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Lump on Puppies Stomach

My husband brought home a 8 week old puppy last night. She was in the paper for free and I was vary nervous of this and couldn't go with him to see her. Now that she is here everyone has fallen in love with her. The problem is she has a lump on her belly. I looked it up online and found that it may be a hernia. Does anyone have any idea what this may entail or the cost for surgery? I will be bringing her to the vet later on today but would like to be prepared. Thanks in advance for any info!

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Tanks for all the advice! It did turn out to be a hernia and the vet will repair it when she is spayed. She is doing good and I'm so happy with her! Thanks!!!

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I have worked as a vet assistant for 5 1/2 years and am getting my vet tech degree now.
It depends on if the hernia can be reduced or not. If there is just fat in the hernia it is no problem. If there are abdominal contents in the hernia it will have to be repaired. If it is a female it is usually done at the same time as the spay and not that much additional cost since you have already paid for the anesthesia, hospitalization and pain meds. If it is a male basically the same thing but there will have to be 2 incisions and usually with the female they can do the spay and hernia repair with one incision.
Good luck!!!

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My pup had the same thing and the vet said it was nothing to worry about and is very common. I believe it is a small hernia which if I remember correctly goes away on its own. Have him/her check to be sure, but to ease your mind, I want to say most pups have this.

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Ususally they clear up on thier own. I wouldn't be terribly concerned, but you can always have the vet check it. Most likely all they will say is monitor it to make sure it doesn't get any larger (we've had a lot of dogs over the years and the puppies always seem to have a little knot to begin with).

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Unless the hernia is realy bad they will wait until you have the puppy spayed or neutered to repair it. That normaly occures as about 6 months of age.

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My mom's breeds Standard poodles. In her most recent batch one of the girls has a hernia. the vet checked her out. Said it's mostly fat. they only really worry if they can feel intestines through the opening. She said when the pup gets spade the vet would repair it then and stitch the opening closed so it won't happen again. most dogs aren't affected with any pain from them unless the intestine comes through just like a human. Usually a pup gets a hernia when mom was too rough getting the umbilical cord off. The vet stated most vets just repair it when the pup is spade and they don't usually charge much to do it Because they have that area open anyways. I know it's worry some but if you feel the hernia and it soft don't worry too much cause that's how the vet said to tell if it's just fat. Good luck with the puppy. and don't worry too much she'll be fine.

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My dog has it too, like where the bellybutton should be. The thing is my son had a herniated belly button when he was little, but it deflated on its own. I would maybe ask the vet, but might or might not have to have surgery.


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Hernia's in puppies are not that uncommon. It's a relatively simple surgery, but should be addressed. If this is your first pup, and you don't already have a vet you trust with your precious pup, you may want to call ahead and ask different vets about price, how long the pup will be hospitalized, etc.. Then go in and meet the doctor. Make sure you feel comfortable with him/her. Ask other patients (the people, not the dogs!) what they think about the doctor and the hospital.
I haven't had a pup with a hernia in many years, but, the cost wasn't too high. I recall it being about $200. I just paid almost $650 to have 4 tumors removed from my dog. It was worth it. They were cancerous!
If you near the southwest suburbs, I can recommend my doctors - husband and wife - they are wonderful. They are in it for the animals! They don't drive fancy cars and such, they are fair, caring and honest!
Good luck!

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If it is a hernia, they can repair it when they spay her. It's really not that uncommon with puppies. Congrats on the new addition and enjoy her!

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Umbillical Hernias are fairly common. Try to find a low cost spay/neuter clinic in your area. The best way to do it is to have him/her spayed/neutered and fix the hernia at the same time. (the younger the better) At a low cost spay/neuter clinic it shouldn't cost more than $75.00 total. If you have it done at a regular full service vet it could be between $100-200.00!

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