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Melted Crayon in Carpet

I would like to know if anyone has any information on getting melted crayon out of carpet.

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I would like to thank everyone for their response. We decided to use the warm iron over the paper bag. It worked just as you said it would.

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I would think about getting rid of the carpet all together. Kids and carpet don't mix, we recently got wooden floors (not the best choice) but housework has been reduced drastically.

You can take a warm iron and wax paper. Place the wax paper over the crayon and run the iron over the wax paper and it should help lift the crayon up. Good Luck!

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I, unfortunately,have tackled this problem more than once. Try scraping out any big pieces with a fork. Then lay a white, cotton dish rag or old t-shirt over it and heat it up with a warm iron. The theory is the melted crayon will release from the carpet and cling to the towel, but be very careful not to melt the carpet fibers. Worth a try, but far from perfect.

God Luck,

I've heard the melting method which everyone seems to be recommending, but I also remember seeing Martha Stewart once remove hardened candle wax by putting candlesticks in the freezer. The frozen wax just peels right off. I think I remember reading somewhere that this works with carpet as well. Just use an ice pack or ice cubes to freeze the wax and then immediately scrape off. Hopefully any residual color left behind from the crayon will come up with a good cleaning. Seems like it would be less messy than melting with an iron or hair dryer, so probably worth a try. Good luck--let us know what works!

Hi...I have used one method, not sure if its the best way but...seems to work. I let the crayon dry then used regular newspaper (nothing with color print), put it on top of the crayon and use a very hot iron to get it to lift out of carpet. I have even used this method in my car when crayons melted in the back seat! Good luck/

I know this works for candle wax.. i was amazed so you might try it.... you take a paper bag from the grocery store and lay it one top... then take your iron and iron the bag.. it soaks up the wax.. it is the weirdest thing..
email me and let me know if it works on crayon.. ____@____.com

I saw once on TV they put a piece of fabric over the melted crayon and ironed it until the fabric absorbed it. try searching on the net, I'm sure it's on there somewhere. Good Luck.
p.s. It might have been a piece of paper, but I am positive the iron was the magic tool. Good Luck

i saw this on how clean is your house. use a a brown paper bag to absorrb the was and run and iron over it, layered with a towel. I imagine a hair dryer would work to to melt the crayon.

Elmer's Sticky Out. Use an ice pack to get the easy part out but the Elmer's sticky out will break and desolve the crayon that is in the fibers. This stuff is made out of citurs no harmful solvents. I even got hair dye and oil paints out with this stuff. Really works well.

take a newspaper lay iot on top of the stain heat up your iron and iron the newspaper the crayon melts right into the paper and comes right out you may have to do it a couple time and move the newspaper around but it works i had a red crayon in my light tan carpet and it took about 15 mins of my time and the crayon and color were gone.

I have a trick for getting melted candle wax out of carpet, maybe it will work for your crayon as well. Get a brown paper bag, grocery or lunch, and lay it over the melted mess. Then run a hot iron over it. It re-melts and the paper bag absorbs the wax. If you decide to try it, good luck! If all else fails, it's time to buy an area rug!

I have used the iron method on my mom's carpet too. Hot dark red candle wax was spilled on it. Take plain white paper towels (so the color of a printed one doesn't transfer to your carpet) and an iron on low to medium low setting. Once the candle wax is completely dry; lay down a clean and dry paper towel over one spot of the crayon. Run the iron over it a few times and pull up the towel. The wax will transfer to the towel. Be patient and only use a clean area of the paper towel or a new one every time you repeat. Most likely it will be as good as new. Good luck.

I have HEARD that goo begone (and even WD40) can help - with a lot of scrub work. that goo begone stuff is pretty awesome on other messes, so who knows. I've also been told to use a towel or paper towels between the carpet and a hot iron. Haven't ever tried that. I have old green coloring on our carpet from a crayon that got melted by the skylight of all things, and haven't tried either methods on it.

Hi! Put paper directly over the melted crayon. Put a towel over that and iron on low. The paper needs to be replaced frequently, so check after each iron swipe. The paper absorbs the wax and the towel adds a buffer so the carpet won't melt. Don't use steam. I used this method to get hot pink candle wax out of the brand new beige carpet in my room when I was in high school. I wasn't supposed to burn candles in my room. Got it out and looked brand new before I confessed to mom. It works!

Melted wax can be removed by taking a brown paper grocery sac placed over the spill once dry. ( hard wax) then use an iron over it moving the paper bag once you see a wet spot. this should take up the wax. perhaps not the color so much. if its a shaggy type of carpet. you could also give the carpet a little bit of a trim.

I would think about getting rid of the carpet all together. Kids and carpet don't mix, we recently got wooden floors (not the best choice) but housework has been reduced drastically.

Take and put a cloth over it and then iron over the cloth. See if that works.

I would use Goo-Gone. It's a natural product that works wonders. You can find it at most HEB's & Wal-Mart. Now it comes in a spray bottle which is nice. Then I would use Greased Lightning afterward to take the color up.

You can take a warm iron and wax paper. Place the wax paper over the crayon and run the iron over the wax paper and it should help lift the crayon up. Good Luck!

It's hard but you have to put paper towels over the crayon and heat it with an iron (over and over changing to clean paper towels) until all the wax is gone. You don't say what color, after you get the wax out you have to deal with the discoloration with rug shampoo or another cleaning product. The same thing works for candle wax.

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