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Looking for Special Birthday Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old

I would like to give my 15 year old daughter a special (memorable) gift for her 16th bday. Of course all she wants is clothes. She doesn't wear or really like jewelry. I thought about giving her a hope chest, but she really doesn't have enough space in her room for it. So I thought I wld check with the mamas out there to get some memorable ideas for her!

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For my niece's 16th birthday, her parents bought her a new bed (got rid of the canopy little girl bed) and let her pick out her new comforter, sheets, etc., and they repainted the room together.

That was 6 months ago, she just LOVES it and feels like such a big girl now with her own special space.

Just an idea!

Best wishes, happy b'day!

Her like and dislike will change very soon, think about a charm braclet, my girls have always loved jewey but around 15 or 16 they received a charm braclet and from now until whenever you always can add charms to them.

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The special time just with you and her is a wonderful idea! I'm sure she would love it. When my 2 olders girls turned 16 we did something a little different. Their daddy went out on his own (I didn't have any say in it at all) any picked out a special ring for each one. They loved it! It was/is so special to them and it means a lot to him too. Usually I buy the gifts for them and show him what we got them, but this was something just from the first "special man" in their lives and he had taken the time to pick out what he wanted them to have. He will do it for our 13 year old too. Your daughter could just keep it in a safe place and maybe wear it on special occasions.

When my niece turned 16, we took her on a 4-day trip to Colorado to visit family and hike in the mountains. We had a fantastic time, and she loved having "quality time" with her aunts. So, I agree with the other moms that having a unique experience with your daughter is a great idea. Ask her what she would like to do with you for a weekend (or even a day trip). She'll remember it forever.

Another idea is to create a special scrapbook for her. Ask relatives and friends to write her a short letter listing all of her wonderful qualities and why they love her, and add that to the scrapbook. You can also include baby pictures, a letter from you and/or her dad, and any other keepsakes you'd like her to have. It would be something she would have forever.

For my niece's 16th birthday, her parents bought her a new bed (got rid of the canopy little girl bed) and let her pick out her new comforter, sheets, etc., and they repainted the room together.

That was 6 months ago, she just LOVES it and feels like such a big girl now with her own special space.

Just an idea!

Best wishes, happy b'day!

Gadgets are always nice. Ipod, DS (or whatever is hot now). Also, love idea of hope chest. A special photo album, Creative Memories (not sure how much time you have left). What's the budget? What teen doesn't love idea of a new (read used) car. Even in this economy you can find a used one at a great price. A trip somewhere? Even locally can be done within reason. A nice handbag? Her first spa package with Mom? A night at the theater? What are her hobbies and tap into the gift from there. For instance, if she's an artist, maybe a nice leather portfolio? If she's very relational, then gather a of her girlfriends and host a small, elegant sweet 16 high tea at your home for ladies only.

Her like and dislike will change very soon, think about a charm braclet, my girls have always loved jewey but around 15 or 16 they received a charm braclet and from now until whenever you always can add charms to them.

I know the thing that I wanted most from my mom was her time. My idea is to take her shopping for the cloths she wants. Make a special day of it. Go out to eat, let her pick the place and keep it upbeat. She will be 18 in only 2 years so this time is special :)

I know at the age of sixteen I was wearing makeup and my skin was a mess. Even if your daughter has beautiful skin why not a skin care appointment for the both of you and have a consultant teach her how to apply make-up (that less is sometimes best) and then purchase for your daughter a great skin care and some glamour products. She wil remember your appointment together every time she uses those products. I do not suggest going to a department store for the appointment because they just do it to you and you learn nothing. I suggest Mary Kay consultant because they will take personal time with you and your daughter and will be there in the future for you too. You can go to www.marykay.com to locate a consultant in your area. Good luck and God Bless.

Why don't you do a "day out for the girls" idea. Make spa and hair appts. for both of you. Go shopping and get her one nice outfit. Go out for lunch and just talk. If she wants friends over in the evening, serve pizza and soda.
Grandma N.

Hi, Debbie. My oldest daughter is also turning 16 this year. When I was about her age, my mother and I enjoyed attending plays together so I have arranged to take my mother and my daughter to see Phantom of the Opera. Wish we could do it in New York, but we've opted for a Broadway touring production. It will be a surprise for my daughter from her grandmother. . . We began to lay the groundwork over the holidays. . . We will stay overnight, have a nice dinner and enjoy some special girl time. I agree with the other posters. . . Time and memories are the best gifts at this age! I am excited to be able to share this experience with my mom and my daughter!

We will also do something special with my teens friends, but somehow I think the play will be the treasured event this year!

Rather than give her a thing, give her an experience. The two of you go some place special and do something together. A joint day at a spa, a trip to the National Mall or local museum, a trip to the Baths in Hot Springs or Warm Springs, VA, go see a play. Find something to do, take plenty of pictures while there and afterwards present her with a scrap book of your day together. It doesn't have to cost a lot, you could pack a lunch. At 15/16 most kids won't admit that what they really want is time - one on one time - with a parent. So, take the day off from work, make arrangements for the 5 and 10 year olds, and give your daughter a day with just you. That is a gift that only you can give to her.

How about a photo album with pictures of her in it growing up over the years, you could add family members and leave space for her to complete as time goes on.

Just an idea

L. Paget from London UK

I was talking w/a woman yesterday who crochets blankets for her kids to take w/them to college. She said the kids really love them: they are soft, comforting, remind them of home and they will last a long time.

Even if you don't crochet maybe you can find a nice wool one (I still have a Pendleton wool throw given to me by my Grandma when I went to college--I'm now 43), or a down blanket. I guess it's the grown-up version of a baby blanket! Good luck.

We surprised my sister with a limo that picked her up from her soccer game, took some of her friends with us, had chick fila nuggets (her favorite) and sweet tea waiting inside. We took it to the football game that was going on and went to the harbor. It was during the day, so we got a really good rate & right now business is slow, so I am sure you will be able to negotiate. Any day trip or weekend trip would be something she won't forget. I would just look at the things she loves the most and go from there. I would also check with her friends for ideas. And maybe talk to her a little. So many kids are having this huge sweet sixteen parties, that it is hard to compete, so something small might be a better choice.

My parents bought me 16 gifts for my 16th - most of them small (a calendar for example) but all personal. It's always stuck with me (like the time my grandma gave me a gift each of the 12 days of Christmas) and all my friends were so impressed. It seems that as we get older, our parents give us more expensive but fewer gifts. Something about that big pile and spreading out opening them through the whole day made it really special.

If her birthday is on a school day take her out of school for lunch and shopping! I remember my parents did this for me when I turned 16 (we actually went to the DMV for my permit and then to lunch) Since I have 2 siblings it felt special that I was the one who got to miss school for half the day! It was also neat to have BOTH of my parents with me on that day. Such a great memory for me.

I liked the other mom's suggestions for a special trip and the scrapbook of her growing up as well as your idea for a hope chest but I also have another idea. Try looking for a trinket or jewelry box...I know, she doesn't like jewelry but take a look at San Francisco Music Box or Abbey Press (they both have a website you can order from). They both have trinket/jewelry boxes both with and without music. They have some very pretty boxes for daughters. You could write a special letter or even get her a charm bracelet and put inside.

My friend to a day trip on the train to NYC. You could also do Baltimore or Philly.

Some other ideas:
Lunch and shopping at Union Station in DC - I hear its wonderful.

Trip to the Inner Habor - Baltimore

Shopping spree for your daughter and a friend.


I can see that you would like tog et her something she can keep and treasure forever. Tough one in this age of throw-away everything. I gave my daughter a charm bracelet but they are little old fashioned. We added to it for birthdays and Christmas for a few years. She didn't wear it as it became too heavy but she did treasure it. A simple necklace might be an idea. I don't like jewellery either but I do wear a small necklace that my daughter gave me.

You could make her a special photo album. Something she can keep and take with her when she moves on. A small inlaid box perhaps for her to keep her treasures. Work on what she holds dear and expand on it.

Good luck

My mom just sent me an embroidered blanket with our last name on it (got married almost 3 years ago) for the holidays - she got it at ThingsRemembered.com. It has a winter theme with a snowman on it so I can display on my couch during Christmas time...I love it! They have tons of options for different blankets (and other products) that you can get engraved or embroidered - since she doesn't like jewelry, you can just get her name or something embroidered on a comfy blanket! :) You can choose the type - whatever theme or colors she likes, and then go from there (i.e. angels, animal print, sports, Bible verses, family, etc). I know she will love it and display it proudly in her room and remember for years to come!

D. --

I agree with the other posts -- the experience is what will be remembered most. I still remember my sweet 16th. My mom, grandmother and I went to the spa for the day. That evening my parents took me to a nice restaurant (while grandma kept my brother). At the restaurant they gave me a beautiful pearl ring. My mother custom designed the ring with a pearl I "won" at Disney when I was 7. Back then you paid $1 to pick an oyster shell and see if you "won" a pearl. I still cherish and wear the ring today -- over 20 years later. Good Luck!!

get her what ever u think she would like(clothes,hair,nails,ect..)book a show as far as u would like 2 go. let her bring a friend, u 2. after, have dinner.

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