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Looking for Speech Pathologist in Corona

I'm looking for a speech pathologist in Corona. My four year old is really struggling with some sounds, need some support and resources. I am a school teacher, so I really want her screened before kindergarten.
Thanks, K.

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I am planning on taking my daughter to the district here in Corona for a screening. Thanks for the help. I already know about this service, but sometimes I think the district looks for severe speech problems. I took her last year, and they didn't see any need for services, so I'll continue to work with her at home. I'll keep everyone posted!

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I have 4 kids and my youngest needed speech help...you need to contact the school district- they offer free screening and free speech therapy (as young as 3)- my son was able to get speech classes a whole year before kindergarten and then only needed it up to 1st grade.....it is a great resource and the teachers were great!!! Did I say it was all FREE!!! your tax dollars should help you!!

did you check with the early start program, they may have referrals.

We aren't in Corona, we're in Orange County, but my 3 year old was having trouble and stuttering. I just contacted my local school and they started him in on the testing (free). They did an initial test from the Speech pathologist at the school, she then referred him to the district, and we did another round of testing with them and worked out a program that we thought would help him. It is through the district and free. I am surprised that as a school teacher you didn't realize this resource was available to you. You can choose to go private, but I feel like the school district has been very capable.

Good luck, I know how it is to want to help a child that you see struggling.

Oh, and I believe that there is an age limit for them coming into your home.

Hi K.,
I am a speech pathologist and have worked in both the public school and in private practice. The best approach is to call your local school district and set up a preschool assessment. They will do an intake with your concerns, etc. and then go from there. Sometimes, based on the interview, they may ease your concerns if her errors are strictly developmental and not expected at her age of 4. But, most likely they will set up a time for her assessment. If she does need services before Kinder, preschool services are also free through the school district. Most districts have a variety of programs to meet their needs. Talk to the speech pathologist that comes to your school; she'll give all the info you need. Even if you work in a middle school or high school, there will be a SP assigned to your school that comes at least a couple times a week. If you want to know if the specific sounds are expected by her age, I would be more than happy to answer your questions. Just respond to me through mamasource. Good Luck with everything and let me know if I can help.

Contact your local Regional Center.(Google it) Every county has one. They are state funded and will come to evaluate your daughter. If her speech delay is remarkable, she'll qualify for services. These services are free of charge, and they may even come to you for speech therapy. Hope that helps, good luck!

I know your request is specific for Corona, nonetheless I hope this might help. I suggest you check out the Family Support Network (do a google search and you should find them easily). I recommend them because they have monthly developmental screenings where they assess for speech as well as other areas of development (such as vision, motor skills, etc). To my knowledge they are only in the Orange County area (I could be mistaken on this however), but the upside is they are free! You can find the schedule for upcoming screenings online. There may be long lines but if you can manage to get there, professionals will assess your child and make recommendations/referrals as needed. The great thing is that they should be able to connect you to a speech therapist in your local area if that is what's needed. FYI - I know you're a teacher, but it is my understanding (I'm a social worker) that once a child is 3 years the school district is accountable for providing services. I'm sure this can be challenging though. Well...best of luck to in getting your children what they need and good job on being proactive!

My husband is a speech pathologist. Regional center only provides services until age 3. Go to the school district your daughter will be attending and request testing. They have to do it, free of charge. And, if your daughter qualifies, they have to provide services, even if she is not yet in kindergarten. My husband sees preschoolers all the time at his school site. A private therapist will cost you a lot of $$$. Good luck.

The school district probably felt that her speech errors were still developmentally appropriate. It depends on what errors she has. If she can't say her "r's" then a child at 4 is not supposed to know how to say those sounds. If the child was 8 then it would be different...You should still contact the district and formally request an evaluation. The school district does not have to assess but they should hold a meeting (SST) to discuss your concerns and provide strategies and interventions that could be implemented.

Hi K.-you should contact the Corona Norco school disrtict before looking at paying for outside resources-they have a speech program through the district, it is called a ROCKET program and they do this so future Corona-Norco students can receive services before coming to school. This program is free and it is set up like a preschool prgram! Hope this helps..I am a kindergarten teacher and I have students in my class that have been in the rocket program and they are doing great! Goog Luck!

Hi K.:

In the San Bernardino City USD, you can take your preschool child to the nearest public elementary school for screening and possible IEP. This way, the speech classes can be ongoing when your child goes to the school. If your child is not going to public school, she can still be seen in the public school sector. See if this is available in Corona before driving yourself crazy finding one. Our speech pathologists do wonderful work for our students. Take care and good luck!

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