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Looking for Toys, Does Anyone Know Any Small Out of the Way Places

Okay I am trying to find a gift for my grand-daughter. Being elderly and having cancer it's just hard for me to get out and fight the crowds and black friday and all the other stuff that goes with it. In saying that I finally got out and of course the toy is no where to be found. It's the leapfrog leappad explorer and it's just not anywhere online or in the stores. So last year someone sent me the name of a store that not a lot of people know about and I was able to find somethings I had been looking for on that site. You know I don't understand it. I can go to ebay and buy her one in pink like she wants but somehow when you take the purpose of giving children gifts and spreading joy and trying to make it a for profit holiday it just spoils it. This toy retails for $100 but ebay is already up to $200 to $400 with 15 to 40 shipping tacked on to that. I don't have a problem with people making money but I do with people taking advantage so I just won't and can't pay that for a game,. So in saying that, just actually getting it off my chest, I just thought with all the shopping you young mommies do and places you know maybe you can point me into a direction that I haven't discovered. Thank you and I wish each of you a very merry and blessed Christmas.

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FYI - Leappad.com just announced that they have limited stock online. If you go now, you might get one. I just got one on there. It's the bundles only, so the system and two games.

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*********SORRY THAT WAS NOT THE LEAP PAD!*********

It looks like the best deal you can get on this product is around $200. If you are going to spend that kind of money, I would suggest you go with an iPod Touch, Kindle Fire or Color Nook. She would get more value for the money and have something that would grow with her.

So sorry I couldn't help. I'm normally really good at finding this type of thing! :( Best of luck to you and my prayers are with you! Merry Christmas!!!

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I think this is the "tickle me elmo" or "cabbage patch doll" of 2011. I would look for an alternative and not get too attached to the idea. Innovo makes a kids tablet too that is $79 or you can table this idea for her birthday and get her something else for Christmas.

By the way. You can pre-shop before leaving the house to avoid wild goose chases. When you go on to walmarts website you can put in your zip code and when you search for an item they will show you if they have it in stock at your location.

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Everyone I know is trying to get one and they are very, very hard to come by. Even Leapfrog is saying they are going to have issues with inventory for the next few months. I honestly think you might need to choose a different gift.

I hope you find something that works for you.

Kmart has the pink one for 99 and free shipping if to store(though it would be easier to ship to home)

Hi... no answer to your question... Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I pray for you during this time fighting cancer. You sound so sweet in going through this effort for your granddaughter. God Bless!

I was looking online for you just now...and mostly "out of stock" is what I saw.. however...most all the reviews say that it is not worth the money...just thought I'd add that in.

You are probably going to have a tough time finding a leap pad right now. It's the "it" toy of the year, like Tracy K mentioned. I know a mom that was looking everywhere for one as well. Her hubby decided their son "must" have it for Christmas. She bought it off someone on Amazon. I know she paid twice as much as she would have paid retail, but she said it was still cheaper than Ebay. Good luck!

you should re-post your question to TX only.. you'll probably get more answers that way! Good luck.

my daughter who is 10 loves Claire's and Justice. They have really good toys.

FYI - Leappad.com just announced that they have limited stock online. If you go now, you might get one. I just got one on there. It's the bundles only, so the system and two games.

Is your granddaughter old enough that you could offer her a little envelope and card for now with a special message that the toy is being made "just for her" and will be coming after Christmas? Some kids are old enough to handle a small delay, and she'll have some other fun things to play with on Christmas day.

If that works, perhaps talk to her mom/dad and see if they think telling her about your present before Christmas is appropriate, so she's not expecting it on Christmas day. That way, it might be a delay, but not a total disappointment?

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