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Low Iron

Hi Moms,
The doctor told me today I have low iron. I tested 9.9 and should be at least an 11. Just wondering if I should be taking an iron supplement along with my prenatal vitamin. Doctor just said I need more iron and now I'm not sure if I should be getting it from my diet or a pill. I am scheduled for a c-section in 4 weeks and am worried about having to get a blood transfusion because of my low iron levels!! Any advice would be appreciated.

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Eat Prunes! Prunes are not only loaded with iron, they will keep you regular and "emptied" sufficiently which will make delivery, no matter what the method, a lot easier.

Hi M., I had low iron when I was pregnant, too. My doc just had me start taking an iron supplement. Just something over-the-counter was fine and it worked. Nothing to worry about!!

Hello M.,
when I was pregnant a few months ago my dr. prescribed pre-natal vitamins with added iron, b/c I was a bit anemic. Seems to me that you should get an iron supplement. You can ask for a prescription for it or just get it over the counter; whatever is more cost-efficient for you. One thing to keep in mind is that too much iron is constipating, so don't over do it. You won't be able to make up for not having enough before, so just take the recommended daily dose. Good luck with the birth. You're a brave woman to have 3!

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I had low Iron after I had surgery. I went to the Medicine Shop in Concord and picked up Iron Complete and they recomended that I take it with Vit C as it helps your body absorb the iron better. You may also want to start eating foods high in iron like beets, greens, liver....you know good stuff.
Hope this helps.

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Hi M.,
I always have low iron. Have you ever take an iron suppliment before? During my pregnancies I was advised to take iron suppliments and I became very constipated. Not fun. So I tried to get my iron from food. Spinach was my favorite I ate it A LOT. (Try steaming it in chicken broth, you can add a little bit of shredded carrots and mushrooms if you like and then serve it with some chopped scallions on top as a soup. My kids LOVE it!) Also cooking with an iron skillet will add to your iron consumption. You can saute chicken and veggies and that will help you. In 4 weeks time, if you concentrate on getting some iron in every meal you shouldn't have any trouble. You may want to check on something like Ensure. If you don't think you are getting enough iron from your diet you really don't have much choice but to take the suppliments.
Good luck to you!

I would've said be careful taking an iron pill, but since you're so close to delivery.........it could make you constipated. Thats never pleasant, especially this preg! Did you ask your doctor? Look for foods high in iron, have you searched the net? Good luck & congrats on your new baby!

Hi M.
I also had low iron during my pregnancy with my son. I would check with your doctor before taking a supplement. Too much iron can cause constipation. You should be able to eat food items containing iron, spinach, red meat etc. You shouldn't need a transfusion for just low iron, if there was a problem with platelets and cells then possibly.

Taking an over the counter iron pill is not a good way to rapidly increase your iron. They are not readily absorbed, and they will really do a number on your digestion when pregnant if you take a lot. Try a whole foods approach. I know many people have tried the liquid supplement called Floradix iron+ herbs. You can find it at Whole Foods. It tastes kinda bad, but will really boost your iron quickly. Also get lots of leafy greens in your diet. If you do not like the taste try hiding them in smoothies. One good combination is 1 lb. of fresh spinach (I like baby spinach) blended with 2 cups of any fruit ( I usually just throw in an entire bag of Trader Joe's frozen pineapple) and a whole banana. I add liquid as required. Usually apple juice or almond milk. DO not use cow's milk or any other calcium source. It blocks absorbtion of the iron. hope that helps. Good luck with your surgery.

Hi M.,

I noticed that you have received quite a few answers to your question. I am a certified nutritional counselor and hope that the information you are getting is correct. I would like to give you a link to the National Institute of Health website that will tell you everything you need to know about iron. Personally I feel that your levels can be increased by eating the appropriate foods. Please feel free to email me anytime you have nutrition questions. Here is the link: http://dietary-supplements.info.nih.gov/factsheets/iron.a...

Good Luck and Blessings,

M. P.

M., I have had low iron issues my entire life, and was put on a supplement for both of my pregnancies. My doctor recommended trying Slow FE first, as it doesn't cause constipation as much as regular iron. It worked for the first pregnancy, but for the second it didn't supplement enough, so I took a regular iron supplement with a stool softener at bedtime to help with constipation.

Whatever you do, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat high fiber foods to help with regular BM.

There is a supplement I just found out about called Floradix, it an liquid iron supplement, non-constipating. I found it at a store called Debra's Natural Gourmet in West Concord. The have it at Whole Foods and other places too.
The people in there are really fantastic and they help even a skeptic of Homeopathic medicine and vitamins believe. I am now sold on the all of the remedies and products. My son was recentlydiagnosed with PDD-NOS and has seizures every 10 secounds. So you can image how out of wak his body is. They have really helped him and me get through some tough battles already. He recently had a possible cold sore or impatigo - the doctors weren't exactly sure. I went and got Calendula Cream and in 24 hours it is already healing. I think the Floradix can really help. But there are some foods that will keep iron in your blood better.
Good luck with number 3!

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