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Looking for Pediatrician Recommendations for NYC Upper West Side

I'm due w/my first child in March and want to line up a pediatrician. Someone w/more of a holistic view is preferred (e.g., willing to be open-minded about vaccination schedule, doesn't jump to medicate, etc.).


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Westside Pediatrics is really good, and the doctor I use there is Dr. Goldberg and she's great, but the entire practice is excellent. Their # is: ###-###-#### and they are located on Columbus btw 90th & 91st.

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Suzanne Rosenfeld at WestEnd Pediatrics- 81 and West End, sounds like what you are looking for. Personally, find someone you like, but also make sure they are convenient to your address. Trying to find a cab with a sick or hurt child that is just a little too far to walk to, well, not fun.

Westside Pediatrics is really good, and the doctor I use there is Dr. Goldberg and she's great, but the entire practice is excellent. Their # is: ###-###-#### and they are located on Columbus btw 90th & 91st.

Hi J.

My son's pediatrician is great and I think she may be the kind of doctor you're looking for. Her name is Dr. Paule Moureaux and she's located at 21 West 86th Street Tel.
###-###-#### (Central Park West)

agree with those who recommended Ward Sasala and Khanna - the practice Metropolitan Pediatrics has moved from 75th st. up to great new offices at 87th and Broadway - www.metropedsnyc.com

Dr. Kusum Khanna's practice on 75th and broadway is open to discussion about vaccinations (they don't kick you out for delaying them), but i would not call them holistic at all. we see the other 2 docs in her practice. they work out of roosevelt. hope this helps, good luck.

Westside Pediatrics are great. I have been with them since my first was born in 2004. They are patient to not rush to medicate. I am not sure about the vaccination schedule but they really listen to parents and their concerns. Their number is ###-###-####.

My kids are also patients in Dr. Khanna's practice. I chose her because the wait time is generally quite short -- less than 15 minutes -- and I have three children. I have, on occasion, waited for an hour or longer, but those occasions have been quite rare. Dr. Khanna accepts almost every type of insurance plan. My children have seen Dr. Khanna or her associates for about 10 years.

Prior to Dr. Khanna, I consulted Dr. Shulamith Kon on West 98th Street. She also has a short waiting time. She, however, is affiliated with Mount Sinai, which is one of my least favorite hospitals. In addition, she does not accept all types of insurance.

Prior to Dr. Khanna, back when I had only two children, I consulted Drs. Levy, Traister, Lazarus, and someone else, who have a practice on West End Avenue and 79th Street. These doctors are highly competent, and are, I believe, affiliated with Tisch Hospital (which is my favorite). Waits for these physicians are incredibly long, though, and most people who consult these physicians send their caregiver to wait for the one hour to three hours that a visit entails. When the child is admitted to an examination room, the caretaker generally calls the mom (or I guess dad in some cases). I did not have a full-time caregiver when my children were tiny, and waiting for a few hours with a sick child and a sibling became unbearable to me. By the time my child was seen by a physician, I was always ready to bite someone! A switch was truly necessary for my mental health!

Good luck!

Try West End Pediatrics. They are located on West End in the low 80's. It is a practice with multiple doctors. I prefer and go to Dr. Suzanne Rosenfeld. She also has an office downtown in case you ever move.

I have an AMAZING pediatrician on the UWS. We just had our baby on the 31st and happened upon this one while in the hospital with our baby (we had someone else lined up). Her name is Dr. Ward though she is part of a bigger practice and EVERYONE is wonderful. The office is on 75th bw West End and Broadway. The phone number is ###-###-####.
Hope this helps,
PS After looking below I wanted to let you know that Dr.Ward is part of Dr. Khanna's practice... they are really patient with new parents and never make you feel rushed for asking all the new mommy and daddy questions.
Also, as a child I went to Dr. Levy etc, they are amazing as well. They just didn't take my insurance!
Hope this helps.

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