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Lump in Throat, but Not Feeling Sick

Anyone know of a place in AZ that I could go to get this checked out that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. I don't have insurance, but want to get this looked at. Feels like a gold ball on the right side of my throat, like the gland is supper swollen, but I don't have a sore throat or feel sick at all. Just hurts when I swallow. But again, only on the side.

What can I do next?

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There is a Cigna clinic off of Williamsfield and Market Street that has a special of $29 for your first visit and $59 after that. My family goes there for minor things like earaches and such. And the staff is very friendly.

It sounds like something you need to get checked out. As far as a place that won't cost you an arm and a leg...not sure. What I do recommend it looking into AHCCS (the Ariz. Health Cost Containment System). You and your husband might make too much to qualify for no-cost insurance, but there are different plans you could qualify for very little every month. I hope that your swollen gland is nothing,and I don't encourage others to be fearful, but making sure your family is covered for emergencies is crucial. I know how hard it is to give up extra money every month for health insurance, but it is much much better and smarter than losing everything due to overwhelming amounts of medical bills. Also, if you have some type of insurance BEFORE you get checked out, it will be easier for the company to cover any other costs if more medical attention is neccessary. Many times if you don't have insurance and are diagnosed with anything, it's like pulling teeth to get an insurance company to cover you with a "pre-exixting condition". It's ridiculous...insurance companies own us I think and I wish more holistic practitioners were covered by insurance...but for now, we need to cover our arse.

Best wishes and I hope you start healing very soon.

PS. You could also look into paying for a visit with a Naturopathic Dr first. Usually the visits are less expensive and more often than not, treatment is less invasive and treats the whole body and underlying conditions...not just the isolated condition.

It could definitely be mumps... and that can be dangerous to any adult male that has not had them - it can make them sterile. I'd get checked, but the only place I can think of is urgent care.

I had something similar this summer, a swollen ball on the side of my neck, and I was not sure if I should go to the doc or not, so I called my sister who is a PA. She said that sometimes we can get a swollen gland with no other symptoms when we are fighting a virus that we don't know about. She also said to give it a week and if it doesn't go away then go to the doc. I hope this helps you. Sorry I can't recommend a place to go. (I am in Snowflake!)

I would definatly get it check out!! My sister had something similar and she now has a rare cancer in the back of throat/nasal area. What are your other symtoms....she had clogged ears, cold like symptoms....very hard for a DR to notice.
I don't want to scare you or anything, but I would not wait.

I don't know about the costs, but Walgreens has added a clinic to some of their locations to help people with no insurance. I would also check with some of the other pharmacies - I think CVS & Fry's both offer some type of health clinic, but I don't know what the costs are.

could be your thyroid- don't know an inexpensive place to go- you could always check into getting ahccs seeing as you are pregnant they make it a bit easier to get you covered. good luck!

Do you have any other symptoms? fatigued, hair loss, irregular heartbeat? Could be your thyroid. I have hypothyroid and I get a lump on the side of my neck when it is off. It can be checked with a simple blood test. Otherwise, if it's not bothering you too much, I wouldn't worry about it.

St. Elizabeth's of Hungary in Tucson, El Rio in Tucson and El Pueblo Health Clinic in Tucson. All have sliding fee scales based on your income. I know some people just say they aren't working. don't know if you feel comfortable with this. I worked at AHCCCS and a lot of people found a way to work the system.

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