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Making the Switch to Whole Milk

Hello moms, I just recently switched my 12 month old over to whole milk and it is going well. He usually takes a great bottle in the morning and sometimes at night. If he didn't finish any of the 8 oz bottle we threw it away when we used formula. Should I still follow this practice now that we are on whole milk? Thanks.

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Just go ahead and put it in the fridge with the cover over the nipple; it's no different than putting the jug of milk into the fridge. Good luck!

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Just go ahead and put it in the fridge with the cover over the nipple; it's no different than putting the jug of milk into the fridge. Good luck!

depends when you pick it up if you pick it up right after he's done and its still real cold than no but if its room temp or sat over night yes. Or even a couple hrs.

Sometimes I will put the glass of milk in the fridge for a few hours, only. You'd be surprised by the bacteria that can accumulate on the nipples or in the sippy cup lids, especially when refrigerated. (When I put his glass up, I wipe the top of the glass and just inside where his mouth touches.)

As for the poster comparing this to a milk jug - one does not drink from the jug - usually. :)

But my son refuses to drink milk after it is at room temperature - and I don't push it as both of us have a lactose intolerance. He either has a fresh glass or water.

However, if you are warming the milk - I would recommend discarding it. (I practice caution as I prefer to be safe vs. sorry later on.)

Use the hour rule, if it has been out more than an hour throw it away. If it has been less than an hour then put it back in the fridge to use later.

Hi J.---I guess I agree with another post about using it throughout the day then disposing at night. I would imagine that saliva gets in even through a nipple, and if that occors, digestion starts to take place in the bottle.

I would, however, advise against cows milk in general. It is a highly allergenic food, often times causing health problems not even remotely traced to the milk. It has been implicated in allergies (stuffy noses, etc) all the way to type 1 diabetes. Milk also contains insulin growth factor, which is a known risk for cancer.

I used to be a BIG milk drinker, consuming a couple of glasses every night for dinner. I am taking a series of wellness classes taught by a Naturopath who has her PhD in Nutrition and have learned that cows milk is best for baby cows. We are the only species on the planet that drinks the milk of another animal. Please go to www.strongbones.org and read The China Study by T Colin Campbell to learn more about 'why not milk'. Of course, you can feel free to contact me if you have any questions on this matter. I have many articles, with references, that I can share.

And don't worry about where to get calcium. You get a lot more absorbable calcium from dark leafy green veggies, such as kale, spinach and bok choy...without any fat. Keep in mind that even skim milk has fat in it.

I know that this sounds really strange considering what docs and the milk industry tells us, but why do you think the milk industry tells everyone that we should drink milk? They want to sell it. IF you must drink milk, goats would be a better alternative as the proteins in it are more like human milk proteins.

Good luck. In health, D.

yes.. throw it away... but I use one sippy cup all day.. fill it in the am.. serve for breakfast.. refrigerate... serve for lunch. refrigerate.. serve for dinner then throw it away..

HI J. - yes you should throw the unused milk away in case there are bacteria in it from the teat of the bottle - good luck - ALison

J., no you can put it back in the fridge, if not used, i guess it depends on how you feel, when i put my son on whole milk he started to make noises with his nose and was having trouble breathing through his nose the whole milk made him a bit congested, so i switched him to 2 percent and he was fine, so whole milk can cause congestion, just so you know you may not have any issues, and he was not alergice to it, so it was not a big deal, have a good day and keep up the good work, D. s

I would especially since ear infections are linked to the use of sippy cups. I think by cleaning out the sippy cup more often you reduce the chances of getting ear infections.


The same rules should apply. Bacteria can go back into the whole milk just as easily. I have put an unfinished bottle or sippy cup in the refrigerator for an hour to see if the child will finish it, but no longer.

Why? I mean, do you do that? It's still good. If I didn't finish a glass of milk, I'd put it in the frig until the next time. Unless your baby has learned to backwash already.
Allow at least a day or two max. If he doesn't finish at night, store it, and warm it up next morning. Not nuke; that strips nutrients away. And maybe it's a thought to decrease the amounts each time so you don't have 'leftovers'.

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