, may be your "mucus plug", which means you could be close to labor. For my second, I had the mucus plug thing about 4 days b4 delivery,(currently expecting my 3rd). If you're past your due date, then I'd call your dr. and let them know what's going on so they can see you and see how far, if at all, you've dialated. Trust me, if you were having labor contractions you'd know. Have you timed them: how long they last and how far apart they are? A common stretch of time seems to be only 15 min. in between. That's been the time limit when my OB tells me to call. Good luck and congratulations.

I hope you're already at the hospital.... sounds just like labor to me!!!!

Please go to the doctor , you may be in labor, or at least call the Dr.

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