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Looking for Information on Schools for Kids with Autism in Orange County CA

Hi mammas

My son is 7 and has Autism. He's been in a typical class for K and 1st grades with an aid. I do not feel this situation is really meeting his needs academically or developmentally. There's lots of details as to why...but what i am really seeking is info on any schools you know of that are specifically for kids on the spectrum and and advice on how to make that transition. There's no way I could afford to send him if we had to pay - but I know in some cases the district will pay if there is a clear case that having him attend is the only way his needs will be met. I'd home school if I did not have to work - but I do have to work...will be transitioning from Part time to full time in about 3 months.

What can I do next?

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Hello J.,

You may want to contact your local special education services for your district. Talk to them about what you want and why you are requesting the change for your child. That is basically going over the school's head. But make sure you have given them some time to resolve your problems. Being in CA, I always run into the fact that the school needs a certain time to address my child's needs and if they don't then I have the right to contact the special education services to see what they can do for him. Through them, if they feel the school is not meeting your needs they will make the change to what school will. The school have to find a school that will suite the needs of your child and if that school is someplace else, they have to provide transportation for him. That is your right and his. But if you want the school to pay for it, you have to contact your district education office or special education. Each district has one to address your situation. That is the best way to do it. But it is hard, I find that alot harder here. I think with the way CA is in debt that they are cutting everything and just trying to get anything for your child is a pain in the u know what. I wish u luck on this fighting battle. I do feel your frustration!!


My SIL's SIL runs a foundation on Autism Education as her oldest is Autistic. He has grown so much from the right education, most people would never really know. They run Cameron's Cause, cameronscause.org. They are in Chino Hills which isn't OC but right through the canyon. She may have some resources for you. Her name is Nicole. email her at ____@____.com luck!

Please, contact Talk About Curing Autism as soon as you can. This is what they do, they are families of autism helping families of autism and they started here in the OC.


Buena Park Speech and Language Development Center is an excellent private program. You will have a huge fight on your hands to get approval for your local school district to pay for it, but it is worth a try. I don't have the phone number on hand, but the director is Kathy Lindquist. Good luck!

Hi there! Try Buena Park Speech and Language Development Center. The number is ###-###-####. They have speech and occupational therapy if you are looking for that as well. Maybe your son can qualify through the school district if his needs are not being met. Check with them. Let me know how it goes.

Hi J.,
As a special ed. teacher, I can feel your pain. Even though I straddle between keeping admin. happy, I also want the best for students. This isn't always easy. Full inclusion with an aide isn't always the best answer because aides have no training but to basically babysit, and gen. ed. teachers have absolutely no training in dealing with special needs students. As a teacher, I spend hours researching about autism and teaching methods that will work with my students. I believe you need to create a lifestyle that suits your child and family and not focus on your child's needs being completely met by the school district. They are strapped financially and your special ed. team will fight to keep him in the district in order to save huge amounts of money. If you spend your energy fighting the district, you will not spend that energy finding ways to enhance your environment and services that want to help you. Don't give up, the district sees themselves as part of your team, network with other mothers and focus on your power with your son.
Good luck,

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