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Looking for Recommendations on Travel System

I am looking to purchase a travel system that is easy to use and has a high safety rating. I know two moms who have highly recommended Chico Key Fit. Any suggestions or experience with this travel system?

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I have the Chicco system and have been VERY pleased! It's easy to use, fairly lightweight, the stroller really does open with one hand. I love the adjustable height on the stroller since I'm kind-of tall. My son is 18 mos and we're still using the stroller everyday. It's held up well and is easy to maneuver and to clean. I'd highly recommend it! Anything with the Chicco name is very well designed!

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We have a Chicco and LOVE it. The cart seat base is very stable and the levellers let you know it's in right. THe stroller is also very easy to use (lightweight, easy to open and close, adjustable handle for height, roomy basket). My only regret is that I got our Chicco when the weight limit was 22 pounds and our little guy grew so fast that we had to upgrade very early. I believe the newer model goes to 22 pounds. I would still buy it again though.

I have the chicco keyfit system and love it!! we have the 07 model so the wieght limit is only 25 lb but the new 08 is up to 30 lbs. My son who is now 1 1/2 hated it!! not sure why ?when he was a couple of months old he would cry furiously in the car the entire time!! then we switched to a big car seat and turned it backwards and he was fine??? we still use the stoller part though and he has always been fine in that.
My son still just under 30 lbs and he would be considered a big baby. so if we had the newer set up we could still be using it, just fyi.
ps - the other lady is right it does not fit onto a shopping cart. you have to put it in the basket or tip it really far.

We use the Graco SungRide Metro Lite system. The snug ride carrier had the highest saftey rating (at the time) and was only about 8 pounds empty which was the lightest one we could find. The stroller is very light as well, easily lifted out of the trunk with little effort, folds and unfolds easily, huge storage basket on the bottom. The other feature, if you want to call it that, that I love is the color. It is black (hides stains) and light blue/purple so it works for our son now or if we have a girl in the future, it will easily work for her. Although I've heard good things about Chicco, I would definitely take a look at the SnugRide MetroLite.

I have the Chicco system and have been VERY pleased! It's easy to use, fairly lightweight, the stroller really does open with one hand. I love the adjustable height on the stroller since I'm kind-of tall. My son is 18 mos and we're still using the stroller everyday. It's held up well and is easy to maneuver and to clean. I'd highly recommend it! Anything with the Chicco name is very well designed!

We purchased the Chicco Travel System. I absolutely love it. However the only complant that I have is that it does not latch on to shopping carts, like others do. I serched and searched when we were looking and I could not find another one that I liked better. I would not trade mine for anything.


If it works, this is a link to the system we have. The one we have is just a different pattern. I really LOVE this system especially the stroller. We have tried a smaller cheaper stroller but didn't like it so it is actually in the basement collecting dust.

This stroller is wonderful as you can run over huge cracks in the sidewalk without getting too much of a bump. It has good hydrolics or something of that sort.

In any stroller, look for a snack tray for baby, FULLY reclining back, and a back that will sit straight upright. You will need a parent cup holder and parent storage. You will also need a basket. We use those things ALL THE TIME~~ Bigger wheels in the front to help absorb rough terrain as sometimes we take this one 'off roadin''. The cheaper stroller with smaller wheels won't go on grass very well and forget big rocky areas. We take the Graco Quattro Tour on everything and it's great!~~

As for the car seat, my favorite is Graco as the shoulder straps don't twist (not often) and each strap is independently integrated into the system. We had bought a Cosco car seat and don't use it as it has see-saw straps that also like to twist. Also, my daughter figured out how to release the chest plate on the cosco brand. She hasn't figured out the Graco brand yet. She's 3. We have 2 children and each child has a car seat in each of our cars, as well as one for grandmas car.

What is a travel system? Seriously, I have three kids and I have never heard of this.

I love the Chico Key Fit!! And it is very safe.

Hi A.,

We got the Graco SnugRide Travel System as a gift. The travel system works great, but the stroller was somewhat cumbersome and heavy to lug around, so we invested in the Kolcraft Universal Car Seat Carrier. It was a lifesaver! No more heavy stroller to lug around! I loved the extra large basket underneath as well. Works great during those baby months! I would highly recommend it. Here is the link:


Huge fan of the Chico Cortina Key Fit travel system. My husband did tons of research and the Chico got great reviews. We have not been disappointed. A few features we like...my husband is 6'4" and I am 5'7" and the stroller handle adjusts heights, big plus for my husband. Also when the stroller folds, it folds up toward you and not down to the ground, makes getting it in the car a little easier. We love it and it was a great investment!

I have the chicco key fit (30) and it is completely worth the money. They don't have to go forward facing until the hit 30 lbs, which is great for me because my LO was 25lbs at 6m. Most kids can stay in this seat until they are around 18m. I have washed everything in the machine a few times and it comes out looking like new. It snaps in and out easily and the base is very simple to install latch system or not. The only downsides are that it is heavier than other seats and it doesn't snap into the top of shopping carts. When he was smaller we just put him in the big basket part, which is safer anyway. I can't say enough about how much I love this seat!

I have the Chicco Keyfit 30 and love it also! Instead of buying the whole travel system since it was out of our budget, I got off of craigslist.com a snap n go frame by babytrend which you can strap the Chicco Keyfit 30 right on the frame. It doesn't snap in but it has done real well and is real secure for being strapped. Now I'm starting to look for a regular stroller to use but this way I'm still saving a bunch of money in the end!

Hi A.,
very cool name by the way:)
I really enjoy using my chicco key fit 30 I would reccomend the 30 lb. version as it will be able to accomodate your baby for a longer period of time-seems to make sense to get more bang for buck. we purchased the smaller, lighter weight stroller of the two versions and it is super easy to use and works great for hauling in and out of the back of the suv.
my only word of causion on this particular stroller version is if you plan on toting a massive bag like i do, it won't really fit in the bottom storage compartment:( however, you can shove the few essentials you need in the mesh bag at the bottom and leave the massive diaper bag at home:)
we ordered the newest sage green color and it is a beautiful neutral, perfect for both genders!

I am a first time mom and researched car seats/travel systems and found the Chicco Key Fit to be the best rated. In fact when we got our car seat professionally installed they commented that it is the best seat on the market. My son gained weight like a champ so he was only in the car seat until 6 months but we still use the stroller almost daily. Stroller is very easy to collapse and store and the car seat fit very easy into the stroller & base. The straps in the car seat were very easy to adjust which is great because I have friends with car seats that the straps were a total pain to adjust. This is terrible when you have a young baby who is crying & you can't get the straps adjusted right!! We never had this issue. I also liked the level on the car base that let you know at a glance if the car base needed adjusting. The key fit 30 came out AFTER we bought ours but it would have come in handy for our big guy (although I think he would have outgrown it lengthwise, too, before 30 lbs.) so I would recommend getting this version so it lasts longer. I also liked the colors you could chose from as they were neutral. Best wishes on being a new mommy soon!

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