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Meal Ideas for Baptism Reception

Hi there,
We are going to have our son baptized in just a couple of weeks. The baptism is scheduled for 12:00pm and we are going to have everyone back to our house afterwards for a reception which will include lunch and cake. Could you please send over any ideas of something that would be easy to make to serve everyone that could either be put together quickly when we return or even be cooking while we are at Church? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated---thanks in advance for your help with this!

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Tacos!!! You can make up a large amount of taco meat and have it warming up in the crock pot, and already have the toppings cut up in bowls in the fridge, and everything else already sitting out! Good luck!

Sounds like you already have some great ideas.

I was thinking of a crock pot chili that you could just throw together and let it cook while you're gone. Couple that with a sandwich tray (or sube from Jimmy John's... I love that place), and you're good to go.

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I'm with Sandi...we did the deli rolls with a meat & cheese tray. Veggie & Fruit tray. You can also do quicky casseroles like cheezy potatoes (the one with the hash browns, sour cream and cheese), green bean casserole, potato salad, deviled eggs, relish tray, mushroom & rice casserole (you can do in crock pot) etc. The hot casseroles you can pop in the oven right before you leave and they will be ready when you get home.

I would also recommend having someone who is NOT going to be in the after pictures be the frontrunner back to your house to lay everything out. This was IMMENSELY helpful to me! That way by the time we got home with baby 1/2 our guests had already helped themselves to food and were making pleasant conversation. ;)

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Hi A.! We had about 12 people back to our house for lunch so we did a buffet brunch of quiche, cream cheese wrapped in smoked salmon, blueberry muffins, fruit salad and warm ham & cheese croissants. I baked everything like crazy the day before and then we just warmed it all as soon as we got home. Everyone stood around having drinks and the smoked salmon while we warmed the food. Now for my son's first birthday party I can't be bothered and we are getting subway platters! :)

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we also did the deli rolls with meat and cheese, we got ours at hen house and loved them. i like to make my own veggie tray, and we had cheese dip and chips.

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when both of my kids were baptized we just did the egg roll deli sandwiches and veges and dip fruit and dip type stuff

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Make up some vegetable beef or potato or cheesy broccoli soup that can be put in the crock pot, then when you get back make up some chili, since it doesn't take that long. You could have some baked potatoes in the oven or sausages and cheese in the fridge. Serve cheese, sour cream, sweet pickles and crackers and fritos on the side.

I want to go have lunch at Annie's house! It sounds delicious! :)

Seriously, I was going to suggest almost the same thing! I love "brunch" type meals - regardless of the time of day!

I suggest BBQ pork. You just put a pork roast in a crockpot with a can of pop (not diet) and a jar of BBQ sauce and let it cook. After the meat is cooked you just shred the meat. You could even make it up the night before. Just serve with buns, BBQ sauce, chips and baked beans. Congrats to your LO. We dedicated my LO last Sunday.

we have a large extended family...with my husband's side totally more than 35 just with siblings & their kids. So we're used to serving 50 people at a pop.

To do this, we rely on simple recipes prepared in modern conveniences. We toss a huge turkey or ham in the electric roaster (ham works better 'cuz it doesn't need to brown), we throw meatballs or shredded smoked meat (smoked the day before) with some bbq sauce in the crockpot, & we order in 50pcs of chicken. We also use a #10 can of green beans in another crockpot....doctored up with onion, garlic, cracked pepper, bacon, & a little bit of red wine vinegar & brown sugar....it's a delicious update on the more traditional green beans & always receives rave reviews. We also serve all of the side dishes made the day before: potato salad (treasured family recipe!), a mixed green salad, relish tray, vegies & dip, fresh bread, & usually some type of fruit tray or compote. It's definitely a "comfort" meal...& smells wonderful when we walk in!

This game plan is proven quality....& has worked for us for the past 30 years. We change up the menu on a regular basis, always adding in new & exciting side dishes. We've also substituted hot sauce for the bbq sauce....& have also been known to try redeye gravy, whiskey sauce, & many others. The whole key is to do all prep prior to the party. Sometimes this is a challenge, as it was with my older son's 1st Communion - I was at the end of my 2nd trimester....& had premature labor from that day on! But it was one of the best menus I've ever put together & is still talked about today.... I consider this a tribute not only to me, but also for my Mother/Grandmother who both taught me how to throw a party! & the importance of being able to feed a crowd....

Oh, & for dessert: check out the websites for Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, etc.....I have never/ever had a cake that failed using their recipes. & as always, feel free to contact me if you want actual recipes/ideas! Have fun!

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