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Looking for Recommendations of Good OB GYN Doctors at Northwestern in Chicago!

Has anyone had a good experience with their OB GYN doctor at Northwestern. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and unhappy with my current NW doctor. She's a bit too business for me, not showing much empathy. I am also unhappy with her because she does not ask me many questions and I worry that I'm not asking the right questions? I'm looking for a female doctor who doesn't mind showing a little empathy and interest in my pregnancy and well being. Any advice or recommendations?

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Thank you for all of your responses. After hearing from all of you I decided that a midwife was a better choice for me. I called the NW Midwives and was thrilled to talk to a midwife on the phone and schedule my first appointment. Thanks for sharing all of your advice! Let's hope for the best!

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Another vote for Drs. Mazzullo and Norlin. Dr. Mia Norlin is my primary OBGYNE, and Dr. Lisa Mazzullo delivered my son. Loved them both!!!

Women's Practice
737 North Michigan

I see you've had a lot of responses but I'd like to put my vote in for the drs. at Progressive Care for Women (www.pc4w.com). My primary there was Dr. Michele Hakimian but all of the drs there are great. I was referred there by 2 other moms. Highly recommend them.

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I really like the midwives too. Carol Hirschfield is good, and I particularly like Ariel Darrenger, too. Midwives will have more time to spend with you and care about your overall health as a woman - not just your pregnancy. Pregnancy, after all, is just a normal stage of life - not a "medical condition". A better philosophy, in my opinion :)

Love my OB. She's with Lakeshore OBGYN in the 680 N. LSD building.

I don't mean to step on another poster's toes but I would not recommend Drs. Diakos and Dr. Tam. I had a horrible experience with all of them. I thought that they were so uncaring. I happened to deliver out of town so didn't have them there and at my 6 week post natal checkup they spent about 5 minutes with me and didn't even glance at my 6 week old daughter, who was really cute too!!!! GO with a midwife, you got a lot of recommendations for them. They are far more empathetic than OB's and will spend more time with you at prenatal visits and during labor and delivery.

I actually just gave birth @ prentice in June and had A wonderful experience with my Ob/Gyn she made sure that every visit was with her which is ____@____.com was very attentive to my needs and feelings throughout my pregnancy and even allowed me to call her personally if I had any questions or concerns versus calling the clinic. Dr. Sarah Kennedy

I use the nurse midwife group at 680 Lakeshore (Northwestern affiliated) and LOVE them. I'm pregnant with my second and they were who I went to for my first two years ago - all the way through the birth. I had a normal vaginal delivery with some small predelivery complications, but if needed to have a doctor one of the OB/GYNs on call would have been there with the nurse midwife at my side. I went this route because they really care about me as a person, not just a pregnant lady or a number. They ask questions I don't think about and are open to any questions I have. Carol Hirschfield is the lead CNM of the group, so you could meet her and see what you think.

Something else to consider.

I really like my OB. Her name is Dr. Mazzullo. The day that I gave birth she was the doctor on call. I did not have my baby until the next day and she stayed after her shift to deliver my baby. She is amazing and so is Mia Norlin from this group.

They are at:
Women's Practice
737 North Michigan

try the midwives at NMPG. Carol Hirschfield is my primary caregiver...she and the other midwives delivered my oldest son and helped with the delivery of our twins (as high risk, docs have to do the actual twin delivery). I felt supported, well informed and empowered by working with them. Since they work in conjunction with docs, if anything goes wrong, they have backup ready.

Dr. Gregory Chen at Progressive Care for Women is one of the best doctors. He is right across from Northwestern and is in a practice with three women doctors. My first pregnancy was difficult and I had to be induced at 38 weeks. At an office visit he calmly told me that August 10 was a great day to have a baby. He told me to walk across the street and we would have the baby that day. We did and I am now having my second in November.

Dr Susan Shaw
LakeShore OB GYN
680 N Lake Shore Dr

She is amazing! She never runs behind, is extremely attentive and caring. I also had the chance to see all the doctors in the office during the rotation- they were all great! Dr. Shaw went out of her way to be apart of my daughters delivery. I highly recommend her! She is affiliated with NMH.

I would also recommend Dr. Parul Gupta - She is AWESOME!!
She will take time to answer any questions, she is gentle and caring, but also totally professional, and will be on top of any issues that may be of concern. I would definately recommend giving her a call.

Good Luck

My first advice is the LEAVE Northwestern. It is a baby factory not a place that cares about you and your baby. Try RUSH!!!!

I used Dr. Shari Goldman. She was good if you like a very medical model. One of the other docs in that practice Dr. McMahon is really nice and very empathetic. She was actually the doc to deliver my baby. the practice is at 680 n. lakeshore and # is 312-654-166

Female Healthcare Associates has a great midwife - Debbie Johnson. She spends lots of time answering questions and is really supportive. She is also open to all types of labor choices, epidural, natural, whatever. And she delivers at NW.

Dr. Barbara Diakos delivered my son at Northwestern via c-section. , her sister Dr. Rose Diakos, and their associate Dr. Tam are all very caring. Based on what you wrote, I think Dr. Tam might be the one for you. However, please note that whenever someone has a baby, the doctor on call from the practice does the delivery. My pregnancy check-ups alternated among the three doctors so they would all know me. One thing that's interesting about their office is their very strict policy about being late for an appt. If anyone is late for an appointment, they have to reschedule. As a result, there is never, ever more than a 5 minute wait. They never fall behind. I don't know if that's a turn-off or not for most people, but I love the fact that I'm always in and out quickly.
The phone number is ###-###-####
Their office is located at 2800 N. Sheridan, near Diversey and Lake Shore Drive.

Another vote for Drs. Mazzullo and Norlin. Dr. Mia Norlin is my primary OBGYNE, and Dr. Lisa Mazzullo delivered my son. Loved them both!!!

Women's Practice
737 North Michigan

Hi C.,

I LOVED Catherine Chen at Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group (680 N Lakeshore, Suite 810; ###-###-####) She's very easy to talk to, straightforward, funny, kind, etc. She was great at anticipating my needs and very reassuring/matter-of-fact when I was anxious.

Good Luck!

I've had two babies with my doctor and I love him. He is very calm which is good and doesn't mind a dozen questions.

There are two female doctors in his practice as well that I have seen and are both very good. All but one have kids.

Dr. Gregory Chen
Dr. Hakimin
Dr. Christie Breyer


dr. parul gupta--she's with lakeshore ob. she is the absolute best and super caring and sensitive.

I see you've had a lot of responses but I'd like to put my vote in for the drs. at Progressive Care for Women (www.pc4w.com). My primary there was Dr. Michele Hakimian but all of the drs there are great. I was referred there by 2 other moms. Highly recommend them.

Hi C. I know you are looking for a female doctor, but I love my doctor (male) Dr Douglas Van Arsdale - 680 N Lake Shore Drive, ###-###-#### check him out, friendly staff, great office hours, and he very knowlegeable. let him know I sent you(Senitra) if you are not interested in a male doctor contact Dr Gale in the same office (she actually delivered my baby 7/7/07 because my doctor wasn't on call)

I love, love, love my OB/GYN. Her name is Dr. Sue Hungerford. She has two offices.

Chicago - Mondays and Wednesdays
30 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 607
Chicago, IL 60602

Northbrook - Tuesdays and Thursdays
1535 Lake Cook Rd
Suite 502
Northbrook, IL 60062

I thought Elizabeth Walz-Buscher was excellent -- very empathetic and calming. She is at the Women's Practice (737 North Michigan, ###-###-####).

I understand that a lot of the Northwestern Memorial nurses go to her.

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