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Major Mood Swings After Miscarriage

I just have a few questions for you mom's out there who have had similar situations or a miscarriage. First, I guess I need to tell a little about my situation. I have a 4 month old son, and at 8 week postpartum, I had Mirena inserted. I took a pregnancy test at the doctor's before they inserted it, which was negative. (My husband and I had had sex at this point, and unprotected sex once. The time that we were not careful, was the first time we had sex after the birth of my son, 6 weeks pp. I was exclusively breastfeeding at the time, no period ect, so we thought it was fairly safe...) After the mirena was inserted, I started feeling nauseous, tired and headaches. I blamed it on the mirena, but eventually took a pregnancy test. It was positive, I went to the doc and found out I was already 10 weeks pregnant, meaning I was pregnant before I had Mirena put in. I miscarried with in a few days of going to the doctor, as chances of miscarriages are much higher with a iud in. Sooo, my question is this. I miscarried 10 days ago, and in the last 3 days I have been experiencing horrible emotional mood swings. I have been crying off and on, been extremely agitated with my husband and short on patience with my son. I have really been needing a break from everything and just do not know what to do. I am currently a stay at home mom, and do not get much of a break. Ever. My husband works graveyard, so he gone at night, and then has to sleep most of the day. I have been fine with our situation, and extremely happy with life up until the last few days. I handled the miscarriage okay until a few days ago. Is this a normal? I figure that maybe it is just my hormones leveling out, but my mom thinks I have postpartum depression. Should I call my doctor or wait it out? I just feel very overwhelmed and not myself. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Talk to a DR. now! If you are already losing patience with your 4 month old son, I would get help. Even if you are feeling better still talk to a DR. Why would you want to wait to make yourself feel better? Staying home is hard enough and depressing enough at times, I know, so call! Good luck

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I hope that you are feeling ok! I had a miscarriage and felt very physically and emotionally depleated for weeks/months afterwards. I ended up going to get acupuncture regularly and it helped me so much. What you are experiencing is normal and on top of it you have a little one! You probably are exhausted and without a minute to yourself. If you are in SF or are willing to drive there, I can recommend a WONDERFUL acupuncturist. Take care!

I miscarried 3 times last year - the first 2 I recovered from in about 3 months - periods went back to normal and the dark clouds lifted. The 3rd pregnancy I was seeing an infertility specialist because I had an ectopic pregnanacy before my son was born so I was getting upset about my 1-4 record. The specialist put me on progesterone the next time I got pregnant - I miscarried at 9 weeks anyway and this last one was the worst physically and hormonally and emotionally by far. I blame the physical and hormone stuff on the hormone treatment.
Also, I used Mirena after my son was born and ended up with no periods which was nice - but it gave me terrible mood swings, depression and weight gain - so proceed with caution. I used a regular IUD for years with no problems other than a heavy period.
Hang in there - hug your baby as much as you can and try to keep your spirits up. Let the dust bunnies collect under the sofa - just keep the dishes, laundry and bathroom clean. The rest can be done when you feel better. Ask a friend to come play with Baby so you can take a nice shower or nap. ;)
Watch movies with happy endings...they help. You will feel better - it takes a few months for your body to get back on track - be patient with yourself and make sure Hubby knows how you feel. If you're still really sad after 2 months - find a good support group or see a therapist for a while.

Oh I'm so sorry that this happened. Call the doctor. You have been through so much in the last several weeks. The doctor has a little checklist that he/she will go over with you to determine if you have postpartum depression. It could be your hormones or your loss or both plus you have a 4mo old so exhaustion is also a factor. Good luck!

I am so sorry for your loss and I do think that what you are expierincing is normal but just because it is normal doesn't mean you don't need some help dealing with how you feel and the hormones. You might want to seek some counciling and talk to your doctor. If at all possible do some child care exchange with a friend so you both can get a break. But most of all allow yourself to acknowledge your feelings and don't stuff them away!

Is your mom nearby to help with daily tasks like housekeeping, caring for baby, and sharing a little adult conversation time with you?

Miscarriage is tough and it's not just about hormones; it's *grief*. In such times, we need major support from others. See a doctor and if they prescribe meds, great. I'd supplement any medical prescription with books on surviving the miscarriage (journalling through your grief will help a lot, in terms of identifying and freeing your emotions about it), and as much time as possible *with other family or friends* to share in the business of caring for your son.

Sending you all kinds of blessings and virtual hugs. Hang in there, mama; that's a tough spot but you'll get through it. Be LOVE for your little ones, both of them. You'll make it.

Major mood swings after a miscarriage are absolutely normal. You are going throw some serious hormonal changes, plus the loss of a pregnancy (even one that is unplanned) is naturally going to have some emotional repurcussions.

I remember thinking after my miscarriage that I might have PPD. I did some research on the Internet (not the best source of medical information) and from what I read it is possible to have PPD after a miscarriage. I did not have PPD, as it turned out. I was just devastated and hormonal.

PPD or not, take some basic precautions. Get out of the house every day where possible. Take your son on walks, be around people. Try to get physically active (if the doctor is ok with basic walking around). These should help.

If you are having any really concerning problems (inability to care for your son, feelings of worthlessness, thoughts of harming yourself or others) call your doctor immediately. If not, you can wait a few days to see if it calms down.

I know after my miscarriage it took more than 10 days to get my emotional footing back.

Try to take care of yourself at this difficult time!

Hi, i know you posted your question a year ago but im having similar problems and wanted to know if time helps heal. Or should i see someone? I had two miscarriages one was an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in surgery and the removal of one of my fallopian tubes. It happened last year in November, i still cry off and on and hate being around kids especially babies. I feel bad because i dont want to feel this way but it hurts to be around them. I dont know if this is depression but i amreally worried this feeling wont go away. I am cruel sometimes to my fiancee because of the mood swings. How did you handle it? Any advice would be appreciated..thanks J.

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