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Looking for Your Opinion on Two Kids Sharing a Bed

What is the appropriate age to move a baby (child) to a full sized bed to share with his older sister? They are two years apart.
I realize some of you are going to say 'don't move him until he starts climbing out of the crib' and I do agree with this, however, they share a tiny room and my daughter has a toddler bed and I'd like her to be in a bigger bed so I can lay with her if needed.

Right now my daughter wakes up in the middle of the night and comes and sleeps with me. I don't mind this because my husband doesn't come to bed until around 4am, but I am not sure that this habit is a good thing and I don't sleep as well with her in the bed all the time. I do not want to make her sleep on the floor and know I could/should be taking her back to her room but in the midst of my sleep, I just tell her to get in bed with me so I can go back to sleep!

My hope is that when my son (9.5 months) is ready for a bigger bed that I will put them both in a full sized bed...that will eliminate a crib and toddler bed in the small room and only have one bed. Then if need be, I can lay with them.

I just don't want my daughter to wake him up, keep him up, etc. I also wonder if they would both sleep better if they have each other?

My husband wants to get a bunk bed so they each have their own bed, and while I'm not against this, the crib we have converts to a full sized bed which means 0$ for us (other than the mattress). Another idea would be to put the mattress on the ground if I was worried about my son getting out of the bed.

I moved my daughter at 19 months to a toddler bed because she was climbing out of her crib.

Thoughts? Have you moved two kids (1 in crib, 2nd in bed) to a full sized bed? Did they sleep better or worse?

UPDATED (based on replies): I should have specified but my plan for this is only for a few years - so maybe from ages 4-6 for my daughter/2-4 for my son. In about three years we'll be adding on or buying a new house so they will each have their own bedroom. I have friends who's twins (boy/girl) were in toddler beds in the same bedroom and inevitably, one or the other would end up in bed with the other one at night, which got me thinking that maybe them sharing a bed would be better!

I do not mind the children sharing a bed (either same or different sex) as long as they are small.

I do not mind my daughter sleeping in our bed at night but it's only a Queen so when my son wants to sleep with us, it's going to get crowded quick which is why I'm trying to find the best option!

What can I do next?

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I vote going for bunk beds! You can sell the crib that converts and maybe that will pay or put a big dent in the amount you pay for the bunk bed (try craigslist to sell and buy!!) You can buy one that has the futon on the bottom, so once one of the children gets their own room you can have that for seating for when friends come over, and then it can convert into a bed for sleepovers!

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My brother and I were in the same room with bunk beds until he was 11 and I would have been 5 and a half. It didn't seem strange to me. But I bet he couldn't wait to get rid of his little sis.

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I vote going for bunk beds! You can sell the crib that converts and maybe that will pay or put a big dent in the amount you pay for the bunk bed (try craigslist to sell and buy!!) You can buy one that has the futon on the bottom, so once one of the children gets their own room you can have that for seating for when friends come over, and then it can convert into a bed for sleepovers!

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I agree with your hubby to get bunk beds. It might be a little $$ investment, but if you look at matress prices lately, full size isn't cheap. Most cribs only convert to twin size but even twin size matresses are pricey. You probably have close to a year before your son is big enough and old enough for a regular bed which gives you enough time to save up for a new purchase. You probably can sell your crib & toddler beds and use that towards bunk beds.
Hope this helps.

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I kept the toddler bed in our room at the foot of our bed so that the older child could have her own room. I know how it feels to have a queen bed and 2 kids and a husband all sleeping with me.

I know I feel differently than a lot of moms but I don't mind the kids getting in bed with us. I also think the toddler bed should be done sooner than later. The older the child is when they move the more they realize they have freedom to get up and wander around. All ours were moved by 18 months, at the latest, and I didn't have a single child, out of 6, who wandered more then to stand up in their bed and crawl into bed with us. We have had a queen bed, a baby bed and a toddler bed all in the room with us at one time or another. I had grandkids who had reflux, asthma, and other health issues, so when they we tiny they were in the room with us. One of my grandkids is a tossing and turning fiend. She needs a queen bed for herself alone because she usually ends up on the floor every night. My grandson is like me, once asleep he doesn't move. For them to share a bed full time would not work.

My final note:
Although there are probably hundreds of thousands of children who use bunk beds and never get hurt I will never allow them in my home or allow my kids to spend the night where they will use them in someone else's home. My best friend, from the moment we met in Summer band before 7th grade until I moved away to go to college as a single parent adult, had a son who fell off the top bunk and died. He was barely in elementary school and was just gone. I know it's possible anything can be an accident waiting to happen and that accidents can happen anywhere but when I know the eminent danger something poses I just can't sit there and not try really hard to keep it from happening. Please don't use bunk beds, wait until you move and get them beds they can use into adulthood.. A mattress on the floor or a full size bed would work fine in the short time until you move or add on.

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we have 3 boys and the 2 share a room right now age 14 and 4 as we live in a 2 bed as of now. We have a 2 wek old baby who sleeps in our room. we bought bunk beds at ikea best invention. It is twin on the top and full on the bottom. My almost 4 yr old sleeps on the bottom and we can lay with him. we paid like 250 for them just had to buy matress separtely unless you have a twin and full matress to use. Just an idea. K.

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I know your children are young, but it is NEVER a good idea to have opposite sex siblings share a bed, or a room. I know how money can be tight, but having the little one in your room for now is a much better option.

If you are trying to save a little $$. go for the full size bed until they need to be seperated. Actually, you may find that they hate sleeping with one another and you could end up with the bunk beds anyways, but I say, give it a try and if it doesn't work, you are only out a mattress and can either sell it or store it with the convertible crib until you need them again.

My sister and I slept in a bed together when she was 2 and I was 5. I think she was always a better sleeper and I was up in the middle of the night more needing Mom and that didn't change much. I would love to have my girls sleep in the same room someday and I think they would like it too. We tried it once but they kept waking up and playing in the middle of the night so we are going to try it again in a year or so.

My children shared a full size bed (boy and girl)Until she was 9 and he was turning 5. It kept them out of my bed and they developed a great friendship.They actually didnt want to seperate, but we made that a fun move by decorating for each one separately.

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