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Making Own Baby Food

Hey ladies! I am looking for info on how to make baby food for my 7 mo old. Do you have any recommendations on equipment needed, how to make it, or good recipes?

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Wow! Thanks so much on the overwhelming response (41!) The book recommendations, instructions and nitty gritty advice on the supplies you "really" need has prevented me from buying in to the notion that I have to have alot of equipment. Little did I know how easy it was going to be. I'm so excited to get going. Thanks ladies!

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get a mini prep blender to make life easy. If you freeze foods (I never did that) you can always make ton and put it in ice cube trays, let it freeze then transfer to a big bag.

It helps to try things many times, not just decide he doesn't like something because he tried it once and didn't like it.
Make or buy LOTS of applesauce. You can add it to just about any food to make it sweeter and thin it too. Make all the food thick and then you can thin it out.

My kids' favorites were: squash, sweet potato,peas (which can be hard to get smooth),applesauce alone or in any combo. I also used "Better Baby Food" book which has lots of recipies for as they age that you can eat too.

I also made spears from zucchini, sweet potato and squash that were steamed and they could hold. i know someone whose child ate eggplant too. Try anything you would eat.

Hey S.,

The Magic Bullet is wonderful for that and for other things that the whole family will enjoy. I love mine because it is SO easy to use and SO easy to clean.

www.onestepahead.com has a really cool cook book full of ides from baby's first food all the way up to five years old - including family meal ideas. This has been the best cookbook I've ever been given!

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I made all of my son's baby food and was commended on how "gourmet" I was. It was very easy. Once a week I would go to the store and buy the freshest produce. Take it home, wash, steam and then blend in the food processor. I used ice cube trays to freeze the food then popped them out into frezzer bags. When I wanted to feed my son I defrosted 2-3 cubes in the microwave then served. Very easy and inexpensive. Check out the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. It will guide you month by month what is best to feed your little one. Good Luck.

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I have an 8 month old, and I am the mom of 3. I have used a baby food grinder for all my kids, very simple.. Whatever you cook, put it in baby food grinder and feed it to the baby. Just do not give the baby any crust of any kind (hard for them to digest0, as well as no corn ( take it from someone who learned the hard way.. causes major belly pains. Take care and good luck. feel free to send me pm with any questions. Oh btw, you can find those baby food grinders at babies r us for 13.00 !!

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yay another mommy like me! I have never given my son baby food out of a jar and I swear he is a better eater because of it! Ok so here is what I did...I just boiled whatever veggies and put them in a blender until smooth. some of the veggies would turn out runny so then I would just sprinkle a little bit of instant mashed potato flakes in them to thicken them up...THEN I would put the blended food in an ice cube tray and freeze them, pop them out and store them for 2 weeks in a freezer bag. Each ice cube is about an ounce of food. 1 sweet potato will make like 2 ice cube trays of food. my son loved the broccoli and potato mix the best! regular potatoes don't work well but you can just mash those up easily with a fork anyway.

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I highly recommend "Top 100 Baby Purees" by Annabel Karmel.

You probably do not need to buy any specialized equipment. Most of the recipes call for boiling or steaming the food, then pureeing them with a blender, food processor, or immersion blender. I did buy flexible, silicone square ice cube trays so I could 'pop' out the food easily.

Have fun introducing your baby to new foods!

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Not much equipment is needed, really. Ice cube trays (several) and a blender or food processor is about it. To save money, due to the cost of fresh fruits & veggies, I use frozen or canned (no salt added) fruits & veggies. You can mix and match flavors, according to your baby's likes. Just cook, place in food processor or blender, puree, pour into ice cube trays, and freeze. Pop them out once frozen, and put in labeled (name of food, date made) freezer bag. It's as simple as that. :-) I have had great enjoyment doing this with both of my boys. I even made chicken pot pie and pureed it (the old fashioned soup kind, not the pie crust kind). You can make pot roast, taters, carrots, celery and puree it too. If you find you've pureed it too much, just use some infant rice cereal as a thickener. I use the 'juice' from the veggies to puree with. For canned fruits, I drain & rinse all of the juice and I use the "light syrup" kind.

The book Super Baby Food is great! And I'd recommend the KidCo food grinder and storage trays. I know they have them at Babies R Us and they might be at other places too. It's easy and kind of fun-and it's nice to know what your sweet baby is eating!

I made all home made baby food for my daughter and would urge you to buy a decent food processor ($30-$35 range)and one or two of those plastic icecube trays. Since we didn't have any "baby food jars" I bought a couple packs of those tiny Ziplock reusable containers and 1 "icecube" fit perfect (after taking the trouble to make quality baby food you don't want to put it in the microwave, just bring to room temp). Otherwise buy fresh local/organic fruits and veggies, clean, steam until tender and puree, freeze for a couple hours in icecube trays then pop into ziploc bag and label. 1 cube is about 1/2 a jar of store baby food.

I made my own baby food. I first started with a jar of already made baby food just to see what my son would for sure eat then I got the veggies and fruits the like. I either boiled or baked the foods then put them in a big food processer, then put them in ice cube trays and froze them over night. I didn't season anything untill he was around 9 months then I would add little bits of seasonings like cinniomon and pepper and a few others. I would only do one seasoning at a time. I actully found my son on some of the foods liked it plane. I would stay away from salt or multiple seasonings until later. once he was about 11 months I would take what we are eating and either process it or cut it up real small. it made preperation much easier and less leftovers. I did find that he moved to table food really easily.

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