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Make Copies of School Pictures?

We purchased our daughter's school pictures and they were very expensive! It was $18 for two 5 x 7s or two 4 x 6. We have grandmas and grandpas all over that all want pictures (with divorces all over she has lots of grandparents/great grandparents). If we got them each a 5 x 7 or 4 x 6 it would have cost us $91 for everyone to get one picture. They don't want wallets, they want a nice size to put in a frame.

Do you copy your child's school pictures? I think you're not supposed to because they are the professional property of the photographer. I know I can get copies made at Walgreens for much cheaper than $18! So far we just bought pictures for us because we couldn't afford to get everyone one so no one is getting one...

ETA: Can you do it at the self-serve kiosk? I know Walgreens won't print it if you don't have a release. We tried to get professional pictures of my recently-deceased uncle copied once at Walgreens and they wouldn't do it without a release. My mom said the picture was 10 years old and her brother had just died and this was to be a gift as a memory to everyone. She was bawling at the counter so the manager said it was okay and he made the copies.

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Thanks everyone!

I asked my friend who works for a professional studio and he said the photo belongs to the studio so making copies is borderline illegal. That's why Walgreens and Walmart have cracked down!

But then he said the markup is really, really high on prints. That's where they make their money. He charges $25 for an 8 x 10 and he pays only $4 for them at the company that makes the prints. So he makes $21 on the print, which is typical.

Since he's my friend he offered to take more professional photos of my daughter and print them for me at cost. I'm going to get the pics taken and all the copies for $20. What a great friend!

Thanks for the info moms! I know now not to make copies of pro photos, and maybe just call in favors :)

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I am a pro photographer and yes it is very illegal to make copies of photos that a professional took. If you get caught, the photographer or company can fine you up to $150000. I make this very clear on my contract to my clients that they sign.

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Frankly, just take her to the nearest Walmart photo studio... they usually have some really cheap packages!

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I am a pro photographer and yes it is very illegal to make copies of photos that a professional took. If you get caught, the photographer or company can fine you up to $150000. I make this very clear on my contract to my clients that they sign.

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Frankly, I have done some of both. There have been times that I have gone to professional photographers and bought $300-400 of pictures. Then I find that I'd like a few more of a certain pose. In that case, I DO make copies and I do NOT feel guilty about it. I would feel pretty guilty if I only bought a couple pictures and then went somewhere else to have most of my pictures printed. But I figure that this photographer made a ton of money off me anyway. I do not think that it is remotely reasonable to charge $20-25 per sheet...

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I do color photo copies. I just go to a copy place and use a zerox machine or whatever they're called. I don't think it's the same as duplicating the picture.

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It is illegal, even at the self serve Kiosk, and if they see you they will stop you. If you want extra photos you either need to shell out for them, or take some nice photos yourself and than you can have them printed up anywhere, legally, without hurting/stealing from another persons business. Because if you think about it, that is exactly what you are doing, stealing form the photographer.

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I scan all the kids professional pictures and add them to the photo book I make for them each year. I've sent copies of professional pictures to Winkflash for printing and have never been questioned. I did the same thing this year with our Christmas cards.

However, if you aren't comfortable doing that, you can take the kids to JCPenny and have their pictures taken for very inexpensive. They have coupons for $3.99 sheets (1-8x10; 2-5x7; 4-3 1/2 x 5) and free sitting fees.

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We scanned our son's school picture last month and ordered copies online thru Walgreens. I got an email saying the pictures were ready for pick-up and in I went, only to be told by the girl behind the counter that they aren't allowed to make copies of school pictures unless I have a "release" from the photo company. Of course I didn't have that and I knew the photo company would never sign a release, so I left without the pictures. I understand, of course - Walgreen's corporate hands are tied for legal reasons. (I was just hoping to save a few bucks!)

We have a decent color printer/scanner and can make very good copies w/ photo paper, which we may do. Can you do the same? Do you have friends or family who can scan/print copies for you if you provide the photo paper?

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You might want to consider making the copies at home on your printer. If you don't have a color printer they do make life easier. The photo paper has a shiny finish the they look just wonderful when done.

I do them all the time for scrapbooking. I don't like cutting up old family pictures and basically destroying them so I do lots of color copies.

I had the guy at Walmart notice I was making copies of a professional picture once and he came over, took all my copies, ripped them in half and called me a thief. I told him the picture was of my daughter when she was a baby and he said the picture was owned by the studio that did them. I told him it went out of business about 20 years ago. He turned off the machine so I couldn't make any more copies of it. I went to Staples and bought a nice color copier/scanner.

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As an employee of Lifetouch National School Studios I know that it is illegal to copy the portraits. That is pretty much the bottom line. Think about the example you are setting for your children if you just blow this off. If it is a case of a death or other major problem you can contact the Lifetouch office and usually get a release that will allow you to make copies. Remember that it is someones artistic work. Now as a mother I remember thinking that I held the original copyright on my kids and it did irritate me to no end. Some places will question anything that looks professional. I took pictures of my DIL's family as a favor and just gave them the film to be developed and printed. When they went to have copies made without the negatives they had a real hassle.

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