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Lump in Toddler's Neck

I recently discovered at small lump in my 21-month-old's neck (near the corner of his jaw). The pediatrician said to bring him back in a month - and in the mean time we're supposed to feel the lump every few days to make sure it's not growing, and to make sure there are no more. I'm totally freaking out!! I can only imagine the worst, and I don't know why he has this. Has anyone else gone through this??

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So it's been about 2 weeks, I'm still "waiting it out". At our initial appt. w/the doc, she said she was "happy" with how the lump felt and to wait the month out. So 2 weeks to go. There's no change in it. No tenderness, we don't have a cat either! He's only had 2 slight colds in his life so far. He did have a runny nose when we took him in, but it's long since gone away. More to come...

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I had that happen with one of mine years back, sounds like a similar spot.It was a swollen lymph node, his body was doing its' job and fighting infection. It lasted a while. Don't worry to much- it's probably that with all of the illness going around.

I wouldn't worry too much just yet. I know that there are all kinds of fatty lumpy tissues that can appear on the neck and head area. They do go away in time. Just pay attention to it and if it doesn't change and if it seems to be softer and moves a little, I would bet that that's all it is.
Good luck!

They are usually inflames lymphnodes which is caused by some sort of infection. He may need antibiotics.

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Dear B.,

Unfreak, and take him back in exactly a month with a full report of what you have noted over this past month.

Your tension won't do any good for the whole family. Relax and enjoy this month.

C. N.

I am a Massage Therapist with specialized training in lymphatic drainage.
I would massage his neck in small circles, pushing the lymph from the jaw line towards his torso. Once you reach the belly you can do circles clockwise around the belly. Focus on the front of the neck on either side. Be gentle and careful. Image that you are pulling the lymph down the neck. Lymph is only moved through exercise or massage. The lymph system is like the sanitation department for your body. It needs to keep circulating in order to 'take out the trash.' The lymph nodes swell when they get are getting overloaded with toxins/pathogens. Either the lymph needs to circulate more and/or the input of toxins need to be reduced. He may be allergic to some foods that are causing his lymph system to work harder. You may use non-organic foods that are filled with pesticides, hormones,and the such. He may be exposed to dangerous chemicals in his shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, etc. All of these things cause the lymphtic system to work harder trying to clean his system out.

I wouldn't worry too much just yet. I know that there are all kinds of fatty lumpy tissues that can appear on the neck and head area. They do go away in time. Just pay attention to it and if it doesn't change and if it seems to be softer and moves a little, I would bet that that's all it is.
Good luck!

My son (3 years old at the time) had the same thing. Took him to the pediatrician, said the same thing, come back in one month. About 2 weeks later, had to take him to urgent care for an ear infection, the doctor there noticed the lump, and drew blood to check for Cat Scratch disease. Guess what, it came back positive!!!! We don't even have cats! It can come from a bite, scratch, or even lick from a cat, usually a kitten. It is very common in children who have recently acquired a kitten. After a course of antibiotics (just in case) it went away on it's own. Sounds terrible, but I guess it is fairly common!!

Personally, I would take your son to an ENT first thing next week to have it checked out. I had a lump under my jaw that I waited 6 months to check out and I wish I had gone sooner. Of course it is probably nothing, but if it will make you feel better you should do it.

S. G

First of all, don't freak out. My son got a huge lump around his right nipple and I about lost it. I was thinking it was a tumor. Apparently, there are a multitude of glands in the body. I never realized how many there really were in the body.
I was worried because his lump was tender to the touch and not in his armpit. In my reading I never saw a gland in the nipple area. My doctor said the same as yours... wait a month.
It turns out, he had a rash down on his tummy. The doctor said that infections in other parts of the body could trigger an inflammation in a nearby gland.
Is your son's lump tender? That is actually a good sign says my doctor. Does your son have a sore throat or any other infection or sickness that could trigger it?
It took about a month for my son's lump to go away, but now he is just fine.
I hope this helps. :) -Sandi

My son had same thing 2 weeks ago. We took him to an urgent care doctor who told us that it is just nothing. But the lymph m\node behind his neck continued to grow overnight and we took him to our own pediatrician. He ordered a blood test to rule out cancer, and put him on antibiotics. He started to improve in 3-4 days, and now the swelling is almost gone. But if I wer you, I would insist that at least a complete blood test be done.

My son had (and still has) the little lump, his was right in the middle of his neck on both sides between his ear. I worried then too but like so many others have told you, our pediatrician looked at it and said lymph node. If it doesn't move, if it's incredibly hard or if it gets bigger, then get him to the doc ASAP. But if it doesn't do any of those things, stop worrying and just go back to the doc in a month.
Now with my daughter, I noticed similiar lumps (they felt exactly the same too) one underneath each ear only higher on her neck. I knew from my previous experience that they were probably lymph nodes but I asked the doctor at our last appointment anyway (but did not make a special appointment this time). I also asked my friend who's an RN to feel them too. Again I got the same advice I got 11 years ago that they were just swollen lymph nodes.
I'll bet if you feel around in the same area on the other side of your sons neck, you'll find another one too. (they always came in matching sets :)
I know you're worried. We all hear about finding a lump and lumps being cancer and so we worry. But I really don't think you have to just keep an eye on it.

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