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Medieval Times

Looking for reviews of Medieval Times. Is it worth paying extra for the first 2 or 3 rows? Also, what age is it too scary for. Thanks!

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I can't believe how much time I spent thinking about this, it's crazy! Thank you to my 12 responses for your time, I'm ready to tackle Medieval Times! I reserved front row seats and I'm getting the birthday boy knighted. (He is obsessed with everything that is castle, knight, roman, etc) We're going to throw everyone in the car and it's going to be a complete surprise. I'm so excited to go, I have a perma-smile stuck on my face! By the way, I used 2 coupons so the birthday boy gets in free and I had a 5.00 off.

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I dont think it is worth paying more, u really can see the show in most seats. As for age there really wasnt a lot of real scary things that I remember, mainly my daughter who is picky didnt like the food, however we felt it was good. The show is really great though and worth going in my opinion. As long as your child has seen movies where there was sword fighting and it didnt bother them it should be ok.

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i have been there a couple of times and my kids loved it...now they are 4 and 5, they went when they were 3 and 4 and had no problems of being scared. it's pretty pricey, but you get a generous amount of good food and the entertainment is great, so is the customer service. i have never been in the first few rows, and we could see everything from where we sat. not sure if its worth the extra $$ but we have sat in the last few rows before and still had an awesome time. have fun!

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Hello! I just went here with my family a week ago. All three of my kids loved it!! They are 7, 5 and 2 1/2. We did not pay for the closer seats. I don't think that there is a bad seat in the house. Look for coupons for kids free with an adult entrance. It can be quite pricey! They may be running a special like that this month. Give them a call.

The food was actually quite tasty! They give you a warm moist towelette at the end, but I brought baby wipes. That came in really handy.

They suggest that you get to the show early - up to 90 minutes. That is crazy!!! You do not get to go into the arena until seating time right before the show. They want you there early to shop and drink. Lots of cute knight and princess things at the gift shop.

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I have been to Medieval Times for several outtings. I do not think the front rows are very beneficial. The show is fun. There is a disclaimer for people with seizures due to fireworks in the show. I do recommend avoiding the dungeon area. I believe youg children should not be allow to see the torture devices in there- at least PG13

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Hi, Emily! My sister and brother-in-law treated my 6-year-old daughter and I to MT last month. For me, it was an early birthday gift (which is this month), and for my daughter it was just because my sister wanted to take her. She ended up spending the extra money to get the royalty seating. I thought it was worth it. As long as you get there early, you'll even be able to get the first row. In the first row, you get a DVD about how they do the stunts and all and you get a program. My sister and brother-in-law paid for everything: My sister and I visited the Dungeon to view Medieval torture devices (that would be too scary for anyone who hasn't had a Medieval history class, I would think), my daughter was "knighted" (she was too scared to do that at first because it involves a sword; she thought she would get hurt with it, but we talked her into it and now she's happy she did it), drinks from their "bar," and they even paid for the pictures taken right when you walk in so Keyra and I could have it as a keepsake (they had just gone the month before and had their own picture). The only thing I paid for was the tip. They wouldn't let me pay for anything else. That's the second time I've been to MT. The first was when I was in high school. I think it's well worth going! You do get a feel for what a day in life was like back then. The food is great (you eat with no utensils, so bring some extra Wet Ones just in case the ones they give you aren't enough). The entertainment is great! The staff is really wonderful! We had so much fun! I can't wait til I can go back again! As for how young is too young? I saw people pushing strollers. I say that's too young. First, the strollers get in the way. It's a crowded area. I can understand wheelchairs, but strollers? I think it's unnecessary because a baby or toddler can't enjoy it, and it takes away from the parents' enjoyment. And if you have to pay for their space, too, then it's just a waste of money. But I would say if a 4-year-old is well-behaved and can sit through a movie, then they can easily sit through MT. But if a child is too excitable at any age, I wouldn't take them to MT. It will freak them out too much. My daughter just asked a lot of questions and got really into it. The guy sitting next to me, however, was too immature to go. He was a grown man yelling homophobic obscenities to the Green Knight. That's uncalled for. Especially since it's a family environment. So a good 4-year-old can go, but grown 30-year-old men who act like little boys on the playground shouldn't. :) A bit reversed, huh? I hope you end up going! It would be a lot of fun, and your kids would have a memory that will last a lifetime!

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I always pay for the first two rows. The view is the same, but the extras I think are worth it. It can be a more interactive experience, as well as you get cups hats streamers and a video included n the cost of the ticket. buying the extras for kiddos while there ends up costing more. I took my 2yr old god-daughter and she loved it.

My sister says it's not worth paying extra for, all the seats are good, like a stadium.

And her almost 3 year old grandson wasn't scared.

It gets noisy with the horses and the kids there.

Emily, I went there years ago when I was married and managed my former husbands office because the staff wanted to go for the holiday celebration event.

Personally, I think it is a lot of money for the show. I did not enjoy the violence.

As far as your kids are concerned, why would you want to introduce them to fighting and violence at any age? Better off spending you money going to see other things. Did you ever go to see the butterfly room in Chicago where live the butterflies are flying all over, land on you, you can see them close up eating. It is beautiful.

I don't remember the name of the museum, but it is across the street from the Lincoln Park Zoo's north parking lot - the street that runs parallel to the outer drive on the west side of the bridge.

There are so many things to do that are so much fun in and around Chicago. My grandkids have a blast going to the Botanical Gardens in Northbrook. We have been taking them every year for Mother's Day, Father's Day. We have lunch with the whole family also, or they have an ice cream shop across from a fountain where the kids can take off their shoes and walk in the fountain - when it is hot enough.

Have fun exploring Chicago.

I have loved the medieval times whenever I have gone and I would say it is worth it for the front couple of rows especially if you have little people with you. We took our neice and nephew when they were 4 and 5. He loved the knights and she was very into the princesses. We just made sure we didn't buy swords or weapons for him to recreate the experience at home!!

My niece was the princess at Medieval times for a couple of years so we have been there many times and sat both in the first two rows as well as much farther back. The only difference is that the knight comes over with a ribbon that says something like "Queen of Love and Beauty" and gives it to someone in the first two rows. Other than that,it is still the same show no matter where you sit, so if you don't feel strongly about sitting up front, save your money! Look for coupons in the paper too.
As for age, it depends how frightened your child gets in the dark, with loud noises and ground based fireworks. There is a part in the show when this happens but it is short. My son was afraid when he was about 4 or 5. It really depends on the child.

My family has gone several times and had alot of fun. My sister went when she was 3 and she got scared easily at that age but had a blast at Medieval times. I don't know if its worth it one way or another to pay extra for front row seating. But one thing no one else has mention is that if you have a baby you will still have to pay for a sit for them even though they won't eat.
Last year Taco Bell had coupons for kids get in free with paying adult. I don't know if they still have them this year.

We took all five of our children to medieval times and sat up close. Our youngest was 4 and the oldest was 13. They all loved it!!! I think it was well worth the money that we spent. The younger children weren't frightened at all.


My personal response, is no, it is not worth spending more to sit in the front.
You can see well from pretty much all the seats.

At age 3 my daughter was terrified of Medieval Times, because it gets quite loud with all of the cheering going on. And the announcer/king has a deep booming voice that scared her and it gets dark with sporadic bright lights. And that doesn't even mention the knights with long hair on fast horses,and clashing weapons. If you have a kid who is highly sensitive to her/his surroundings, I wouldn't take them until they are quite older.

On the other hand, a nephew who was 6, loved the whole thing and wasn't scared at all.

Have fun, the food is actually pretty decent (Incase you were wondering).


we went for my husbands birthday - we had my grandchildren who were 1 1/2 & 6 years old and we were in the second row, I think for the kids the closer the better, because they can pay more attention, but there real is not a bed seat in the place.

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