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Measuring Small at 34 Weeks

I went back to the doctor today and I'm now freaking out. They said he is in the 10th percentile for his age and weight and the normal is 50th percentile. They are going to continue to monitor me and send me for an umltrasound downtown in 2-3 weeks to see if he has grown at all. If not, they may take him early. Has anyone had this happen to them before and if so, what was the outcome? I cannot wait for this to be over!!

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Dear W.,

Please don't freak out, not good for you or baby. The important thing is that everything looks okay. Babies come in all sizes and the size they start is not always an indicator of how they will wind up! The important thing is that the baby is okay and developing reasonably close to the doctor's time table (sometimes they are wrong!). Try to relax and know that you still have a few weeks for baby to gain weight.

If the doctor isn't concerned, I wouldn't worry. My son was full term and only 6.0 lbs at birth, and perfectly healthy in every way. Some babies are just small.

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W. - In my 3rd pregnancy, I was diagnosed w/ gest. diab. In the repeated ultrasounds, they told me the baby was going to be ~8lbs 13ozs. and was measuring large (for me...both previous babies were in the mid- to low-6lb-range). The measurement was supposed to be within 1-lb. Well, they took the baby at 39-weeks to be safe and she clocked in at 7lbs 6ozs. She's very healthy today (now 2.5-years). Well outside of that 1-lb range they assured me. My advice? Eat healthy. They use the best tools they have, but the tools are flawed and inexact. Again, just eat healthy. Do your best not to stress. It does you and the baby no good. (I know, easier said than done)
Best of luck!

You poor thing I know that you are very scared and being uptight this late in your pregnancy is the worst thing you can do. Get your mind off things...sleep,watch movie, clean etc. You should not let the words of your Dr replay over and over its not worth it, it can make the situation worse. If your doctor is talking about an induction I would seriously question Why????? It is normal to deliver as late as 42 weeks so please let them make an extremely strong case. I was 1 day overdo and they wanted me to schedule an induction...I said hell no!!!! I delivered 4 days later at 7lbs 9oz.

I was told my 3rd child was measuring small around 36 weeks. 4 weeks later she caught up and was born almost 8 lbs. She wasn't even the smallest of my 3 children! Don't stress. Baby still has 6 weeks to grow!

You are freaking about because it's your baby...
So many thoughts going through your mind; and our world is stressful. Take your prenatal vitamins, eat healthy, drink water, moderate exercise, meditate. If happy with your partner, make love. And get plenty of rest. Put your feet up and an ice pack on your neck. And god bless.

When I was pregnant with my first, I was always measuring small for gestational age. My little girl was born at 37 weeks at 4 lbs 9 oz, 17 1/2 inches in length. A little on the small side. The first month, I think she gained 3 lbs. To put this into a better perspective, my little girl is now 26 months and you would not even know she was born small.
Don't worry about what percentage your baby is in, her doctor uses the growth chart to see the overall trend, if she goes from the 50th percentile to the 10 percentile and stays the doctor will notify you of things to do. Don't worry to much. Relax and enjoy this down time, because once the baby is here everything is a blur.
Good luck.

my daughter measured small from 26 to 38 weeks. only the last two weeks did she measure fine (and mostly because at 38 weeks the baby starts dropping so they don't worr as much about size) she was born 7 lbs 13 oz and was 20.75 inches long. the midwives decided after she was born that she measured small because of the way she was positioned. she had her spine aligned with my spine and her face pointing out instead of her spine aligned with my stomach and her face pointing in. don't freak out. they did increase my eating during the time period she was measuring small, but i couldn't really follow that diet because of terrible heartburn.

Small might mean length not weight. Diabetes puts on extra weight for the baby. THey also may have figured your due date wrong by a week or so. Relax it is probably nothing.

My family we are all small if your a girl ( about 5 foot)and only boys get a chance to be 6 foot.

And dont forget boys can have huge growth spurts as the grow up. I knew a boy in high school who shot up 2 feet over one summmer.

DO NOT FREAK! :>) I have measured small w/ all 4 of my babies until right at the end....enjoy this time and don't let fear take it away from you! Blessings

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