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Losing the Baby Fat After C-section

Can anybody help me find a way to lose the spare tire around my midsection after having 3 c-sections

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I do yoga booty ballet it works its greeat and fun too, I also walk with my baby everynite sometimes its late like 800 but even a block is better than none.

i had the same question but for me its also been over a year since my last one and I still cant feel the middle of my stomach where the internal cut was made. I had a classical inside and bikini cut out

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I do yoga booty ballet it works its greeat and fun too, I also walk with my baby everynite sometimes its late like 800 but even a block is better than none.

i had the same question but for me its also been over a year since my last one and I still cant feel the middle of my stomach where the internal cut was made. I had a classical inside and bikini cut out

Hi S.,

I had a c-section also and let me start off by telling you that I strained while recuperating and my c-section opened up and I had to get treated weekly. It was extremely painful. Wait until you are completely healed and then I would suggest for you to walk, jog, pilates works and billy banks workouts are great. It will take time. What you eat matters! Just be patient and dont over do it. It happens to everyone and some lose it fast. We all have different body types and what worked for me might not work for you. Regarding going under the knife (tummy tuck, etc.) I would skip it. I think this would be more for someone who doesnt want any more kids or someone who wants a DRASTIC CHANGE in appearance. You want to have SOME meat on your bones :-)

Hope this helps a bit, Sue. Good luck!


Well I'm not going to lie to you. It will be hard because when doctors mess with that area, they mess with muscle tissue. I had a tubul after my fourth child and it's been quite difficult..After 4 years I realized that I had to make alot of little changes.
Change #1 Stop eating after 7pm
Change#2 drink more water
Change #3 snack healthy between meals and never skip a meal
Change #4 Walk alot and do pilates focusing on the mid section. It's hard work but not impossible. You can do it!

Winsor Pilates is great. It REALLY works, and it is like barely doing exercise at all. The whole pilates concepr revolves around your belly or core muscles.
Try it!

OKay, I learned this on Biggest Looser and it is working for me!
Buy sugar free gum and keep it i the fridgerator and purse.
WHen you feel hungy and go to the fridge grab a peice of sugar free gum and it will help with your hunger and also drink lots of water.
Im on my second c-section and my son is only 4 weeks old and I lost 24 pounds.
Of coure, eat your regular meals breakfast/lunch/diner.

My advice is three things:

1. YOu have to watch diet
very important to drink a LOT Of water
2. You need to do cardio exercise about 4 times a week at least
and make sure you are working out hard so you get a good sweat!
3. try getting a pilates mat workout tape
pilates works your abs different and is really effective for getting rid of that c-section flab (my sister in law will vouch for that - she had twins also!)

Good luck

Jenn Smith

i cant offer any personal advice, im pregnant with my 3rd and never lost my belly after either of the first 2, and i didnt even have c-sections, though this past summer i was motivated by my upcoming 20 year high school reunion, and i started walking almost every day, both kids in a double stroller, at the beach, which is mostly into the wind, and i did lose about 15 lbs in a couple of months. however, one of my girlfriends had 2 kids, both c-sections, and though she has always been one of those naturally thin people, she is 38 like me, and its a lot harder to bounce back. she started doing this dance/excercise thing, i think its called zoomba, and holy cow she looks like a rock star. before kids, she was always just thin, now she has the woman curves of a mommy but the thin-ness and flat as a board tummy of a teenager, i have never seen her look so amazing. she has never been one to work out, i know her almost her whole life, and now she is actually teaching zoomba classes! i think the key is to just find something you love, she looooves this thing. good luck, D.

It may sound drastic, but a tummy tuck would cure the tire, and the stretch marks forever. In recent years it has become very affordable, and since you had 3 sections, the surgery aftermath would be no big suprize to you.
2 things to consider, are you going to have more kids, and is the rest of your body in reasonably good shape.
Check out some web sites... I am strongly considering it myself, after my section. But I am unsure at this point if I want another baby down the road..

There are many ways to tone the abdominal area - one type of excercise that many women try is Pilates because it focuses so much on the abs.

Unfortunately (and I hate to say this), but it's possible that, depending on how the surgeries were done, the only way to lose the fat would be through liposuction. This would be related to how your OB closed your incision each time. Every woman has a layer of fat below their skin, and when closing up the incision site, some doctors will suture that layer of fat seperately, which reduces the probability of that trademark cesarean "spare tire", and others will just leave it pushed up and out of the way and close the skin on top of it without, er, putting the fat back in it's place. For anyone reading this who might have a cesarean in the future, it is a good idea to put in your birth plan that you wish to have the fat layer closed seperately - there's no reason for them not to do it other than it taking a few extra minutes.

After my 1st c section i saw a personal trainer she said the 1st exercise to do is start by holding in your stomach that will help bring the so called 6 pack back were it's supposed to be it did help I'm on my 3rd & still try to remember to hold it in but it gets harder to put it all back together. you would think w/ having 3 kids are bodys would end up better then they were good luck J.

Yes, I need to know this too, because I have had 4 c-sections and I still look like I'm 5 months ( maybe 6 months) pregnant! lol

I'm in the same boat as you i had 2 c-sections and i'm still trying to lose it. I just started doing tae-bo at the house. I can feel it tightning everything already. Just keep trying different exercises until you find one that you enjoy. If it feels like too much work you may not stick with it. Tae-bo is pretty fun so i'm actually enjoying myself. Lots of luck, A.

I lost a lot of it because I breastfeed. But about a month or so after I had my son I would walk with the baby, and that helped alot. I also did weight watchers. Unfortunatly 3 years later I have that tire around my belly again and this time I have no excuse for it. LOL Good Luck

If you find out let me know.. I have a couple of spare tires to spare.. no pun intended! (well ok, maybe just a little intended) :)

Sorry Im not much help on this one, I have been struggling with this for about 6 mos, seems after my son even though I lost weight during my pregnancy I still have a bigger tire! :(

I want one more but would like to loose some before getting pregnant again. We just bought a total gym and Im going to start doing that. And im going to go back to eating the way I did when i was pregnant. I was on a diabetic menu, low carb, low fat and low sodium. Hoping those will help.

Hope you find something that works for you everyone is differant so it may take time!

Hi S.,
Ok let's be honest, to loose weight we need to eat right, and excersise at least 5 days a week. 45 minutes of Cardio etc, etc. HELLLOOOOOO... Mom's especially who have C-sections can't even walk right for a month. We are busy taking care of our new little one, and taking care of the house, husband, and if you have other kids, them too. Not to mention bills. I can't even take a shower every night. I am so exhausted. I had 3 C-sections, 6yr. old girl, 3 1/2yr. old girl (going on 18), and my newest 7mos. old boy. Yes, 7 mos. I have lost maybe 20lbs. That's it I have 40 more to go. I am now just starting to exercise, because the baby is finally old enough to play a little bit on his own. When the weather is nicer I will go for walks. I will try not to stuff my face with left over McDonalds fries. I will try not to grab a Butter Caramel Iced Coffee from Tim Hortons, because I need the Caffiene. It is very depressing not fitting into clothes you once did, and summer is coming. The moral of this is...Take it one day at a time. You will have good days and bad, and then one day when YOUR ready, you will be in high gear, working out, and eating better. Look at that gorgeous baby, and tell me their not worth a little fat. Good luck and I'm with you all the way. I just ordered HIP HOP ABS. It will come in the mail, and I will have to decide whether, I have time for a shower or work out. hmmmm...

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