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Medical Question on Red Mark on Breast

I have a medical question.. about a 2 months ago, I noticed a very small purple round bruise on my breast under my areola.. the purple went awqy, and was replaced by a red round spot,it never bothered me until 2 weeks ago,,the red spot had grown a little and there was a small bump,, I squeezed it becus I thought it was a zit,, and alot ot blood came out of it,, I did go to the doctor he prescribed me antiobiotics..and said the bump was superficial with a small infection..he couldnt tell me what could have caused it..he really wasn't very helpful,, has anyone else had a similiar situation? I 'm not too concerned becus he acted like it was no big deal..but just it being there bothers me..

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

thanks everyone for replying..I did go to my gyn..(it never changed) .. well i used the antibiotics....the bump went away..but it still is pink around the area.. it hasn't changed in months..so I guess I may have to see a dermatologist...does anyone think this may have been a boil?

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I too get these cysts on my breasts and they are usually large and very painful. I tend to keep cottonballs soaked in alcohol applied to them until they clear up.

They are considered a staph infection in the skin and squeezing them will only spread the infection. This infection can spread to others as well if the sore is open so keep a nursing child or your husband away from them.

Unfortunatley I didn't know this until I had already spread the infection to my first two husbands, they got them in much more "delicate" places and subsequently I did too.

Could it have been an ingrown hair or maybe a spider bite? Has it gone away? If the doctor said it was superficial meaning probably that is just on the surface of the skin it could just be a big bite or yeah a zit? Hope you are doing ok.

I an assuming by now that you have finished the course of antibiotics that he prescribed for you. Has it improved in appearance since the Drs. visit??? If it has, I would just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesnt flare up again. If it hasnt improved a lot...I would call the Dr back and ask to be seen again. It might not hurt to be seen by an OB GYN instead of just a GP. it is probably nothing..but you are right to keep an eye on it.
R. Ann

Please go to www.ibcresearch.org It is about Inflammatory Breast cancer. I don't want to scare you, but it doesn't hurt to look it up. My mother and I are big on breast cancer and she sent me this clip from a news crew. Come to find out alot of starts to look like a bug bite and doctors mistake it alot. Please just check it out, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Good luck to you!!

I have the same thing monthly and mine hurts, i have had mine byopsied and they are benign and my obgyn said not to worry about it. I tend to get mine on the underneath sid eof my breast, i dontknow about youbut i am quite large and that could also have something to do with it as well.

I, as well, do not want to scare you with the IBC; HOWEVER, if I could stress one thing to everyone it would be that you MUST take your health into your own hands. Sometimes you even have to INSIST that doctor's do ALL the scans, etc. available to make a diagnosis.
Almost a year ago I finished treatment for malignant melanoma. It was a tumor under my thumbnail and I had FOUR doctors tell me it was nothing. Not one of them took a biopsy or anything and one doctor even prescibed steroids for me....which could have made it worse.
So, please, just insist that your doctor does everything that modern day technology allows!
Good luck! I am sure everything is fine.

Not trying to scare you but look into IBC (inflamatory breast cancer). Most likely not it but it doesn't hurt to check on. www.ibcresearch.org.

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