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Looking for Something for Hair, Nails, & Skin

Does anyone know of any foods that will help my skin not be so dry, something that can help my brittle and lifting nails and something so my hair is shinnier? Not looking for a mircle food, serveral can be good. Thanks so much

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chicken and eggs have a lot of Vitamin E, and try cod fish oil Vitamin A. i also do this at night, take extra virgin olive oil, and use it as night cream. it works great, and as far as ingredients go...well its a no brainer no parabens no other chemicals.


To help with the dry skin, try drinking lots of water. Things like soda and other drinks can dehydrate you. As for foods to help with the nails and stuff, try fish and nuts, peanut butter, fruits, veggies. Since I started eating like that I have notice a huge difference in my skin and hair.

Good luck.


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There are two supplements you can take and you can find them both at your local grocery store, Walgreens or health store. Vitamin E capsules and Biotin. Biotin is a B Complex vitamin that promotes healthy hair, skin, nails, and teeth. Vitamin E is just wonderful for you overall. I saw a noticable boost in my nail and hair growth and health within a month of taking the Biotin. Hope this helps!

Hi E.,

I agree with all the above but sometimes we need a little extra help. I personally take and recommend Arbonne's Item#: 1856
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Nourish your health and infuse your skin inside and out with this dynamic anti-aging essential fatty acid supplement featuring flaxseed oil, CoQ10 and several beneficial RE9 elements. Regular use of this supplement can help leave your skin feeling rejuvenated youthful-looking, inside and out.* ( 120 vegetarian capsules )

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Hi E.,
I'm happy to help you find that miracle food. Add flax oil to your diet. Don't go for the pill form, you'll have to take the whole bottle. Buy the flax oil from a whole food market, or Nutrition Depot. make sure it is kept refrigerated once you open it. There is no limit to the amount that you can take. Flax oil is the vegetarian way to get you omega fatty acids. It has a tremendous amount of benefits but for you purposes, it will help lubricate your body from the inside. Also make sure you drink plenty of water. Try not to use products on your skin that have petroleum and stay away from anything with fragrance. I can offer a lot more but these are the basics. I have had chronic dry skin my entire life and these changes, especially the lotion, made a big difference.
I hope this helps

I used to be the exact same way. I tried everything...even thyroid stuff...didn't find my answer until i started feeding my WHOLE body better. I was already doing the vitamin thing anyway, so i started using this http://liveitdontdiet.isagenix.com/us/en/totalhealth.dhtml (Yes I sell it, yes i would receive a commission if you chose to use it but does that make it not worth looking at? you decide) and now I have great,long natural nails, and my hair looks fab!

Oh yeah and I LOST 42 POUNDS ALSO...

Eat 1/2 of an Avacado a day (I eat it with salad) and you will notice a difference in 3 days!

Taking vitamins is always a good idea and OMGEGA-3 is really good for your hair, nails, etc. and also helps you burn fat.

You're on the right track thinking about foods. What you might want to consider in addition to what you want to include in your diet, is what to eliminate. Dry crunchy and salty foods will dry out your body too. It's awesome you get the correlation. So many people eat junk food and wonder why they're sick all the time. If you're eating lighter foods that are water based and chew your food very carefully you'll stay hydrated. Too much protein can dry you out too, especially animal protein. The reason simply is that your body has to work much much harder to digest the flesh than a clean and light fresh fruit or salad or other such foods, thus leaching all good stuff from resources already there. Good luck!

My eye doctor suggested I take flax oil to help with my dry eyes. It is also good for the skin. I take Nature's Fresh Lignan Flax Oil capsules. They do not need to be stored in the fridge which is convenient. Hope this helps.

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