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Lump Under Nipple

Hi ladies.. Okay, I need some feedback. My 9 year old daughter has had a sore left nipple for about 2 weeks. Tonight I was looking at it and it looked swollen and bruised a little and I felt of it and I felt a lump right underneath her nipple!!!

She's a small frame, and does not have breast buds yet, unlike when my oldest was 9. Anyone had any experience with this???

Im going to call the doc tomorrow,, but I thought if someone could ease my fears tonight, that would be great!!!

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks to all you wonderful ladies who eased my mind. We went to the pediatrician and basically she's starting to blossom. Or in my daughters words "she's getting chi chi's" haha...

You all were a big help. Thanks again!!!!

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D., when my oldest daughter was about that age she had a similar problem, when we went to the doctor I told her that, one side was warmer then the other, I believe that the doctor then decided to give her an antibiotic and the problem cleared up.

Hi! I know how scory that must be, but dont assume the worst! My neice(4) had a lump under her nipple, it was only a begnign cyst and was successfully removed...she's now happy and healty!! Good luck to you!

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Hi D., it could be a swollen lymph node. Best to have it checked. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers.


Go to the doctor. With all the hormones they put in foods, it could be anything, but you need to know exactly what it is so you can start to treat it.

Good luck and God Bless

Hi! I know how scory that must be, but dont assume the worst! My neice(4) had a lump under her nipple, it was only a begnign cyst and was successfully removed...she's now happy and healty!! Good luck to you!

While it is most likely something as simple as a blemish or bug bite of some sort, please get your daughter to the doctor immediately for an exam. There is a very serious type of breast cancer that starts out looking like a bruise or bug bite. Take it seriously. You sound like you already are. :)

I would definitely go see the dr to make sure and to clear your mind but my child had that and they said it was hormones starting and it soon went away just like they said.
9 is a little young but you know they put all of those hormones in the milk and in the meat to swell it and make it more..... so they say that is why the little girls are having breast at age 8, 9, and 10 and starting their periods early. That is the main reason I buy the organic milk for my little girl now so I can cut out all those hormones.
Anyway, I hope that it doesn't turn out to be anymore but that sure is what the dr told me about the knot under the breast. It happens in males as well as females.

Hi D.,
By all means take her to the dr. to find out for sure. It might not be anything, but at 2 yrs old, my daughter had that also. At that time, the dr said it was milk gland ducts getting a little stopped up. I didn't understand that then, why would her milk gland ducts be doing anything at that age was my question? But he assured me it was common thing with little girls. It did go away with hot compress treatments. Then at 9 yr. it came back again. I wasn't as scared that time, but took her to the dr. anyway to be sure. It was very sore to her, and the dr. said it was her hormones starting to fluctuate. Not to worry and use hot compresses again. It went away that time too. He also told me, usually if it was sore it was not too much to worry about, but obviously keep an eye on it. So try not to worry too much, but get it checked out by a professional. I'd rather be safe than sorry, but most likely it won't be anything to worry about. Keep us posted what you find out.

A most common cause of this is a swollen lymph node, which can be treated often with a warm compress (warm moist heat). Always a good idea to check out though.

Hi D.,

If you have some type of drawing salve, put some on a small bandage and apply it to the area until the swelling goes down. Or you can use green clay, or a shredded potato poltice. should take a few days to notice a difference. It is probably just an infection in the nipple itself. My daughter(who is now a mom herself) used to have that problem once in ahwile. It was nothing serious.

~R.~ PS...contrary to popular belief, it is very unwise to subject your daughter, or any child, to antibiotics of any kind.

my 10 year old daughter had the same thing..it is a bud..just a sign of whats to come...welcome to PMS...yes they can have Pms without actually having their period and according to my obgyn they usually have it when YOU are menstruating..nice huh....well good luck with your visit i am sure that she has the same issue that my daughter had...i was a nervous wreck too...by the way my daughter is still a size 00

Please I do not know if this helps but all women shoule know about this, I am not saying this is what se has so please do not get scare but it is is good advice to know. Go here and watch alot of people do not know.Just copy in to your browser..and share with others also.

sounds like she may be starting to develop. one side normally starts before the other and i remember it being very painful. good luck let us know how it goes!

It could be an infection in the milk ducts. i would take her to a gynocolgist as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more dangerous. Im not trying to scare you but if it isnt serious then at least you went to the doctor, ya know?
I would want to know right away if it were me.
Could be clogged milk ducts, cyst, etc.....Ask your doctor.

Hello, I feel your concern and I have been in your position with my own daughter. I felt the lump and it scared me too. I am thankful to say that after taking her to the doctor, it turned out to be fatty tissue (thank God). I remind her to keep a check on if in case it returns; she's 15 now and it has not returned. So I pray that your situation will turn out as well as mine did. See I truly know how a lump can scare you because I am now in radiation treatment for breast cancer, Thank God that after chemo and surgery I am cancer FREE!!!! Just think positive and everything will be fine.

hey girl come help save the trees its all free thanks

It could be nothing and simply be a hormonal imbalance...getting ready to start growing naturally but at the same time I definately would take her to the doctor. You know the risks and only the doctor can set your mind at ease. Blessings....and I will say a prayer for your little one. One of mine daughters just went through all that and what stress, but what a beautiful time as well! All will be well... just believe.
kimberly at The Gallery at Bear Creek

Do you think the boys at school may be pinching the girls breasts??? I think this is a pretty young age...but you never know these days! It wouldn't hurt to ask her....That is really the only thing I can think of!

~~~~So, I received a not so nice message from someone on here because of my posting this....I was simply stating a POSSIBILITY!!! I would hope this is something that wouldn't happen, but you never know with kids these days. I hope my response did not offend anyone...Well, I know it offended at least one person!~~~

Hi D.,

When I was 11 years old I developed a large egg size knot in my right breast, right above and including the nipple. I showed my mom one night because I hadn't started developing yet and now I had one breast and one flat breast. She took me to the doctor the next day and he looked concerned. He put me in the hospital and operated the following day. All it was, was.....I am a very clutsy person at sports and I had played ball at school and I kept getting hit in the breast. It had made a small cyst form and the cyst had stopped up a gland. The gland hardened, due to being stopped up. He removed the cyst and I was fine until I was 15 and found another knot. Same thing happened. He removed the knot and I am now 51 and haven't had any problems since. And it didn't interfer with me nursing my kids or anything. Hope this makes you feel better. Keep us posted.

K. A.

i went thru the same thing with my daughter at the same age. the first thing i thought about was cancer but the doctor told me that it was a part of her developing. i think it was the ducts developing. take her to the doctor anyway but it sure did calm my nerves to know it wasn't anything to worry about. shes 10 now and shes developing just fine...good luck

Maybe nothing more than hormones kicking in, but it's a good thing that you are going to have a doctor check it. Let us know what happens.

I have had no experience with this in a small child but I am a breast cancer survivor and I suggest that you get your child to a doctor right away and if they do not satisfy you with an answer try someone else until you are satisfied. Please do not take any chances with this. Let me know how it turns out and I will be praying about it.

My daughter is only 3, so we haven't dealt with this. However, I wanted to offer a possible suggestion for what it could be. I don't know if at her age she drinks caffeine, but that can sometimes cause swollen lymph nodes. I dealt with this when I was in high school and college, so I thought I would throw it out there.
Also, I work on staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and just wanted to encourage you as a coaches' wife. You have a full plate with 4 kids and a coach in the house! :) I will be praying for you and for your family, especially for your precious daughter. It's a big job, but can be an extremely rewarding one. God bless you.

D., when my oldest daughter was about that age she had a similar problem, when we went to the doctor I told her that, one side was warmer then the other, I believe that the doctor then decided to give her an antibiotic and the problem cleared up.

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