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Lump on My Child's Leg

I noticed last week that my 4 yo had a lump below the knee on her right leg. It is very hard, like a golf ball. It almost feels like a bone. I took her to the doctor on Friday and she said she wasn't worried but that we should get an x-ray to be safe. That same day, I took her for an x-ray. A few minutes prior to the doctors office closing... they called to say we needed further examination. Of course, my doctor was gone and I was talking to a different doctor in the office who doesn't know me or my daughter. I have spent the entire week end sick to my stomach with worry. We have an appointment on Wed with a Pediatric Orthopedic doctor. Needless, to say, I'm terrified. I plan on trying to reach my doctor on Monday to see if she can relieve some of my anxiety. Has anyone heard of something like this before? Most of my research online has not lead me to believe it's life threatening, but I'm still scared.

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I talked to my doctor on Monday and she reassured me that cancer was not on her mind. At that time, we discovered that an error had been made somewhere in which pain was indicated, which alarmed the radiologist, who suggested the MRI. Pain was never an issue. We saw the specialist today and he said it was exostosis (a benign bony growth) He said they happen often in children especially in the knee area. Cartilage cells from the knee move to another part of the body and then bone grows over it. All we do now is ck it periodically with xray's to see if there are any changes in it. It will never go away but there is no need to get rid of it unless it affects growth, walking etc....I want to thank everyone for there support. All along, my head said it was probably nothing, but as a mother, how can you not worry??? I have learned two things from this though. 1. Don't go to the doctor on a Friday. People are rushed, incorrect info is passed along and you have a whole week end to stew on it. 2. Always talk to your own doctor. Had I talked to mine, I could have had a wonderful week end instead of a stressful one.
Thanks again!

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Could be a bone growth, an abscess or a variety of other things that they can easily fix. Doesn't sound like anything they are rushing to get you in to take care of and if it was life threatening or could be they would have had you in faster to cover their own butts =)

Good luck and let us know she is okay!

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Hi J.,

My son has one of these too. The pediatritian was not concerned but we visited the Ortho Surg. to make sure. They called it a Popliteal Cyst. The xray was normal and they said it should dissolve on its own. I agree with the stay off the internet advice.

Let me know how it turns out.

Hi J.,

Try not to worry until you know all the facts.

I know a little girl whose mommy found a hard lump in her leg as well. It was a cyst of somesort... totally harmless. They removed it and she is totally fine. The experience for mom was scary ... but the little girl is totally fine and was up and around within days of the surgery.

The internet is a dangerous place. It always seems to lead you down the darkest path. Try to stay calm until you know more.

One of my brothers had a lump on the back of his knee when he was very little. It turned out to be a cyst and was removed once, grew back and then removed again. He has never had a problem with it since. Maybe it is just a cyst? I'll be praying that everything is okay. :)

Could be a bone growth, an abscess or a variety of other things that they can easily fix. Doesn't sound like anything they are rushing to get you in to take care of and if it was life threatening or could be they would have had you in faster to cover their own butts =)

Good luck and let us know she is okay!

Sometimes X-rays don't disclose all the information needed to make a diagnosis, that's all. I know people freak out when the doc says 'further examination' but it really doesn't have any hidden meaning. It just means that they don't know yet and need another doc to look it over, need a different test, ect.


If you are concerned about cancer, this is what I have learned. If you can see a lump, it is not cancerous. It sounds like this is your biggest fear, right? I am not a doctor and do not guarantee anything, just sharing with you what I have learned.

If it were me, I would prepare a list of questions, before the next appointment.

Sometimes we think if we worry, then our fears will go away. My suggestion to you is to pray. I have found that more beneficial than worrying.

Good luck and God Bless.


J. i have the same issue with my four year old son. please sent any further info. that you have thanks so much

HI J.,

Have a little faith and a little patience. It is most likely a bone cyst or something benign like that, and they want to look further to see what it is. Stop doing research yourself, it is pointless and only going to lead to more worrying than you have to. Being a parent is hard, having patience is harder in these times, just take it one step at a time, or you will drive yourself crazy. We have had cancer in our family, and the one step at a time rule saved me from insanity. I learned the hard way that taking on too much to worry about is overwhelming and totally unnecessary. So, the step you have now is finding the patience to wait for Wednesday. And by now, hopefully you've talked to your own doctor that has relieved your worries. Good luck.


Just take things one step at a time, one appointment, one consultation at a time and try not to think the worst. Our worst fears usually don't come to pass. When my son was sixteen we found a huge mass growing in his thigh. Being a heavy boy and never seeing that part of his body the tumor got pretty big before I discovered it. After a surgical biopsy the surgeon "thought" it was cancer based on what he saw and sent us immediately to U of M cancer center. It turned out not to be that at all, just a huge (5 lb.) fatty tumor. I was sick with worry too and imagined the worst. It turned out not to be so and the surgeon never should have even insinuated cancer before he had pathology results. Moral of the story, take it a step at a time and try to stay calm. Not every lump is serious. Someone suggested praying and I believe in that too, for the good times as well as the bad.


Do NOT look on the internet. Nothing good can come of that right now because it will terrify you no matter what ailment/symptoms you are looking for.I know we can all agree that the internet is a terrible thing when you are looking up symptoms....every/any symptom can be linked to a life threatening, horrifying disease on the internet.
Instead while you are anxiously waiting for Wednesday's appointment to arrive, pray, then 'let go, let God'.

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