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Lower Back Spasms in Early Pregnancy

Hello I am 10 weeks along and last week began having lower back pain.This week-end I had the worst spasms ever. From my google searches they say it is common due to progesterone and hormonal changes. I never had this with my first. I can't imagine dealing with this being further along. I'm afraid I won't be able to walk. Will this go on through out my pregnancy?

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I just got back from my OB visit and had an u/s. Apparently my uterus is tipped back and putting pressure on my lower back. Hence the back pain. The OB couldn't hear the heart beat with the regular monitor ( I had a mini-panic attack) which is why he did the u/s and there was little baby sitting on my back. I hope my uterus tips itself back the right way. Don't know if that's possible. My doctor said things should be ok.

Thank you everyone for your input and advice.


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Hi A.. I hope you are feeling better too. Pregnancy doesn't have to be uncomfortable, especially this early. Make sure you are staying active, getting enough water and eating enough protein. Check out www.thelivewellclinic.com for some other help!

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Hi A.,

I have been dealing with some very similiar back problems. It is aweful. I also did not have this rouble with my first. Let me know if you come up with any good suggestions. I am 12 weeks and there has been times allready where I almost couldnt walk. It is extremly painful. Goodluck

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Hi A.,

I have always had a bad back so I knew I would have problems during my pregancy. Due to my previous back injury I went to various chiropractors but it never solved or really helped me. She for my pregancy I decided to get messages instead, I just found a place (Message Envy) that had someone who was trained to do pregant messages. they have specail pillows to help support your ever growing belly when on your stomach, it is super comfy. It really helped me to relax... I went once a month and since I was going to go for 8/9 months I signed up as a member and got them for $45 each month.

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Hi A.,

A good place to find a chiropractor who is trained in the Webster Technique (basically treating pregnant women) is http://www.icpa4kids.org/locator/index.php.

Good luck! I hope it gets better soon.

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I would get a referral for a good chiro. I had major sciatic pain with my first pregnancy and went to a chiro for help with that. Also, I've read that your labor is easier if you've been to a chiro regularly during your pregnancy- your body is more in alignment which makes it's job easier when it comes time to get the baby out.

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While you still can, work on some back extension exercises to strengthen those muscles.

Because your joints become more loose during pregnancy from hormones, your sacroiliac joint (SI joint) and other joints in your low back are looser, so your back muscles have to do more work to keep your pelvis and low back stable, but they also become more prone to spasms because of the extra work. You can do some strengthening exercises for your abdomen and back, or you can look into purchasing an SI belt, which sits low on your hips and fits snug to help support your pelvis. You can purchase the SI belt from a medical supply store, or possibly a drugstore, and you can also see a physical therapist who specializes in women's health for a few sessions to teach you what to do www.apta.org.

I had lots of back problems during my pregnancies and found that the prenatal yoga classes really helped.

I had this (only completely threw my back out). I went to the chiropractor and he was able to take care of it.

I suffered from frequent back pains until I started going regularly to a chiropractor.

I would suggest that if you can afford it or your insurance actually covers it, to find a good chiropractor trained in chiropractics for pregnancy and see if you can get some relief.

(They can also help with sciatic pain, if you develop that later on too).

I hope you find a good solution, as you know back spasms are no fun :(

I also had this with my second pregnancy and not with the first. For me it got better after my first trimester and I started to show - as my uterus moved out of just my pelvis and stopped putting so much pressure on my back(it is amazing all the body parts that are shifting around throughout the entire pregnancy!)
Talk with your dr., see a chiropractor, and go for a pregnancy massage(s) (they are AWESOME!) esp. when you start to get really big!

Yes, I had back spasms too. Just keep track of it and talk about it with your doctor. Also, if it turns into a sharp pain it might be something else. It's not common but I, myself, did have my kidney fail at almost 12 weeks along. Sharp pain that doesn't go away and you pee very little to no pee at all. Good luck with the pregnancy!

I had a lot of back pain with my second pregnancy in the first trimester that did end up getting better. However, the doctor's office had me go in to test for a UTI. Back pain can be a symptom of this and can be serious in pregnancy. Never hurts to check...better safe than sorry.

Have you ever seen a chiropractor? I started going to one during my first pregnancy due to lower back pain, and I left my first appointment wondering why I hadn't done it earlier. I would encourage you to get a personal recommendation, however. Like anything else, there are great chiros and some that are less impressive. Good luck!

I had them as well through my last pregnancy. I had to lay down with some of them to relax the muscles.

They continued through the entire pregnancy, and there were times when I needed to sit/lay down, but other than that it didn't affect my ability to walk around.

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