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Meals for a 17 Month Old

Moms I need some new ideas on what to feed my 17 month old son. He eats a lot earlier than my husband and I do so he usally doesnt eat what we are eating. I have gotten into a rut of making him the same things and to be honest they are all things that are easy and unhealthy. So any ideas on healthy, quick, and flavorful (want to get his pallet ready for what we normally eat) meals for our little one would be greatly appreciated.

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I used to feed my boys the leftovers from the meal my husband and I had the night before. no prep time, a good meal and lots of variety. If I knew they wouldn't like some part of it it was easy to prepare just one part of a meal.

And remember, breakfast is good anytime!

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I used to make some skinless ,boneless chicken breast, and make some frozen/canned veggies. Even on some occasions you can buy canned chicken. One chicken breast should be enough for a few days, and so should the veggies. Also include a fruit! I saw something the other day that said children consume 80% of their food by lunch time. I don't know how much of that is true.
Also, chicken helper or tuna helper, just add some chicken in there, my daughter loves noodles! She is also in love with raw carrots and broccoli!
I used to do the 2 meal thing, and now she won't sit still and eat her food. She was used to doing her own thing while we ate our food that now she likes to run off.

Keep a little leftovers from the night before--therefore he is eating what you do, just a day later, and therefore exposing him to more yummy foods. But it is ok if he does not eat much--they don't at this age anyway. It takes many times of presenting new food before they may like it, so hang in there--just give him something you know he'll like.


Try this. What you and your husband eat for dinner on Monday night make a plate (in a storge container) for your son and put it in the frig for Tuesday night. If you and your husband are eating healthy meals he will have a healthy meal even if it is reheated. Some things he may even like cold (like homemade spagetti).

Now that the weather is getting colder you could cook some of your meals in a crockpot. This way your son could have what you and your husband eats but you can keep it warm from the time he eats and the two of you eat. There are several cook books that are designed for slow cookers or you could google crockpot recipes. Crockpot recipes are usually quick to prepare, you just need to think about it ahead of time. There are several free recipe sites. Another idea is to feed your son the left overs from your dinner from the previous night.

Give him some crackers or something small when he gets hungry before dinner time. Then make sure you make something that he can eat/chew with out choking on it. If he has all teeth then you should be alright making whatever. If you don't want to make him the meals you are eating then the Gerber foods are great. My son loved those. I have just given my 14 month old daughter what we eat every night. She has no problem eating I just make sure I cut everything up small enough for her. Good Luck

Hey A.! My 2-yr-old son doesn't like to eat meat, but my 3-yr-old daughter loves it! So, I started buying veggie hot dogs, veggie corn dogs, veggie "chicken" nuggets, etc.. Both of my kids love them! I serve them with raw or steamed veggies and an an all natural applesauce cup. You can chop up the veggie dogs and mix them into some organic mac & cheese, and add some broccoli. These meals are so easy to prepare, and they are much better than the "real" stuff! You can find these at health food stores, but Wal-Mart carries them, too. They are affordable, and you can find them in the freezer section, usually by the frozen waffles. Good luck!

What I usually do is make enough so that we'll heve leftovers so my son can eat what we had the night after we have it. I also always have frozen veggies stocked in the freezer so that no matter what he will always have veggies with his dinner...even if it's corndogs or ckn nuggets lol.

We have always fed our kids what we eat. They also eat at the same time we do. It makes for a wonderful family time and helps to expose the child to many varieties of food. The best part for Mom is she is only making one meal. By making two right now you are setting an example for later. Don't sell you 17 month old short, toddlers are smart. When children get older they will ask for other food when they don't like the smell, taste, or just how something looks. I am sure you do not want to get in a permanent mode of making two meals. Parents need to start at an early age with family meals and everyone eating the same thing so that it is part of the routine (for everyone). Try to rearrange you schedule to eat a little bit earlier for Mom and Dad and a little later for son. If he is really hungry give him something healthy to hold him to dinner. Fruits and veggies are "free will" snacks in our house. Good luck!

I used to feed my boys the leftovers from the meal my husband and I had the night before. no prep time, a good meal and lots of variety. If I knew they wouldn't like some part of it it was easy to prepare just one part of a meal.

And remember, breakfast is good anytime!

Well that is a good question for all us moms. I have an 18 month old and we ran into that same problem. I finally gave up. To be honest with you I feed her when we eat, what we eat, and if she doesn't eat it.....well she waits till the next meal. Sometimes I give her snacks while waiting, but not very much. She finally is starting to give in. She will put up a fight, but when she notices I am not getting her anything else she is starting to eat with us. We then praise her and tell her that she is a good girl. I hope this works for you. You just have to be stubborn right back and not let him know that it is breaking your heart to hear him cry. I am gonna watch to see if thier is better advice. Good luck!!

One suggestion would be to make a little bit extra food, and what you have on Monday night, can be reheated for him on Tuesday night. That way he is getting a nutritious meal, but you still only have to cook one meal per night. This would allow him to eat the same food as you, it would just be a day later.
Hope this helps,

Hi A.,

I feel for you, I get in that rut too! I checked out this book called "Better Baby Food" by Daina Kalnins and Joanne Saab. I liked it alot, so I bought it off Amazon (used and much cheaper)after I returned it. It has some great meal ideas for toddlers, although there are a few recipes I wouldn't recommend because of added sugar.
All in all though it will give you alot of ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hope this helps!

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We usually feed our 19 month old what we eat for breakfast/dinner- scrambled eggs, yogurt and toast, dry cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, etc. During lunch she'll have whatever is around and easy. It could be leftovers, a hot dog (quartered), ravioli, spaghetti-o's, chicken nuggets, fish sticks...whatever. The Gerber Graduates are also nice but they can get a little pricey. (I can get a can of ravioli for .69 at Aldi and it lasts 2-3 meals. Or, I can get a Graduate for .99 and it barely tides her over for a side dish.) I also give her canned veggies. Aldi (or wherever) sells canned, sliced carrots that are perfectly soft and easy to chew up. She also likes green beans, asparagus, etc. I guess I'm not too worried about her eating one semi-unhealthy meal because we, 98% of the time, have a healthy breakfast and dinner. At the end of the day, you've just gotta feed them what they'll eat. It's a battle I'd rather not have. I do not, however, make her something different for dinner unless it's something she just can't eat. If she chooses not to eat, she just doesn't eat.

Hi there....all responses are awesome, several took the words right out of my mouth! So instead of offering repetitive advice, I thought I'd wish you luck and share a recipe.

My MIL gave me this recipe when I had picky toddlers...and my girls STILL love it! It is easy to make and nutritious...enjoy!

Macaroni & Cheese, prepared as directed
assorted mixed veggies, cooked and diced
4Hot Dogs
Prepare mac & cheese as directed. Stir in veggies (to look like tropical fish) Slice hot dog in half lengthwise stopping 1 inch from top. Turn 1-quarter turn and slice again to make 4 legs. Using small knife cut each leg in half to make 8 legs total to make "octopus". Repeat w/ three more hot dogs. If desired, drop into pot of boiling water and cook. Divide macaroni into 4 bowls and top each with an "octopus" spreading legs so the octopus rests on the macaroni.
4 servings

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