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Lump in Little Girls Breast?

Over the weekend I was helping my 6 year old put lotion on and noticed one of her breast was swollen and had a lump about the size of a dime. I started looking online and most stories I found were in older kids! I was just wondering if anyone had an experience like this! She has an appt this afternoon with her ped but just wanted some reassurance!

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I took her to the doctor and he said that it was probably just a surge in her hormones and no cause for concern since she wasn't having other symptoms of early on set of puberty. He said if she had even one other symptom he would test her but for now he measured it (to make sure its not growing if it doesn't go away!) and said just to keep an eye on it. What a relief!

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Yes! My 6yo had the same. Dr. said because she doesn't have hair in her armpits or private area that it wasn't pre-pubcent (not sure if I spelled that right) anyway, it has since gone away, just like the Dr. said it probably would. Girls are getting boobs/entering puberty a lot earlier these days due to all the hormones in our food, you'll find out from your Dr. today I'm sure whether it is that she is entering puberty early or just something to keep an eye on for now.

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Sometimes "breast buds" can seem to pop up already. That's what it is called, if you look online.
But it usually goes away.
Just check with your Pediatrician.

As Michele S., mentioned, my daughter had that, but it went away rather quickly. We had taken her to the doctor, and it was not pre-puberty. So we were relieved.

All the best,

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I think you are doing the right thing by taking your daughter in for an opinion. I just recently saw on the news/or a show that a little 11 year old girl dying of breast cancer, so it can happen to anyone. Better safe than sorry!!! Good luck!

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My 2.5 year old had something similar. I went to the pediatrician and she said most likely either a small cyst or slight breast development. We got an ultrasound and there was no cyst but just denser tissue which is a sign of development which they call premature thelarche (occurs anywhere from birth-6 years of age). In only about 6% of cases is this actually the beginning of puberty. We are now in the processes of having hormone levels checked just to make sure. You are doing the right thing to have the dr check it out, but most likely it is nothing to worry about.
Good luck

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it's probably just a cyst or a swollen lymph gland... but you're doing the right thing in taking her in.

Good Luck!

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While it's our jobs as Moms to worry and take care of everything, in cases like this, I say don't worry until you have something to worry about.

Taking her in is the best thing to do...it's probably nothing. Keep us posted!!

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If you don't feel good about the answer you get from your ped. Look into thermography. There is no radiation and they will be able to tell if it is hormonal or something else. Very non-invasive.

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I think you should take her to the doctor. When I was 12 I had the same thing, but was scared and embarassed and didn't tell my parents until it was really big, and hot and sore. It turned out I had cyst. I had to do antibiotics hot compresses and it ended up leaving a huge scar. She may just have a clogged duct or a hidden heat pimple, but it can lead to something else. Get it checked out. Kids that age don't understand what is not natural and she may not tell you if it gets worse.

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Hi there,
I don't have girls, but have heard about this and agree with the previous post about all the hormones in our foods affecting our bodies at a younger age. I'm curious to find out if your daughter drinks soy milk or has soy in her diet?
there is a lot of controversy about soy.

My daughter was about 10 yrs old when she was diagnosed with Fibersytic breast. This is brought by caffeine consumption. We changed her diet. She is now 23 and has children that she breastfed. As long as she watches her diet she's ok. My Mother also had this condition. We were very worried when she told us she had a lump. Thank God it was easily remedied.

B. H

Take you daughter to your pediatrician ASAP. This is not normal. Good Luck!

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