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Male Cat in "Heat" HELP!

My wonderful little kitten is officially mature. I have him scheduled to be neutered next month. I was hoping to beat him to this stage but I have failed. He has started meowing really load like a female cat and he did the ultimate offense in my house yesterday he peed on a towel thank goodness it was a towel and not the carpet but now I'm super paranoid my carpet,bedding,toys,furniture is at risk. So how long does this last?!! I have always had female cats so I know they only last like a week or so. Are boys the same? Any ideas on how to get him not to pee everywhere? ANY help is needed!! Thanks!

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Ok I called my vet and they cannot get him any earlier but he hasn't sprayed again so hopefully he won't!! I can hope! So until I get him fixed I guess I have to just live with this issue for a couple weeks. I do know the cat that is in heat she hangs out in my front and backyard that is the only cat I know that has been in my yard and all of this started the other day when my kids saw her in the backyard. So now every time I see her I shoo her off hoping she will not want to keep returning I can hope right? Anyways thank you for all of the advice! And yes I know male cats cannot go into "heat" but that is the best way I could describe it.

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Ok You need to get him fixed ASAP. Hopefully its not too late. Usually once they start spraying they will not stop even after getting fixed! The Meowing really load is probley because there is a female cat nearby that is in heat, once he is fixed it'll stop.

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I'm not sure about male cats, since mine hasn't done any of the things you've described. I would contact the SPCA - www.spca.org. Visit their "Pet Information" section online or give them call. Everyone there is VERY helpful, and I'm sure they can give you some answers.

I forgot how long it can last. but i do know that even after getting them "fixed" they can still spray for up tp 30 after wards. the best thing i found that is very good for the smell is white vinegar. just pour some in a bowl and sit it near he spot that was sprayed and the smell will be gone in a day or two.

I just want to say I'm so impressed with how upbeat and postive you are - you have 3 kids under 3 and are breastfeeding and seem so "gung ho" - more power to you! Your kids will definitely pick up on your positive vibe and thrive. It's so true what they say about "if mama is happy, everyone is happy". So keep doing what you're doing; you're obviously enjoying being a mom! God love ya!

Males do not go through "heat". Yes it does sound like he has matured, but no they do not have heat cyckles, that is a striclty female condition. There may very well be females in the area that are in heat. Get him Fixed ASAP or it wil continue, the longer he goes intack, the harder it will be to curb the behavior.

Don't wait another month to get him fixed. Do it now. He'll still have those male hormones going through him for about a month. I got my mail fixed an soon as I could, for that reason. Oscar doesn't spray, he had a bad habit of peeing on the rugs in the bathroom. It's the only place in the house he does this. I took out the rugs, and sprayed my entire carpeted areas with no-go. You can get it at petsmart. I would make sure to spray all areas very well. Good luck!!

In my home growing up we raised Himalayan cats. From my experience, the males do not go through a time of "heat", but once they start wanting a female, they never stop. Females do have a short period of heat, but males are like men and just want it all the time. Unfortunately my male cat I have now was fixed when he was just a few months old, but still acted like a male does when he grew up. He started mounting my female cat, who before then had pretended to be his mom. She was not at all happy that he wanted his "mom" to be his "girlfriend". I felt so bad for her because she loved playing mommy. He's never been great about making it in the litter box. He does some time and sometimes not. When he was young I thought he just preferred a pristine kitty box, but then he had to have surgery for a stone in his bladder, so I thought it was that. Now I just think he's just lazy or something. I don't know. I do feel like females are better about making it in the box. I'm sorry if I'm not giving you good news. Some people have better luck with their males, but I've regretted getting a male since the beginning. I would never, ever give away my Happy, but I just wish we had gotten his sister.

My only advice would be to get him neutered asap! Well, and also figure out if it's behavioral or physical (if it continues past his neuter time)- your vet can help to determine that. My male has obviously had bouts of both.

This is how male cats behave if they are not neutered--they spray "their territory." You should get him fixed immediately, or he may never stop spraying. We've had males who were fixed "in time" and didn't do it, but we also had one male who was fixed "too late" and sprayed the rest of his life, even though he was neutered. Good luck!

Ok You need to get him fixed ASAP. Hopefully its not too late. Usually once they start spraying they will not stop even after getting fixed! The Meowing really load is probley because there is a female cat nearby that is in heat, once he is fixed it'll stop.

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