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Medela Breast Pump

Would you purchase a used breast pump or only buy new?

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Only buy new. I've had the expensive double pump and the single hand pump. The hand pump works pretty well and is only a fraction of the cost.

I bought mine used from a lady online that said she used it 2 times and then started using formula. So I got a great deal on a great pump. Because I used it 5 times a day for 13 months!! Still works great!!

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There is absolutely no chance of cross contamination if you purchase new tubing etc.. It is the same as renting a hospital grade, they use new tubing for each patient, not a new pump for each patient. In a hospital, they use the same pump for every patient for years and years. You could call a hospital and ask to speak to the lactation consultant. She is what she does, she can give great advice.
Here's the thing ~ you want a great machine if you really need one, not just a good one, a GREAT one. The great ones, medela for example, are very expensive. I bought mine at a resale baby shop for $200. After my 2 boys, I sold it to a coworker. When she was finished with it, she sold it to a friend. I bet it is still running strong (m babies are 10 and 8;)

Breastpumps that are not hospital grade; such as the Medela Pump-n-style you speak of are NOT closed circuts. Viruses do live in the pumps. Now, if you are getting it from a sister, relative or friend that you are 100% certain is very healthy then go for it. My only question is.... "How well does one really know the friend/relative. You would be suprised at the secrets that I know that one woman does not tell. Now have I got rid of used breastpumps. I actually have. I have sold ones of people I know who have purchased them before baby and for a health reason never was able to use it. I have also sold the ones I use for demo purposes. Now would I sell or buy one from unknow sources; that is no. Now I am against borrowing them. I tell women, if you borrow one, be preparred if the motor goes out or parts go wrong you will need to buy the person a new one.
If you decide to go with a used one, please buy the replacement kit. If you need help getting one of these in your area, let me know; I can make arrangments to have one mailed to you. Good Luck!

i would purchase new peices that go on your breasts. even the tubes. just incase the woman that used it before had an std or got frequent infections. i basically would use the motor of the medela. i belive there website has replacement parts. i bought the packet from a leleche leauge woman.

I would buy used as long as I made sure to properly clean and sterilize the parts before use.

I rented a great one from the lactation people at the hospital. Awesome deal.

You can purchase a used pump but I would purchase all attachments that go with it NEW. FOr Medela they sell just the attachments for around $40 give or take. I would not use USED parts that would touch you or your baby. I have a Medela and let a friend use the base part but kept the bottles and such. She purchased her own.

I have a Medela Pump In Style Advanced that I purchased brand new and I absolutely think it is worth the investment.
However, I know of friends who have borrowed or bought used pumping units from family members or friends. They just bought new tubes, valves, shields and other accessories new and in my opinion if you buy it used or borrow it from someone you know, that's better than buying it from a stranger. Again, that's just my opinion.
I was weary of the idea of a used pump earlier but really there is nothing weird about reusing a motor. Go with what makes you feel at ease!

I also purchased a new pump with new parts and I had no problems. When I was done, I gave it to my SIL who also just bought new parts. I think it is now on its fifth owner.
Good luck,

If it were one of the fancy ones in a heartbeat I would purchase it used! I bought a new one 10 years ago and I used it along with a few of my friends (with new tubing and stuff) it was one of the lower models and we did eventually burn out the motor. I was able to use it at work for my first and the occasional pump for my second but after going through my first, my friends first and both of our 2nds it just couldn't hang on. I rented a hospital grade for my 3rd and 4th child. Hindsight I would have bought the fancy brand even used for the last 2 if I could have found one at the time.

I let a close friend borrow my swing breast pump. Now I'm going to be borrowing her bigger Pump in Style...

If you trust them it should be fine. You can purchase most of the replacement shields, valves, membranes, etc at Target or Babies R Us.

get a NEW one. it is well worth the money and you know its safe!

I would get it used and sanitize the non-electrical parts, if I knew and trusted the person I was buying it from.

I bought mine used from a lady online that said she used it 2 times and then started using formula. So I got a great deal on a great pump. Because I used it 5 times a day for 13 months!! Still works great!!

If someone I knew personally were selling a used one, I'd consider it, based on what I knew of the person. And I did do a lot of reading, and basically found that most honest, unbiased sources agree that if the mom was healthy, then they are safe to get used, if you get new tubing, flanges, and etc.

After falling for the "single user pump" warning and spending a bunch of money on a new one, I had serious buyer's regret. Now that I know how they work, I would absolutely buy a used one and simply get new tubing.
Good luck!

I bought a used one off of CraigsList. I bought all of the attachments new. The attachments (tubes, horns, valves, etc) can be bought from the hospital for fairly cheap. The only thing I really reused was the motor. I bought the pump for $75 and paid $50 for the attachments. After I was done with it, I loaned it to my cousin. It's still going strong and I saved a ton of money.

Well, I'm going to go against the crowd and say buy a new one. It's true that this is the more expensive way to go, and if you're not sure you're going to use it very long you can rent hospital grade pumps. That way you can be sure there's no cross contamination. I know lots of mommies have pumped with used pumps and been fine, I just personally wouldn't do it. It's like using someone else's toothbrush.

I would purchase either. Very good deals on ebay...Now if this is not going to be your last baby i'd go out and spend and see it as an investment. But if this is your last like mine was i went used. Mine worked fine and i ordered all new parts that could be replaced for cheap through the company itself.

Only buy new. I've had the expensive double pump and the single hand pump. The hand pump works pretty well and is only a fraction of the cost.

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