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Looking for Ideas Regarding Mastitis in 20-Year-old Daughter with down Syndrome

Well Mamas out there, I've been putting off asking these questions because it's such a touchy subject for me, and kind of sensitive as well. My youngest daughter is 20, has Down Syndrome and also has several other different health issues that are not too serious but all of them together makes for an interesting bunch of medicines, dr. appts., and sports activities. Anyway, when her breasts began developing about 7-8 years ago, we noticed that her left side seemed to be developing much slower than the right side. Eventually, it was obvious that there was a major difference and the pediatrician referred us to a plastic surgeon. Well, plastic surgery isn't covered by our insurance so that's out of the question! I went into a medical supply company and checked on prosthetic bras and inserts and it seems I'll have to go through an awful lot of red tape to try and get her something that would work for her. Also, just one item would cost well over $500! All we have been doing is just having her wear sports bras, which tend to flatten both breasts, not equally, but it helps...I guess. I tried buying those bras with insertable 'implants' (forget what they're actually called, sorry!) but they would either fall out or she'd be adjusting her bra all day long and either way, it was embarrassing. It's too bad the plastic surgery couldn't have worked out because that would have been the easiest and maybe the best answer, but the plastic surgeon evidently didn't want to get involved in trying to help us out - instead, I guess he'd rather have the $16,000 it sounds like we would have had to come up with. Oh well, our daughter's not at all embarassed about this condition, and just refers to her left breast as her 'little boob'! I'm glad she isn't worried about it, but I had never heard of this before and really don't know what else, if anything, can be done to help 'even things out', if you know what I mean! Any advice from any of you? Has anyone else ever had to go through this type of situation? I suppose we may just have to live with 'things' the way they are, but I wish there was something else we could do!

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Thank you to those of you who were encouraging in your response. I am sorry to report that I wasn't really given any 'new' information or tips that I could try. What is actually so frustrating about this is that I have really found no one who has had a similar problem to that of my daughter. Maybe I wasn't clear enough but her left cup size is probably an A and her right cup size is probably a D. That's pretty major in my book and it's hard to buy dresses and blouses that fit well, so we stay away from clingy things and they're always pretty loose-fitting. It just feels as though she may be the only young woman to have this problem, although I really can't believe that. Maybe those that have it don't subscribe to MamaSource! Oh, and I apologize for using the term "mastitis" - you're right, it's not mastitis. I had forgotten the actual term that the plastic surgeon used, but I remembered it the other day -- he called it "amastia." Thanks again for the helpful encouragement from several of you other mamas!

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I saw a girl witht he same problem on Dr. Phil, but don't remember the solution. You may want to trying looking it up on his website. Drphil.com. Also I would suggest trying another doctor. There make be a way for the doctor submit the request in wording that makes it medically nesseccary. Sorry I know that not much help but it is worth a try.

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I have to say, I think you are making a big deal out of this for no reason. If it doesn't bother her, what is the problem? They are her boobs! How could you rather she have painful surgery just to correct something she doesn't even mind?! It sounds like that is all about you. If it doesn't hurt her and she doesn't care, then just leave her alone about it.

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Would there be any way to sew some kind of an insert into one of her regular bras so it did not require "adjusting" ?
Just a thought.
I would not want her to have to go through surgery for something so "cosmetic" that not only doesn't seem to concern her, and also is so costly!
Lots of luck

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I'm afraid I cannot help much, but I did wonder if you could find a different plastic surgeon that would let you have a pay schedule; there are very nice plastic surgeons out there..so my advice is to keep looking while you get a temporary solution.

Good Morning D.. What a aWOWsome daughter you have.
It kind of sounds like D., it bothers you more then your daughter. :) I have little boobies too.. WOW to Mamo's hurt...lol My step sister has one breast smaller then the other. I know it bothered her more when she was in high school and showered after PE, but other then that she didn't let it get to her. I think I remember her stuffing tissue's in her one side to even it out, when shopping for dresses or whatever. She just turned 51 last yr and still doesn't let it bother her. Has 2 daughters of her own.

If it doesn't bother your daughter D., don't allow it to bother you. She sounds like a Wonderfully well adjusted young lady. I know you are very proud of her, and you certainly have reason to be. What a Awesome Mama you are

God Bless
K. Nana of 5

I saw a girl witht he same problem on Dr. Phil, but don't remember the solution. You may want to trying looking it up on his website. Drphil.com. Also I would suggest trying another doctor. There make be a way for the doctor submit the request in wording that makes it medically nesseccary. Sorry I know that not much help but it is worth a try.

First, it doesn't sound like mastitis, fwiw. Anyway, I wonder if you could improvise some kind of 2-sized bra. Maybe get 2 inexpensive ones, cut down the middle, and sew the small one and the big one together. Then she could have even support. There's a company at http://www.decentexposures.com/ They might custom make one for you, at a reasonable cost.

There are serious risks to surgery, and I would imagine they might be greater for your daughter than for "normal" people. I wouldn't do the surgery unless it were really important to her, which clearly it isn't. hth

Have you tried the pump up bra's? They have air pockets in them and you can adjust the air in each side. I know they sell them in Australia so I would assume they sell them here. A fried of mine back in Australia had one breast that was smaller than the other and that's what she used to even things out.

Sounds like alot on your plate. Have you thought of
writing into the TvDoctors.com. I would imagine they
could help you out. They like really unusual cases.
What a blessing to have such a wonderful daughter.
She sounds just lovely. My husband and I have been
married going on 28 years this June. We currently live overseas. Trying to save for retirement, but with family
obligations back in the US seem we can't get ahead.
Oh well, sorry to bring that up. God bless you and may
He guide you into all wisdom and truth as you seek
Him to know what to do regarding your daughter.

I'm not a Dr. but I am a nursing mother and have been reading about mastitis... it does not sound like what your daughter has is mastitis. Instead it sounds as if she has one breast that developed more than the other one.

Funny thing is that many women have this issue, including me. It's not a huge difference, but there's probably about a 1/2 cup discrepency between each of my breasts. I just wear a pad on the right and not on the left :)

If it doesn't bother your daughter, let it go. Considering surgery should not be an option if it is not something that concerns her. They are her breasts after all :)

Instead, find a specialty bra shop (in STL, Ann's Bra Shop has custom bras for women who have lost their breasts due to cancer) to help even things out.

Hope this helps.

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