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I have a son, 2 years old who was just diagnosed with Apraxia. And I wounder if anyone else knows about this and has any ideas on what to do about it. I would like to know more about how long it usually last and who to deal with it. thanks.

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I would not depend on us mothers for the information for Apraxia, but rather search the Internet. Often the professionals know better how to help and deal with the different ailments, disabilities etc. As humans we have a tendency to think that because we had good results with something, then everyone should have the same result. It doesn't work like that, since we are all individual and respond different to different treatments and stimula.

To help you out a little I searched on WebMD, which is the source that I use for any ailment. My search you can find at

Also I went to Google and ran Apraxia and that results can be found below

Good Luck and thank you for listening!! (climbing off the soapbox)

Well, the main thing is to enroll him in speech therapy as soon as possible. Be patient and encouraging. The therapist can give you ideas of how to help him at home too. I did my undergrad in Speech-Therapy, though haven't gone into practice (have to get my Masters first). I do have a niece and a nephew who were both diagnosed with it too. My niece was in therapy for over 4 years (2-6 years old) but my nephew was only in for about a year and a half. The length of time it will take depends on the severity of Apraxia. Now both of them speak very well-- you'd never know they were in speech and they are both much more confident too. Don't get discouraged, but do take action. Good luck!

Hi A.. My 5 year old was diagnosed with Apraxia when he was 3years. There are so many resources out there. One mistake I made was that I didnt go to a speech therapist right away. I went through Child FInd, which provided in home therapy, and free preschool (with therapy during preschool hours). I recommend finding the information for child find, as it is a great resource, but still provide your little one with one on one speech therapy. My son has improved so much, and although he has some difficulties when it comes to reading and phonetics, the speech therapist is confident it will reside this next year. The internet is a good source, but definitely talk with your dr and speech therapist for the best information regarding Apraxia!

If you live anywhere near Orem I would call the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center. It is near Orem Community Hospital. They have SLP's OT's and PT's. The number is ###-###-####. If you are not in the provo/orem area they may have a list of other clinics near you. I would also call early intervention in your area. Call your local school district to find the number.

i am suprised you doc didn't giv eyou suggestions. call them back and ask for the names of some specialist who can help you. the only apraxia i have any experience with is speech apraxia. so for that i would got to a speech therapist but definatley call you doc back and get more infor on what you should do to get your little one some help. gl, N.

I know of at least two types of apraxia- limb apraxia and apraxia of speech. So this really depends on what type of apraxia your child has been diagnosed with. I am a speech therapist, so if he has apraxia of speech, I may be able to give you some pointers. Let me know which one he has. Thx!


Your request touched my heart.
Wishing you all the best.
Here is a website: http://www.apraxia-kids.org/

May the Lord bless you and your little boy,
With Joy, C.
Loving Connections LLC

I don't know anything about apraxia but if you look on www.webmd.com it will tell you about it and give you some resources on how to find out more. Good luck!!

You should call the Child Find office of your local school district. Even though he is very young, they can help you get the process completed for him to receive Speech and Language services prior to the school years. You can find out about Early Intervention Services by using the website below: click on your state, and look for "Part C" contacts.


You can also look up apraxia websites. Look for sites sponsored by ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association)

Good luck. Little ones make a lot of progress with intervention.

Hi A.,
You asked how long this will last; Apraxia is a developmental condition that doesn't go away. Find a speech or occupational therapist right away and stick with it. Your little guy will just need extra intervention to reach the milestones that he needs to. www.Apraxia-kids.org

Hi A.,

Here is the link to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, page on Apraxia. Hope it's helpful!


Good Luck!

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