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Looking for Idea's on a "Team Name" Doing the 3-Day BREAST CANCER WALK

Need some help from my outside source. I am doing the walk in August and have to come up with a Team Name and for some reason my creativity has just gone out the window...of course when I need it the most...wondering if any of my fellow community mom's out there can help me with any kind of creativity we have three in our Team...and just to brainstorm would be wonderful...thanks in advance for your time...:)

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Thanks so much for everyone’s responses keep them coming it's so great when a community can come together and you can actually feel the closeness that one another has experienced...thanks for the support as well as the great ideas. I will be posting fundraisers and as well some of you asked where to donate...that is so wonderful...I hesitated at first cause of being afraid to commit to such a Big Dollar amount and didn't think others would be so grateful to sponsor, donate or even share in the fundraising...thanks again from the bottom of my heart if I can just make a small difference in other peoples lives guess how much of a difference we can all make...God Bless and be safe each and everyone of you...thanks


Hosted By: Belinda Flores, S. Bocanegra & Pamela Sarabia

It’s for an event called the Breast Cancer 3-Day, which benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund.

We have taken on an incredible challenge. On August 7, 2009, we will be walking 60 miles over the course of three days, camping out at night with thousands of other women and men taking this journey with us.

In order to participate in this event we must each raise $2,300 in donations.

We have decided to make raising this amount a fun and enjoyable time for all involved. So, PLEASE come and join us for a night of fun, with friends, family and those yet to meet the more the merrier.

Raffles for bowling certificates and games, Dominos Pizza, Tastefully Simple, and An afternoon at the SYBARIS (WOW)!!!!!

What? Bowling: $2.75 a game, $1.00 going towards our goal (YEAH PER PERSON, SO BRING EVERYONE LETS FILL THIS PLACE) Shoe rental $2.00
When? February 27, 2009: 8:00 p.m. – Midnight
Where? AMF Valley Lanes, 310 S. Lincolnway, North Aurora

A minimum of 40 participants needed in order to hold this fundraiser.

R.S.V.P. BY: February 20, 2009
Pamela Sarabia ###-###-####
Sandy Bocanegra ###-###-####

Send this or forward it to everyone in your address book let's get together for a GREAT cause, it may have touched some of you already let's try not to let it take anymore loved ones from us...:(

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Hi S..
I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to say "Good for you!" It's an awful disease and you are a hero for helping! Good luck and have fun!!!

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Wow - you and your friends are amazing to take on this experience. It is a sacrifice of time but you will gain so much too! The team name depends upon what you want to create. What is your intention? Is it about friends, love, support, etc. It can be funny or serious. Breast Friends...Boob Brigade...Girls for the Girls, We Walk For the Cure...Cafe Press has some cute ideas - Pink Warriors was one that I noticed http://shop.cafepress.com/breast-cancer-walk. We did the Susan Komen Walk and used the name of the book that we loved at the time...The Elegant Gathering of White Snow - it was about independent women who came together. May you all be blessed! Be the change you want to see in the world. Ghandi

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Good for you!! Right away I thought of "The Dazzling Diamonds" because us woman....well we are ALL diamonds in the rough and there is no one out there like us. Or you can do .The Dazzling Angels" I hope this helps. Have fun and God Bless :)

if you are looking for a way to raise money for you team. I have helped out my 3 day teams with a fundraiser with Partylite products...20% of your sales you get in cash!!! interested, let me know

As the Musketeers motto always come to mind when it is time for the walk .
One for all and all for one!
Each person walks for all and everyone walks for one they know

How about something like "Stepping Up for the'girls'!" I loved the bosam buddies comment...too cute. Also, if you are doing this in honor of someone ,you can include their name like "walking for Julie", etc.
On another note, I'd love to help your team raise funds! I do Pampered Chef and I've helped other teams raise several hundred towards the cure. Company donates up to 15% of sales and I always kick in 5% personally. For this, I'd consider 10% as my sister and best friend are fighting the battle.
____@____.com is my email. Let me know if i can help you!!

Let me know if you are looking for a great fundraiser for your walk. S., ____@____.com

My girlfriend did the avon walk last year while I was going thru all my breast cancer treatments. she named her team
"Team Frog" stoof for Freaquently rubbing our girls (mammograms) lol. it was great. had a big pink frog on her shirt with all the other stuff. good luck.

I do the 2 day walk. I wanted my team to be the Caring Angels but it didn't happen. People dropped out along the way. I had created a logo for the shirts and all. The logo was angel wings with the breast cancer bow walking. I put the wings all over the shirt and had people to sign for the person they wanted me to walk for on each bow with fabric markers. The shirt is lovely. I did the walk with one friend. Love and Good Luck to you. Send me your info so I can donate.

How about Busom Buddies. People usually come up cute pun on word names. You are doing a great service to all those who have the battle. I do the american cancer societys relay for life. Good luck on the name!

Boob Battalion, Boobie (Breast) Brigade
Boob Angels, Team Triumph, now silliness is really setting in, I had better leave it at that.
Good Luck and condition yourself, or I should say your tootsies cause they will ache :)

How about "The Shining Stars", "Forever Flowers" or "Fighting Stars". I hope you will chose a great name from all of your responses.

All the Best!

I will NEVER again walk for The American Cancer Society!
According to their 2008 Consolidated Division 990s, they spent $390,305,361 on salaries, pensions, benefits and payroll taxes while spending a mere $4,406,038 on research. They spent more than 4 TIMES the research amount attending conferences ($18,158,259).
From Natural News:
The 'race for the cure' is one of the greatest sociomedical cons ever pulled off by the pharmaceutical industry. Here's how it works:
First, the drug companies take over the cancer non-profits by donating huge sums of money and getting their own executives on the boards of these organizations. From there, all decisions by the cancer non-profits are made to protect the interests of drug companies. Today, virtually all cancer non-profit groups are actually Big Pharma front groups that push cancer treatment, but never prevention (because actually preventing cancer would harm the profits of drug companies).
Next, these cancer front groups pull off a double-whammy con job by first convincing people that money is the only obstacle to finding a "cure" for cancer. Then they convince people to actually hand over money for the right to run around in circles so they can feel like they're helping to find this so-called cure.
But people are NEVER told the following three things:
1. Much of the money raised by these events actually goes to subsidize either more propaganda campaigns or the research efforts of drug companies that are already among the most profitable enterprises in the world. Why are citizens donating their hard-earned cash to ultra-wealthy organizations in the first place? The American Cancer Society, for example, once held hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, owned a fleet of luxury cars, owned $11 million worth of real estate, and hundreds of millions of dollars in other assets. Its CEO currently earns over $760,000 / year in salary. See The American Cancer Society: The World's Wealthiest Nonprofit Institution.
2. Even if all this money somehow manages to find a cure for cancer, the drug companies have no plans to reciprocate the goodwill. Rather, they will charge cancer patients the highest prices they can get away with for these drugs, generating record profits for shareholders. For Big Pharma, cancer is a profit center, not a volunteer project. If you thought the cure for cancer would just be given away to everybody, you've been hoodwinked.
3. Cures for cancer already exist from the world of natural medicine, by the way. Dozens of cures, covering medicinal herbs, nutritional therapies, chemical detoxification and many more and being used to eliminate cancer in numerous patients all around the world right now. But the conventional cancer industry doesn't want to promote those cures, because the drug companies can't profit from them. So by staging its own "race for the cure," the for-profit cancer industry pretends all these other cures don't exist.

Sorry I am so late with this-how about "Save The Ta-Ta's"? I did the 2 day 2 years ago and saw a team w/ that-will never forget it!

Good luck and hope you have already started training! Be sure to buy a chafing stick-works great during the heat!

Three's Company
Third Leg

Bosom Buddies. (play on words)

Hi S.,
The first thing that came to mind is Trifecta; Triple Play; Three's Company; I will think of more if you would like. Just let me know:-)

Good for you! My favorite name was for a group of teachers at our school "Teachers for Ta-Tas".

Hi S..
I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to say "Good for you!" It's an awful disease and you are a hero for helping! Good luck and have fun!!!

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