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Lunch Ideas for MDO

I have a very picky 2.5 year old boy who has recently stopped eating his one staple for lunch...PB&J sandwhiches. So now I need some ideas of what to send to school with him 2 days a week. They cannot microwave anything either so I am at a lost. Any suggestions?

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Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions. We will be trying some of them in the weeks to come. Today, I sent him with oatmeal I made this morning and he ate it all, and the crackers and cheese too. So thanks again!

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i have a picky eater too. for lunches i would try:
*lunchables (usually a big hit - basic crackers, ham and cheese) then they build thier own little stackers. they have a huge variety now to chose from. J.

We had a problem at school that we could not have any peanut product up there. I used Nutella instead of peanut butter. My 3 yr old calls it chocolate butter and loves it.
Anyways, it worked for us and now he has gone back to peanut butter and gets to choose which one he wants now.
And good luck with the second one!

I know what you mean. My son has always been finnicky. I bought a lunch box that came with a thermos (on ebay). Everything stays warm in there including spaghetti and chicken nuggets. For cold things I put a small refreezable ice pack in the lunch box. That I picked up at Walmart. Good luck, I hope this helps!!

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When my 7 year old was in preschool he would not eat sandwiches--I sent peanut butter or cheese crackers with a string cheese instead of a sandwich and he did fine with that.
Good luck!

My little boy is so easy when it comes to food,however, I know that is not always the case. Have you tried lunch meat from the deli and chz roll ups? I also cook up chk brst and put a little dash of salt and ketchup, he loves that. Sometimes Alex refuses his PB&J and I switch it up with honey and banana or honey and PB.

Good Luck

I have a picky 3 year old and he loves quesadillas. Cheese (and chicken if you want) melted between tortillas. this should do well going with him to MDO.

NOW is the perfect time to begin varying his diet...or he'll become even pickier!! I've seen it happen time and time again. When you offer a variety of healthy foods, giving him no choice,(as in no alternatives to what you make or put in his lunch- and letting him eat when he chooses...i.e. when he's hungry enough to fix what you've made.) He will learn to like what you prepare!
I'd start with finger foods, like boiled eggs, cubed lunch meats and cheese with whole grain crackers, fruit and veggies.(grapes cut in half and soft veggies, like lightly steamed carrots) You can vary the types of cheese,meats, fruits and veggies for variety.

I was also a super-picky eater as a child, and my mom would send me to pre-school with cold curry chicken salad, of all things. I loved it! It has chicken, apples, cashews, rice, and a dressing with curry powder that's not spicy. If you think you'd like to give it a try, send me a message and I'll send you mom's recipe. A simpler idea - how about cold pizza?

OMG! This is sooo easy. How about fresh luncheon meat - low fat of course! cheese sticks, carrots, cut up apples, Microwave hotdogs for him, and pack them. There are tons of things you can do!

i have a picky eater too. for lunches i would try:
*lunchables (usually a big hit - basic crackers, ham and cheese) then they build thier own little stackers. they have a huge variety now to chose from. J.

I have a son that is on medicine for ADHD, which takes his appetite away. At lunch, I was packing a different lunch to see what he would eat and the only thing he ate was the fun fruits. What works for him now, is a protein bar, or the yogurts that have the fun toppings. That has been a success. At your sons age, I wonder if you took any sandwich and tried cutting it in triangles or shapes that he would be more likely to eat it. Never know.
Good Luck.
S. Linney

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